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    Your Community Press newspaper serving Columbia Township, Deer Park, Dillonvale, Kenwood, Madeira, Rossmoyne, Sycamore Township

    Vol. 52 No. 3 2015 The Community Press

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    BLEU FOODChicken favorite can bemade at home A5

    La Soupe will be staying inthe Madeira train depot into thesummer.

    Madeira city council ap-proved a sublease extension forLa Soupe through July 31.

    La Soupe owner SuzyDeYoung has been subleasingthe train depot from radio per-sonality Bill Cunningham. Cun-ningham holds the lease on thebuilding, which is owned by thecity, until 2018. His restaurant,Root Beer Junction, was in thedepot until it closed in Novem-ber after eight months of opera-tions.

    DeYoung has been leasingthe depot since December. Sheis using it as a pickup locationfor the main La Soupe restau-rant in Newtown. La Soupe wasin the depot on a month-to-month lease until Februarywhen the city extended thesublease agreement until April30.

    The depots future beyondJuly 31is still unknown. The cityis working with North RidgeRealty Group of West ChesterTownship to determine the mar-ket lease rate for the depot andthe Muchmore and Hosbrookhouses. The three properties

    are part of the newly createdMadeira Historic District. Eachis being rented under marketvalue.

    La Soupe is one of the propos-als the city has received frombusinesses looking to move intothe depot:

    Coolest Toys on Earth, ofMilford, is looking to relocate.

    Gwen Sebastian wants toopen a candy store.

    Another proposal was for ahalf great gourmet deli/wineshop and half causal sit down

    eat in. Holtmans Donut Shop is

    looking to open another loca-tion.

    Madeira Farmers Marketvendor Velvet Smoke BBQwants to open a restaurant.

    Food truck Quite Franklywould like to open the QuiteFrankly Caf.

    A Madeira resident and aCincinnati resident want toopen a tea house called The T FILE

    Madeira city council approved La Soupe owner Suzy DeYoungs subleaseagreement to stay in the Madeira train depot until July 31.

    La Soupe is stayingthrough July 31



    La Soupe will be staying in the Madeira train depot until at least July 31.

    See DEPOT, Page A2

    A Madeira man who beatcancer is fighting to raise mon-ey for cancer research.

    Jason Weiner, a five-yearsurvivor of non-HodgkinsLymphoma, is campaigning tobecome the 2015 Leukemia &

    Lymphoma So-ciety Man of theYear.

    The goalover 10 weeks isto raise as manyfunds as possi-ble and the manand woman whoraises the most

    is the man and woman of theyear, he said.

    Weiner and his team areworking to raise $100,000 be-tween March 20 and May 29.

    Weiner said his dedicationto the Leukemia & LymphomaSociety, or LLS, started whenhe was asked to join a differentteam in 2009.

    Someone asked me to do aleg of the Flying Pig Marathon.I started going out and trying

    Madeira man campaigningfor man of the yearMarika


    Jason Weiner, of Madeira, is a five-year cancer survivor and iscampaigning to become to 2015 Leukemia & Lymphoma Man of the Year. See SURVIVOR, Page A2


    The already expansive din-ing options in Kenwood con-tinue to grow and change.

    At the corner of Montgome-ry and Hosbrook roads four newrestaurants have opened in re-cent weeks. The most visible isCoopers Hawk Winery and Res-taurants.

    Sycamore Township ZoningAdministrator Harry Holbertsaid that this restaurant is anexample of the destination typerestaurants and businesses thatare attracted to Kenwood. Theonly other Coopers Hawk Ohiolocation is in Columbus. As thename suggests, Coopers Hawkoffers both a winery and restau-rant under one roof. In Ken-wood the address is 8080 Ken-wood Road.

    In the plaza next door toCoopers Hawk are three addi-tional restaurants: Fusion, Cuci-nova and Currito.

    Located at 8060 MontgomeryRoad, Fusian offers easy, casualsushi. The Kenwood location isthe third for Fusian with restau-rants downtown and in HydePark. At Fusian, diners have theopportunity to craft their ownsushi rolls.

    Next door is Cucinova whichoffers innovative Italian fast ca-sual food. Diners have the op-portunity to line up at work sta-tions, choose their ingredientsto create their own Italian en-tre.

    Rounding out the plaza isCincinnati-based franchise Cur-rito with its tagline, burritoswithout borders. Here dinerscan build a traditional burrito orgo beyond the borders to choosesomething with a twist

    For steak-lovers, a Texas

    Diners find new diningoptions in Kenwood Sheila


    Cooper's Hawk is a new restaurantlocated at the corner ofMontgomery and Hosbrook roadsin Kenwood.

    See DINING, Page A2



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    Station. One proposal was for

    a microbrewery with ataproom.

    Paxtons of Lovelandis looking to open a Madei-ra location.

    The city received an-other proposal from Arre-chisimo Restaurant own-er Javier Almeida. TheVenezuelan restaurant islooking for a larger loca-

    tion so customers can dinein. Currently, the restau-rant has a carry-out onlylocation in Deer Park.

    Want to know more aboutwhat is happening in Madei-ra? Follow Marika Lee onTwitter: @ReporterMarika

    DepotContinued from Page A1

    to run and get ready forthat and I just couldntbreathe, Weiner said.

    He went to the doctornumerous times and keptgetting different explana-tions. On race day, hiswife decided enough wasenough and took him tothe hospital instead.

    An X-ray later, theysaw a large mass in my up-per chest. The passionwas definitely thrust uponme, Weiner said.

    Donations can be madethrough Weiners candi-date page on the Leuke-mia & Lymphoma Soci-etys website, He is also hostingtwo fundraising events.

    The first is We TapOut Leukemia & Lym-phoma, which will be atthe Tap House Grill, 8740Montgomery Road, from

    7 p.m. to midnight Satur-day, April 11. Tickets are$100 and the night will in-clude food, drinks, enter-tainment and auctionitems. Weiner said he isfriends with the ownerwho agreed to shut therestaurant done for thenight for the event.

    Weiner is also hosting athree-point shoot-out atMadeira High SchoolApril 26.

    Brad Redford, a for-mer Xavier basketballplayer, is working withme on that. We are callingit Brad Redfords Bucketsvs. Blood Cancer. It is kindof an NBA style shoot-out.We are going to have tonsof kids there and grown-ups too, he said.

    The finals will be at theCintas Center in June.

    The campaign closeswith a grand finale auc-tion with all the candi-dates May 29.

    Weiner said campaign-ing has been a lot of work,but with his team behind

    him and the importance ofthe Leukemia & Lympho-ma Society, it has beenworthwhile.

    Since 2000, of the 36cancer treatment drugsthat have been approvedby the FDA 19 of themwere funded by LLS. Ev-erybody that came beforeme helped save me life,he said.

    Though the Leukemia& Lymphoma Society isfocused on blood cancer,its research helps fightall types of cancer.

    The research that LLSis doing is not only effect-ing blood cancer but thetreatment they are devel-oping are effective waysto treat other types of can-cer as well. It is not justabout blood cancer, it isabout all cancers, hesaid.

    Want to know more aboutwhat is happening in Madei-ra? Follow Marika Lee onTwitter: @ReporterMarika

    SurvivorContinued from Page A1

    Roadhouse will be movinginto the old El RanchoGrande location at 7860Montgomery Road, nextdoor to the Sycamore Pla-za and IHOP. Th