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<ul><li><p>SUPPLEMENTARY AGENDA </p><p>ORDINARY COUNCIL MEETING </p><p>WEDNESDAY, 22 APRIL 2009 </p><p>Notice is given that the next Ordinary Meeting of the Roper Gulf Shire Council will be held on: </p><p> Wednesday, 22 April 2009 at Victoria Daly Board Room, Katherine Tce Katherine Commencing at 9am - 5pm </p><p> Your attendance at the meeting will be appreciated. </p></li><li><p>ORDINARY COUNCIL MEETING 22 APRIL 2009 </p><p>- 3 - </p><p>TABLE OF CONTENTS </p><p>ITEM SUBJECT PAGE NO 10 CEO'S REPORTS </p><p>10 .6 Re-establishment of Community Market Garden in Ngukurr ........................................... 4 14 GOVERNANCE REPORTS </p><p>14 .2 Animal Management Program........................................................................................ 10 14 .3 Local Board Meeting Procedures ................................................................................... 11 14 .4 Confidentiality and Privacy Policy................................................................................... 20 </p><p>15 FUNDING AGREEMENTS 15 .3 Grass Roots Funding Agreement................................................................................... 24 </p></li><li><p>ORDINARY COUNCIL MEETING 22 APRIL 2009 </p><p>- 4 - </p><p>CHIEF EXECUTIVE ITEM NUMBER 10 .6 TITLE Re-establishment of Community Market </p><p>Garden in Ngukurr REFERENCE \CORE SERVICES\GOVERNANCE\COUNCIL MEETINGS\2009 - 04 </p><p>- ORDINARY SHIRE COUNCIL MEETING - 22 APRIL\REPORTS - 78763 </p><p>AUTHOR Michael Berto, Chief Executive Officer RECOMMENDATION (a) That Council That Council note the report and accept the PFA for funding of </p><p>$180,000 from the Australian Govt. NTNER, CCF Administered Funding 2008/09 for the Market Garden Project in Ngukurr. </p><p> BACKGROUND ISSUES/OPTIONS/SWOT There is a strong desire within the community for this project to proceed regardless of the auspicing body. The Shire Service Manager has consulted with local people and has provided advice (from community people) in support of the project. This project will support the need for fresh produce in the community which will lead to improvement in nutrition and health of community people. There is wider support for the project including Urapunga Community. Training will be an important element of this project. The RGSC CDEP will be an integral part of this project where CDEP participants will learn about market gardening and general farming/horticultural techniques. The knowledge and skills learnt in this project will also be transferable to positions in municipal and sport and recreation (ground-keeping, etc) The RGSC has the capability to manage this project to achieve its expected outcomes. The Finance Dept of the Shire will monitor, provide the reports and acquittals for the funding. The CDEP and Technical Services Dept will provide the coordination/training and on-ground support for enabling the project. The project needs to be implemented (commenced) in the current financial year and this is not seen as an issue that may impact on the need for the shire meet its obligations to the funding body. Project description Refer attachment </p></li><li><p>ORDINARY COUNCIL MEETING 22 APRIL 2009 </p><p>- 5 - </p><p>Funding The total funding sought is $180,000 (refer to indicative budget in attachment) ATTACHMENTS: 1 Re-establishment of Community Market Garden in Ngukurr.PDF </p></li><li><p>Attachment 1 Re-establishment of Community Market Garden in Ngukurr.PDF </p><p>Attachment 1 Page 6 </p></li><li><p>Attachment 1 Re-establishment of Community Market Garden in Ngukurr.PDF </p><p>Attachment 1 Page 7 </p></li><li><p>Attachment 1 Re-establishment of Community Market Garden in Ngukurr.PDF </p><p>Attachment 1 Page 8 </p></li><li><p>Attachment 1 Re-establishment of Community Market Garden in Ngukurr.PDF </p><p>Attachment 1 Page 9 </p></li><li><p>Attachment 1 Re-establishment of Community Market Garden in Ngukurr.PDF </p><p>Attachment 1 Page 10 </p><p>GOVERNANCE REPORT ITEM NUMBER 14 .2 TITLE Animal Management Program REFERENCE \CORE SERVICES\GOVERNANCE\COUNCIL MEETINGS\2009 - 04 </p><p>- ORDINARY SHIRE COUNCIL MEETING - 22 APRIL\REPORTS - 78572 </p><p>AUTHOR Ariane McCormack, Manager, Governance RECOMMENDATION (a) That Council approves the Animal Welfare Management Program BACKGROUND As discussed in the previous Council meeting. The RGS Animal Welfare Management Program has been created in order to start the process into the implementation of a system that will eventually become a Shire wide By-Law. Because it takes on average 3 years to approve a By-Law at the Ministerial level, it is important to put in place some type of control at this point. Several communities are struggling with a large amount of dogs, cats and feral animals. Some control needs to be consistently put in place. ISSUES/OPTIONS/SWOT Create a consistent program to control the amount of dogs born in communities. There are several diseases that can be transmitted to humans from dogs. Un-desexed dogs, and large amount of dogs do create situations where humans can be injured, especially children. ATTACHMENTS: There are no attachments for this report. </p></li><li><p>Attachment 1 Re-establishment of Community Market Garden in Ngukurr.PDF </p><p>Attachment 1 Page 11 </p><p>GOVERNANCE REPORT ITEM NUMBER 14 .3 TITLE Local Board Meeting Procedures REFERENCE \CORE SERVICES\GOVERNANCE\COUNCIL MEETINGS\2009 - 04 </p><p>- ORDINARY SHIRE COUNCIL MEETING - 22 APRIL\REPORTS - 78689 </p><p>AUTHOR Ariane McCormack, Manager, Governance RECOMMENDATION (a) That Council approves the Local Board Council Meeting Procedures Policy. BACKGROUND Local Boards have different meeting requirements than the Council. Most boards were looking for more guidance on how to run them. This document was created in order to provide better guidance to all Shire Local Boards. ISSUES/OPTIONS/SWOT ATTACHMENTS: 1 Roper Gulf Local Board Meeting Procedures Policy.doc </p></li><li><p>Attachment 1 </p><p>Roper Gulf Local Board Meeting Procedures Policy.doc </p><p>Attachment 1 Page 12 </p><p>LOCAL BOARD MEETING PROCEDURES </p><p>Introduction </p><p>1. This policy is aimed at helping new Local Boards establish a routine of meeting and ensuring a consistent process is delivered. </p><p>Minutes </p><p>2. It is preferred to have someone who takes minutes on a regular basis to ensure continuity. It is encouraged to have a volunteer from the Local Board to take minutes at the meeting. In the case no one is available, someone from the Shire Service Delivery Centre will be provided. </p><p>Procedures </p><p>Setting time and dates for the meetings </p><p>3. The Local Board should set up meeting dates for a period up to six months. Meetings can be done on a monthly basis or by decision of the Local Board. The resolution will set the day, the time for a meeting to take place. </p><p>Order of the Agenda </p><p>4. The following set agenda items are recommended to be followed by the Local Board. This structure can be modified on a need basis. </p><p>5. The suggested order in which the agenda is to be prepared shall include: </p><p>a) a list of the names of Local Board members present at the meeting. Proxys should be used in exceptional cases only. It is important to have the regular Local Board members present for the meeting; </p><p> b) formal opening of the meeting by the Chair of the Local Board; </p><p>c) apologies Local Board members who have given appropriate reasons why they cannot attend the meeting and those reasons are deemed to be acceptable to the Local Board. A motion will be made to either accept or refused the excuse; </p><p>d) conflict of interest - a declaration of conflict of interest should be made if something in the agenda would cause probable conflict of interest of bias to a decision. The Local Board member should exclude themselves from the conversation and the decision making process; </p><p>e) previous minutes - a motion will be given that the previous minutes are a true and correct record; </p><p>f) business arising - any business arising out of the last minutes/action list, motions to be moved etc. Business arising should not be discussed until the previous minutes have been confirmed; </p></li><li><p>Attachment 1 </p><p>Roper Gulf Local Board Meeting Procedures Policy.doc </p><p>Attachment 1 Page 13 </p><p>g) Chairs report This is just an option for the Chair to address the Local Board; </p><p>h) Other reports This can be done if someone would like to present something new to the Local Board. A Business Paper, some suggestions, etc; </p><p>i) Petitions - can be presented at the Local Board; </p><p>j) questions from members of the public with or without notice; </p><p>k) general business any matter not otherwise dealt with can be raised in general business, subject to any rules requiring notice. Presentations and question time will be maintained by the Chair; </p><p>l) confirmation of date and time of the next meeting; and </p><p>m) the Chair will formally declare the meeting closed. </p><p>6. Copies of the agenda must be made available to the public at the Shire Service Delivery Centre and other determined places chosen by the Local Board, as soon as practicable before each meeting. </p><p>7. The order of business should become the regular way of holding Local Board meetings. They may be altered for exceptional cases, but should be a consistent foundation for Local Boards to follow. </p><p>Chairs reports </p><p>8. The Chair may prepare a report for the meeting of relevant issues that have been addressed. The aim of this report is to inform members of the Local Board. </p><p>Notice to be given of agenda items for a Local Board </p><p>9. Members of the Local Board should give important agenda items to the Chair at least five days before the next Local meeting. This will allow adequate time for researching the matter if necessary. </p><p>10. The notice must be in writing and signed by the member who wishes the matter to be considered and may include a petition. </p><p>Procedures for general business at a Local Board meeting </p><p>11. The Chair or a member may give notice at the beginning of a meeting requesting that matters to be considered during the part of the meeting be set aside and take place during general business. </p><p>12. Before giving notice, members, or the Chair must have regard to the nature of the matter and whether it will require a decision or is for information only. </p><p>13. Members must only give notice of matters for decision by the Local Board in the event of the matter not requiring much deliberation. </p></li><li><p>Attachment 1 </p><p>Roper Gulf Local Board Meeting Procedures Policy.doc </p><p>Attachment 1 Page 14 </p><p>14. Where a matter requires reasonable consideration or analysis, the Local Board shall consider deferring it to the next meeting. </p><p>Petitions </p><p>15. A petition may be presented to a Local Board meeting by a member. </p><p>16. Before presenting the petition the member must, as far as practicable, become acquainted with the subject matter of the petition. </p><p>17. The member must state the nature of the petition and then read the petition. </p><p>18. The petition must be worded in respectful language. </p><p>19. Each page of the petition must restate the whole of the petition. </p><p>20. The signatures on a page not complying with paragraph 19 must not be taken into account by the Local Board when considering the petition. </p><p>21. A person must not attach to a petition: </p><p> a) a signature purporting to be that of another person; or </p><p> b) the name of another person. </p><p>22. If a petition is presented at an ordinary meeting and was not included in the agenda for the meeting: </p><p>a) a person present at the meeting and associated with the petition, may make a statement, explanation, submission, or comment regarding the petition only if first invited to do so by the Chair; and </p><p>b) no debate on, or in relation to the petition must be allowed and the only motion that may be moved is that: </p><p> (i) the petition be received and noted; and </p><p>(ii) be referred to the Council if its needed through a Councillor to bring to the next Council meeting. </p><p>Motions to be dealt with in the order they appear in the agenda unless otherwise determined </p><p>23. The Chair shall start the meeting by asking members present at the meeting to move motions in the order that items are appeared in the agenda (as well as any other motions that arise during consideration of those items). </p><p>Motions to have a mover and a seconder for debate to commence and Councillors must speak about the agenda item </p><p>The Chair will invite members to move a motion. </p></li><li><p>Attachment 1 </p><p>Roper Gulf Local Board Meeting Procedures Policy.doc </p><p>Attachment 1 Page 15 </p><p>24. A member will move a motion, and may speak in support of the motion. The Chair has the authority to stop the person from talking if the length of time becomes long winded. </p><p>25. The Chair shall only allow debate on a motion if it is seconded, requesting initially for a member that may wish to speak against the motion to speak for a maximum of five minutes for, or against the motion. </p><p>26. A motion that is not seconded must be recorded in the minutes as having lapsed. </p><p>27. A member speaking about a motion must confine his or her remarks to the matter being considered. </p><p>Motions not to be withdrawn without consent </p><p>28. When a motion has been moved and seconded, it becomes subject to the control of the Local Board meeting and may not be withdrawn without the consent of members. </p><p>A member may move an amendment to a motion so long as it still relates to that motion </p><p>29. When a motion has been moved and seconded, a member may move an amendment to it. </p><p>30. A member who moves or seconds a motion must not move or second an amendment to a motion. </p><p>31. Any amendment so moved, must not negate the intent of the original motion. </p><p>32. The Chair shall rule that any proposed amendment that attempts to negate a motion, or replace an amended motion with the original motion, is rejected. </p><p>Council may only deal with one amendment to a motion at a time </p><p>33. Once an amendment has been moved, no further amendment can be considered until that amendment is disposed of, either because it lapses, or is seconded and put to the vote. </p><p>The amendment, if voted on and carried, becomes a motion </p><p>34. Once an amendment is put to the vote and carried, the motion, as amended, then becomes the motion before the Local Board. </p><p>35. Following the carriage of an amended motion to the vote from members present at the meeting. </p><p>Limitation as to the number and duration of speeches </p><p>36. The Chair has the control as to the time a mover should speak for. It is usually no more than ten minutes. </p><p>37. Someone who opposes the motion should speak for no longer than five minutes. </p></li><li><p>Attachment 1 </p><p>Roper Gulf Local Board Meeting Procedures Policy.doc </p><p>Attachment 1 Page 16 </p><p>Chair to maintain order, to decide who can speak first and to have priority when speaking </p><p>38. The Chair must maintain order, and may, without the intervention of any other member, call any member to order whenever, in his or her opinion, it is necessary to do so. </p><p>39. If two or more members attempt to speak at the same time, the Chair must decide which of the members may speak first. </p><p>40. The Chair may, at any time during the debate on the matter, indicate an intention to speak. </p><p>41. If the Chair indicates an intention to speak, a member speaking or proposing to speak to...</p></li></ul>


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