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    Super Star ForwardersIndustry Superstars

  • Making a name for themselves in the competitive industry of transport logistics, Super Star Forwarders Co are crossing new territories to become the go to provider of reliable fuel and cargo delivery. Endeavour Magazine spoke with Pradeep Kumar to find out more.






    Pradeep Kumar expanded, SSFC has been in the transportation

    business for more than three decades in East and Central Africa. Since its formation, the company has been growing

    stronger and stronger and to date is among the leading haulers of

    containers, equipment, fuel and general cargo in the East, Central

    and Southern Africa region. SSFC has also recently registered its

    outfit in Zambia in the name of Superstar Forwarders Zambia

    Ltd. Our huge fleet of trucks operates mainly from three East and

    Central African Countries namely Tanzania, Kenya , Uganda and


    Operating in accordance with core values of honesty, integrity,

    ownership and innovation, SSFC has a vision statement in place

    that effectively sums up just how ambitious the team is as they

    have a desire,

    To be the best quality logistics service provider in the East and

    Central African region.

    The ambitions dont stop there, however, as the mission is a far

    more outward facing,

    To save customers money for each unit of cargo delivered.

    Speaking about the day-to-day activities of SSFC, it becomes

    clear that this is not a one trick pony operation, in fact, the company

    has worked with some large names and as part of important

    projects, making it clear that the reputation they want to establish

    is already firmly in place. If you need something transporting safely

    and on time, you go to SSFC. Pradeep expanded on the regular

    activities undertaken,

    SSF has been certified under ISO 9001 -2008 for the quality

    standards maintained in the transport logistics operation and for

    a very long time, has been providing services to international and

    national organisations such as UNHCR, World Food Programme

    (WFP), Food Security Department, The Red Cross and Red Crescent

    Society for the transportation of containers and general cargo. In

    Tanzania, we are the exclusive transporters for Total Tanzania Ltd,

    for its domestic and cross border fuel deliveries. We also provide

    fuel transport solutions to Puma Energy, Trafigura, Total Uganda

    Ltd, Coca Cola Kwanza Ltd and Oryx Tanzania Ltd. Similarly, we


    Founded in 1991, Super Star Forwarders Co (SSFC) have made no bones about approaching the transport logistics industry with a can do attitude and thought it started life not too long ago, it has fast become one of the leading fuel and general cargo transport solution providers. Keen to add to the portfolio of services, SSFC has branched out into cargo clearing, as well as haulage, which offers specialised sugar cane transportation to the biggest sugar mills in Tanzania.


    have been partnering for project cargo business for with road

    contractor firms such as the Konoike Construction Company Ltd

    and mining firms such as Kahama Mining Corporation.

    With no signs of slowing down, the transportation industry

    must be buoyant, as appose to so many markets that have been hit

    by bouts of financial instability. Pradeep explained,

    As investment and business in Africa is growing rapidly, the

    transport logistics industry is experiencing positive growth. Cross

    border business in East and Central Africa has improved and this

    has become the backbone of the transport logistics industry in

    the region. The regulations existing in different countries is one of

    the challenges faced by cross border business and harmonisation

    of these regulations will bring massive results to the region and

    transport logistics industry as a whole.

    What a refreshing attitude! Though there are still hurdles in the

    way, SSFC can see past them, to a brighter and more profitable

    future. Perhaps this is the reason for its unparalleled climb to the

    top, or maybe it is thanks to the team of committed staff that it has

    in place.300 strong, the staff body at SSFC are all duty-bound to adhere

    to the stringent ISO 9001-2008 standards, which means that the

    company invests significant time and money into training and staff

    development. With a firm belief that manpower is the cornerstone

    of any successful business, SSFC has a strong organisational

    structure in place to support and nurture developing talent, while

    always looking to impart more knowledge and opportunities to all

    employees. When it comes to driving, there are no shortcuts and

    Pradeep explains the rigorous training scheme,

    In conjunction with its safety-oriented operation and embracing

    of technology and innovations, SSFC ensures comprehensive in-

    house training is given to all its employees, particularly its drivers

    and technical personnel. For driver training, the company has

    retained the services of an in-house APTH certified trainer (APTH

    is a institute endorsed by a consortium of fuel companies including

    Total, BP and Shell), who conducts regular defensive driving

    courses. It is compulsory for all drivers to attend the training at

    least once a year. We have a state of the art facility for conducting

    all kinds of training.

    With talented, knowledgeable staff on board and a clear need

    for the services SSFC provide, it is just simple logic that draws


  • customers towards them, surely? No, its the reassurance that

    this is a company that knows exactly what the customer needs,

    wants and expects and will deliver on all these expectations, within

    budget. Customer service is high on the agenda at SSFC, with

    new ideas constantly being brought in to improve the customer

    experience and help the company to monitor what could be done

    better. Pradeep expanded,

    SSFC is focusing on a high-end customer market, which

    requires customised, quality and safety oriented logistics services.

    To achieve this, we have set up a high quality organisation with state

    of art vehicles and facilities. In striving to achieve the best quality of

    service, the company provides an all round package solution which

    offers daily reports to the customer, new truck trailers, dedicated

    operation staff, a web-based truck tracking system, highly skilled

    drivers and periodic service reviews.

    In addition to this, SSFC helps customers to find new business

    through statutory authorities, so as to streamline the logistics

    involved. Its this dedication to concentrating on the niche customer

    market that is helping SSFC to raise its profile and stand above its

    competitors. Targeted new business acquisition has long been a

    recognised growth strategy and it is clearly still working today.

    Looking ahead, SSFC have some exciting new development son

    the pipeline, all of which are geared towards the next chapter and

    further growth,

    New state of art facilities in Zambia will improve service

    capabilities to our customers in Zambia and DRC and we will be

    able to provide more effective and comprehensive service to the

    mining firms in the region too. We will be providing new training

    for staff, which will improve the productivity and effectiveness of

    our manpower and finally, investment in a new fleet with the most

    modern technology and impressive safety features will help SSFC

    and its customers to improve standards even further. This move is

    also in conjunction with the commitment we make to customers to

    always strive for continuous improvement.

    With momentum behind them and innovative plans ahead,

    there is no doubting that SSFC will keep on trucking into a profitable

    2016, with a burgeoning customer base and committed staff. The

    future really does look bright for this industry leader.

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