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  • Summer 2014

    Undergraduate Research Poster Symposium at Washington State University

    Office of Undergraduate Education WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY

    • Plant genomics

    • Advanced materials

    • Renewable resources/biofuels

    • Climate change

    • Materials under extreme conditions

    • Plant metabolism

    • Multi-scale engineering

    • Computer systems design

    Hosted by the Office of Undergraduate Research. Featuring more than 60 students from WSU and 36 other universities and colleges working with faculty on...

    10 a.m. to 1 p.m., Friday Aug. 1, 2014 Smith CUE Atrium, 2nd Floor

  • Welcome to the WSU Summer 2014 Undergraduate Research Poster Symposium!

    This summer Washington State University has been honored to host students from around the world involved in research in various programs across campus. We had five Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) programs funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF), one program funded by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), and others supported by private grants and funding. Student participants in these programs represent a wide range of majors, and join us from schools ranging from small colleges that only offer undergraduate degrees to large Tier 1 research universities. More than 55 students from 38 institutions are participating in this August 1st poster event; one fifth of them are from WSU. The wide range of research done by these students fits the model of undergraduate research: the students take ownership of their projects, which are mentored, unique, and appropriate to the discipline in which they work. Their work is being disseminated at today’s symposium. It is quite possible that peer-reviewed journal articles and presentations to national audiences will follow for some. Below is a list of program directors and advisors whose students are showing their work in diverse disciplines. They are:

    Amit Dhingra, Plant Genomics and Biotechnology REU David Field, Materials Science and Engineering REU Konstantin Matveev and Cill Richards, Mechanical Engineering REU Partha Pande and Behrooz Shirazi, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science REU Shelley Pressley and Jennifer LeBeau, Atmospheric Chemistry REU Michael Wolcott and Shelley Pressley, Northwest Advanced Renewables Alliance, USDA Y.M. Gupta, Institute for Shock Physics Summer Undergraduate Research Experience

    Other faculty also work with and mentor undergraduate students in areas including biochemistry, chemical engineering, chemistry, and entomology. The students’ work, of course, would not be possible without faculty advisors participating in the programs, supervising students, and integrating them into their research groups, plus all the staff, graduate students, and other researchers on campus who have fully embraced working with these students. I would also like to note that, in addition to the financial support of the NSF and USDA, the students and programs have had financial support from various departments (and their colleges), and the Office of Undergraduate Research. In total, more than $300,000 of federal grant money was brought to WSU to support these fine young researchers. I hope you enjoy the poster symposium. This abstract book will be online at our website,

    Shelley Pressley, Ph.D. Director, Undergraduate Research Assistant Research Professor, Laboratory for Atmospheric Research, College of Engineering and Architecture

  • Smith Center (CUE) Atrium

    West Stairwell


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    ~ 3 ~

    Presenters by Group and Location Group 1: Institute for Shock Physics (Summer Undergraduate Research Experience)

    Sec. Poster Title Author Advisor


    Experimental Characterization and Numerical Modeling of the Carbon Nanofiber Reinforced High Density Polyethylene under Dynamic Loading

    Nathan Briggs Jow Ding

    1.2 Using Laser Interferometry to Measure the Shock Wave Response of 1050 Aluminum David Mildebrath Yoshi Toyoda,

    Y.M. Gupta

    1.3 Infrared Spectroscopy of Selenium Dioxide and Mineral Oil under Pressure Sonal Nanda Matt McCluskey

    1.4 High Pressure Stability of Para-Nitroaniline: Role of Hydrogen Bonding Paul Somers Zbigniew Dreger

    Group 2: Characterization of Advanced Materials (REU in Materials Science and Engineering) Sec. Poster Title Author Advisor

    2.1 Carbon Nanotube Growth Through Modification of Catalyst and Heat Treatment Process Parameters

    Denise Blohowiak David Field

    2.2 Cryogenic tensile and compressive properties of 3D-printed plastics Paloma Cruz Jacob Leachman

    2.3 Characterization of Cracks in two Brittle Materials using Nanoindentation Austin Hurd Amy Wo

    2.4 Determination of chromium behavior in simulated nuclear waste glass Pablo Moreno John McCloy

    2.5 Photoconductivity of Ionically Self-Assembled Organic Nanorods Naomi Rosenkranz K. W. Hipps, Ursula Mazur

    Group 3: Introduction to Multiscale Engineering (REU in Mechanical Engineering) Sec. Poster Title Author Advisor

    3.1 Process development for fabricating polymer biconvex parabolic lenses Jessica Birmingham Lei Li

    3.2 Venturi Experiment Christian Carlos Robert Richards 3.3 Complexity of Assembly/disassembly Juan Diaz Gaurav Ameta

    3.4 Prototype Design of a Type IV Hydrogen Pressure Vessel with Vapor Cooled Shielding Gina Georgadarellis Jacob Leachman

    3.5 Electrochemical Stability of Potential Ionic Liquid Electrolytes for Lithium Batteries Johnathan Gilvey Soumik Banerjee

    3.6 Molecular Simulation of Lipoplex Assembly in a Nano-Droplet Andrew Gloor Jin Liu

    3.7 The Investigation of Fuel Effects on the Performance and Emissions of a Micro-gasifier Stove

    Mariana Perez-Lozano Cill Richards

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    ~ 4 ~

    3.8 Development of a Remotely Controlled Testing Platform with Low-Drag Air-Ventilated Hull Nicholaus Perry Konstantin Matveev

    3.9 Particle Size-Based Separation Using DC Dielectrophoresis Courtney Rouse Prashanta Dutta

    3.10 Micro Gasefiers- Effects of Fuel Type Variation With Respect to Emissions and Efficiency Josh Steele Cill Richards

    Group 4: New-Generation Power-Efficient Computer Systems Design (REU in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science)

    Sec. Poster Title Author Advisor

    4.1 Performance and Power efficient multi-core computation John Bell Partha Pande,

    Behrooz Shirazi

    4.2 Evaluation of Rail Voltage Variation on Power Efficiency and Operating Frequency in a FinFET SRAM Cell (Partners with Trokon Johnson)

    Kristofer Henderson Jose Delgado-Frias

    4.3 Evaluation of Rail Voltage Variation on Power Efficiency and Operating Frequency in a FinFET SRAM Cell (Partners with Kristofer Henderson)

    Trokon Johnson Jose Delgado-Frias

    4.4 New-generation Power-efficient Computer Systems Abner Molina Partha Pande,

    Behrooz Shirazi

    4.5 Optimizing LDO DC-DC Voltage Regulators in 65nm CMOS Technology Mackenzie Neavor Deuk Heo

    4.6 DVFS and Windowing: Improving the Power Efficiency of Computer Systems Nicholas Paco Partha Pande,

    Behrooz Shirazi

    4.7 Develop suitable on-chip voltage regulator as an enabling technology to implement dynamic voltage and frequency scaling (DVFS)

    Armin Rahimi Behrooz Shirazi, Partha Pande

    4.8 Analog Circuit Design for Time-Reversal- Division-Multiple-Access Impulse Response Recording

    Noel Wang Benjamin Belzer

    4.9 Pulse Shaping Filters for Wireless Communications in Networks on Chip Evan Wright Benjamin Belzer

    4.10 An Integrated DC-DC Converter in 65nm CMOS Joshua Zoellick Deuk Heo

    Group 5: Plant Genomics and Biotechnology (REU in Horticulture) Sec. Poster Title Author Advisor

    5.1 Time-Course Analysis of Genetic Components in Sweet Cherry Fruit-Pedicel Abscission Following Ethylene Treatment

    Jonathan Abarca Amit Dhingra

    5.2 Determining sources of genetic resistance to fire blight in apple Haley Allen Kate Evans


    Impact of Overhead and Drip Irrigation and Chlorine Dioxide Treatment on Food Safety Indicator Organisms in an Organic Farming System

    Isabel Cueva Karen Killinger

    5.4 Seeds to Fuel the Future Destin Holland Amit Dhingra


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