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Support and Experience on Transnational Cooperation. The ENRD Contact Point. FI. Total number of LAGs selected. LT. DK. IE. BE. PL. NL. DE. CZ. LUX. AT. HU. CH. SI 3. Cooperation. TNC including third countries. Inter- territoral Cooperation. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • *Support and Experience on Transnational Cooperation

  • The ENRD Contact Point

  • Total number of LAGs selected


  • CooperationInter-territoralCooperationTNC including third countries

  • EAFRD budget for cooperation in EU27: 278 million Euro (0,3% of EAFRD budget total )4,8% of EAFRD budget for Axis 4 The highest amounts for cooperationItaly (45,7 million), Spain (33,8 million)*Germany (30,2 million)

  • Total number of the approved cooperation projects

    598 projects approved in 2010

    Sociaal economieproject vzw De Vlaspit - Scherpenheuvel

  • Total Number of notified TNC projects 88per MS (lead partners)


  • Country participation in TNC projects

  • Switzerland with LAGs from: AT, DE,CZ,IT, PL

    Hungary with Croatia and LAGs from: SI on: Alps Mura fishing region

    TNC Projects examples with third countries under present programming period 2007-2013Total number (June 2011): 9 projects involving third countries European Jacob Trails

  • Tools for TNC on the ENRD website

  • Search by dateDate insertedCountry of promoterCooperation Database Public Interface

  • Possible capacity building linked to LeaderEnhanced partnerships with NRNs: Identifying opportunities for reciprocal exchange, training materials, projects etc.

    Support to experience-sharing between LAGs: Multi-media capacity-building package on main-streamed Leader implementation The Leader Gateway

    **Lead partner obligation: to indicat a lead partner in each project in order to coordinate

    *Transnational Cooperation: - Cooperation between one or more LAGs from at least two Member States among which at least one is selected from the Leader Axis. Can also include cooperation of LAGs from the EU-27 with similar groups in third countries following a similar or Leader-like approach.

    Only expenditure relating to the territories within the Community shall be eligible for support

    *EAFRD budget for cooperation in EU-27Measure 421 for both inter-territorial and transnational cooperation; no separation between the two types is made in the budget*TNC is only supported by Spanish National Funds, and is managed at National Level

    *We expect +/- 2000 projcets de la Cooperation ( target in the programme is 1 cooperation projcet per LAG.)

    It includes the development phase and common actions.

    In 2009 130 approved cooperation projects

    *Lead paretner obligation to indicate a lead partener in each project in order to coordinate

    ! In order to establish full and to update constantly it is necessary that MA send the notofication of approved projects.

    Number of notified transnational cooperation projects per Member States (coordinating LAG per MS):AT 7BE 1CZ 8DE 6DK 1EE 2FI 5HU 42IE 6LU 4LT 1NL 1PL 1SI 3CH 1Origin of project partners: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland, Romania, Sweden, Slovania, Slovakia, United Kingdom, andCroatia, Serbia, Ukraine


    *Other projects:Hungary with Ukraine and LAGs from: SK on Ukrainian Slovak Hungarian exchange of experience in agriculture and rural developmentHungary with Serbia and LAGs from: CZ, BG,FR on Twin village meeting

    *Tools in public website e.g. TNC guide, cooperation offers and restricted part of the website under My ENRD LAGs e.g. possibility to upload cooperation offer*E.G. Possibility to see cooperation offer using diffrent criteria e.g. country, topic.*



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