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Listing Presentation highlighting the team at SVG Real Estate Firm and its wide array of real estate services and processes.


  • svg listing presentation

  • downtown office10 straight ave sw

    grand rapids, mi

    offices / locations

    alger heights office734 alger st se

    grand rapids, mi

    creston office2221 plainfield ave ne

    grand rapids, mi

  • SVG Real Estate Firm is a local brokerage consisting of a team of quali!ed agents and experienced administration working together to provide great service to the West Michigan area. At SVG, we believe in service through sharing the resources that are given to us to better the lives of our clients, which, in turn, betters the lives of our community.

    who we are

    we are svg

  • how we market

    agent tour

    visual marketing

    web exposure

    national exposure

    social media

    open houses

  • agent tour

    Agent Tour is a unique marketing tool that we use to help our agents get the best idea of your homes value before putting it on the market.

    During this time, our team of agents will walk through your home to consider its location and condition and o"er feedback on how to increase the value of your home. #is allows you and your agent to get a second opinion and sound advice from experienced Realtors within the company.

  • visual exposure

    SVG employs a professional in-house photographer whose sole job is to make your home look its very best online and otherwise.

    We take our role in visual media marketing very seriously. We know that having professionally taken and edited photos is the best way to leave a great !rst impression. Our photographer is trained and educated in digital media, which means he will make sure your home has its best foot forward.

    We also understand the importance of quality, which is why we make sure our photographer has plenty of time to get to know your homes quirks and charms. Above all, we want things done right.

  • web exposure

    When we list your home, we want to be sure that it will get maximum exposure online. #ats why we make sure that your home is visible on any of our niche websites. If someone is looking for a home in your particular area, they will be sure to see your listing when visiting any of the following:

  • national exposure

    One of the biggest in$uences is our online presence, which includes our presence on national real estate websites such as:

    Each of these websites is a major player in the market. #ey help us get your listing out in front of millions across the nation.

  • national exposure

    Your listing doesnt just live on these websites. We pay extra so that you receive extra. We work with these major websites to make sure that your home is featured, showcased, and visible before millions of other properties. Not only is your listing visible on these websites, but our Open Houses are featured there as well, which is a great way to encourage more foot tra%c through your property. More tra%c means more potential buyers, and the more potential buyers you have, the more likely we can get an o"er for full price or more!

  • open houses

    Open houses are a great way for our agents to get potential buyers feet in the door. Unlike online browsing, Open Houses allow a tangible and uncensored walkthrough experience of the home, allowing them to see living potential in every corner. As with everything, we have a thorough process for getting your open house up and running:

    confirm with client Before each open house, we con!rm with the seller the date and time

    post to all major sites Sites include GRAR, Trulia, Zillow,,, Facebook and Twitter

    add to weekly newsletter #is allows us to ensure that people in our sphere of in$uence can see your listing and refer possible buyers to us

    A&er the open house is complete, we ask for feedback on the showings from the agents to help us make sure were doing everything we can to get your home sold.

  • Weve spent a lot of time building up our social media sites so that they can be a resource to you. Each site leads back to our website, which, in turn, brings potential buyers back to your listing:

    social media


    twitter!rm @svg!rm


    flickr www.$!rm


  • strength in systems

    the listing process

    We understand the importance of systems; they help everything move along smoothly and e"ortlessly by keeping every detail in order. #ats why we have a system for each listing we receive which involves you, your agent, and the entire team here at SVG. #e process goes something like this:

    monday and tuesday are reserved for our photographer to get out to your home and do what he does best. Taking photos on Monday and Tuesday ensures that he has plenty of time to go through and professionally edit your photos for lighting and color corrections before listing on #ursday.

    live listing thursdaysCongratulations! Weve gotten your photos and all your paperwork ready, and today is the day to list! Your listing will go live on all major websites, and we will contact you with a link so you can see your very own listing live online!

  • strength in systems

    listings and showings

    preferred communication method Calls, texts, or emails; we do it all! You specify your preference so things can go smoothly

    showings hotline #e Showings hotline is where agents submit showing requests 24/7 monitoring so we never miss a chance to show o" your home

    getting feedback from showing agents Vital for getting more info on your homes price, condition, etc. We actively seek feedback from buyers and showing agents Feedback gets sent to you to help boost your homes marketability

    Listings and Showings fall under the responsibilites of our Client Care Specialist, who will be working with you throughout the entire transaction. With 15 years of experience as a REALTOR, our Client Care Specialist can walk you through every step of the process.

    babette brubakerrealtor

    client care specialist

  • strength in systems

    closing process

    Once you have an accepted o"er, your agent will be working closely with our Closing Coordinator. #e Closing Coordinator works with your agent while your o"er is being processed until it closes.

    the process

    inspection appraisals survey title well and septic inspections (when necessary) order mortgage payoff coordinate with lender schedule close prepare and review final docs closing

  • what now?

    lets get started!

    Go back to the SVG Firm o%ce and make sure our other agents know about your listing before it hits the market--our agents have buyers who might be interested in seeing your home before it hits GRAR

    Send you our Sellers Questionnaire. #is ensures that we get any data that might not be in tax records or previous listing cards, which allows us to market your home most e"ectively.

    Our Client Care specialist will contact you to set up a time for Agent Tour (Tuesdays) and a photo/video appointment (Monday, Tuesday).

    Once the listing goes live, we will be contacting you to set up showings for your home.

    You may be wondering what happens next: dont worry, we have a plan! A&er this meeting, well do the following: