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  1. 1. Body Corporate Services Body Corporate and CommunityManagement QueenslandPage 1
  2. 2. Body Corporate and Community ManagementQueenslandMBoadnya Cgoerpmoerantet QSeurveiecenss landAddress:Level 1, 5 Hicks Street,SouthportQLD 4215PH: +61 7 5509 6666Page 2
  3. 3. Body Corporate and Community ManagementQueenslandManagement QueenslandThe Legislation in Queensland called the body corporate andcommunity management act 1977 (the BCCM Act), in which theBody Corporate must comply.Each body corporate has an Administration Fund and a SinkingFund that is reviewed in the Annual General Meeting.Page 3
  4. 4. Body Corporate and Community Management QueenslandThe Administration fund budget covers items such as generalmaintenance, Insurance Premiums and small recurringexpenditure.The Sinking fund budget is used for future and major capitalexpenses, such as painting, pool or fence replacement that is theresponsibility of the body corporate.Complexes are either self-managed or managed by a bodycorporate manager.Page 4
  5. 5. Independent Inspections /FWR Group Pty LtdIndependent Inspections Pty Peter GreenhamQualifications:- Diploma of Civil Engineering- Associate Diploma of LaboratoryPage 5Operations- Diploma of Quality Management- Diploma of Business- Lead Environmental Auditor- Diploma of workplace training andAssessment- NATA AssessorYour Auditors and TrainersP: 1300 857 149F: 1300 857 150TeamMr. Sydney LueM: 0423 234 Peter GreenhamM: 0402 259


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