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<p>Computer programmer resume</p> <p>Steven Dee1672 Thrasher Dr.Finksburg, MD</p> <p>Summary</p> <p>Senior Software Engineer with extensive experience in Web, database, and Windows technologies. Highly effective contributor with a demonstrated capacity to improve the efficiency and capacity of development teams.</p> <p>Computer skills</p> <p>Languages and TechnologiesAssembler, C++, C#, C, Java, JavaScript, JScript, Visual Basic, VBScript, T- SQL, PL/SQL, CSS, XML, XSL, HTML 5, HTML, Ajax, ASP.NET, Classic ASP, MVC, MVC4, ASPX, Razor, WCF, JQuery,JQuery UI, KnockoutJS, Twitter Bootstrap, Sitefinity, NodeJS, AngularJS, Windows Phone Development, LINQ, ADO.NET, NUnit, NCrunch, MSTest, Jasmine, Frisby</p> <p>Platforms Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Cassandra, MongoDB, Lotus Notes (Domino)</p> <p>ToolsSitefinity, SharePoint, Microsoft Visual Studio, Visual Code, Atom, Net Beans, Velocity, Git, Team Foundation Services, Eclipse IDE, JIRA, FogBugz, Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services</p> <p>Experience</p> <p>Senior Software Engineer, ConsultantMar 2012 - Present</p> <p>Mind Over Machines</p> <p>Streamlined and updated Connexus software at Connections Acadamy to add new features and increased scalability using C#, ASP.Net, Azure, MVC, WebAPI, JavaScript, JQuery, NodeJS, AngularJS, NUnit, NCrunch, Frisby, Jasmine, SQL Server and REDIS Developed a Microservice Architecture Automated deployment, intelligence in the endpoints, and decentralized control of data Developed a custom build process that ensures standards and also has the flexibility for future requirements Replaced SOSS caching with REDIS Strip out related functionality into logical Nuget packages Enhance and fix issues with the existing Connexus online Education Management System</p> <p>Served as the primary designer and developer for Ascend Ones website and internal applications, using C#, ASP.Net, MVC, WebAPI, WebForms, WCF, JavaScript, JQuery, Bootstrap, Sitefinity, SQL Server Designed and built the User Interface, middle tier Views, Controllers and Data Access layers. Designed and created custom client side validation routines based on JQuery unobtrusive validation. Designed and created pages which needed multiple submit buttons to multiple controllers.</p> <p>Used ASP, ASP.Net, CSS, JQuery, HTML, SQL Server, C# at National Registered Agents to improve their website security and document handling Maintained and enhanced the Payment Token Interface, an n-tier application for eliminating payment data from the network in order to ensure that customers sensitive personal information is not compromised during a security breach.</p> <p>Senior Applications ArchitectAug 2010 Mar 2012</p> <p>Legal Recovery SolutionsLead Designer and architect for the banking industry standard Check 21 interface. Developed using C#, Web Services, SOAP, SQL Server Interacted with the AllMyPapers x9 library and designed to run in a web service with easy access for users. Successfully load tested the COGENT product for over 10,000 users. Created a standard interface for multiple dialer companies to implement so to COGENT all dialers looked the same. Created TML which utilized the client/server mode of the BSIFramework and the BSIRulesEngine to process millions of tasks a day. Derived all web services from a base class to enable easy manipulation of Keep Alive and also implemented compression and encryption.</p> <p>Chief Systems ArchitectFeb 2001 Aug 2010</p> <p>Business Solution IntegratorsPart owner and technical lead of all Software Design. Mentor to a staff of 10 junior developers. Designed the BSIFramework in C++ and C#. The Framework wrapped all data access layers and enforced security, exception handling, error logging and time analysis and had base classes for all components. The BSIFramework was designed to make it easy to implement client/server as well as n-tier based and web service based software solutions. Designed the BSIRulesEngine using the BSIFramework and several SQL Server stored procedures. This allowed COGENT users to create Tasks in an easy and intuitive workflow that would process automatically in the background when scheduled. Designed and developed COGENT, the leading debt collection and case management software in the world. COGENT has over a hundred web service methods and over 20 web services. Designed product to be easily and seamlessly scalable, to move web services to different servers or to use load balancing software. Lead Designer and Developer of the SalesMaker collection system for NCO. Lead Designer and Developer of the PROXY product, Georgeson Shareholders. PROXY was designed to take stock voting proxy information, call the proxy holders and ensure that all proxies were collected and voted. Designed a one touch deploy Software installation system. Updated Code would be pushed to a web server. The Install piece would then run before any application we built and check for code updates and would download them if available and then in turn launch the product. The same install piece could be used to push code updates to the web server.Additional history and references available upon request</p> <p>Education</p> <p>Oklahoma State University</p> <p>B.S. Computer Science</p>