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Tools for Health Caregivers & Loved Ones of People Living with any Health problems. SLIDE 1 The iBioMed Mobile & Online Personal Health Organizer is built to ease the stress of caring for yourself/ a loved one and improving the quality of healthcare you receive. It is FREE & Available for use Online at and as a FREE iPad/iPod/iPhone App: Both are sync-able or useable as a stand-alone App. Some of iBioMed's features are now available on any Text Enabled Cell Phones. About us: National Press About iBioMed-- iBioMed Features / Brochure-- iBioMed FAQs -- Press Release-- Incorporating the ideology of Social Entrepreneurship, we hope to solve a widespread problem without cost to the end user while providing paid customized services to health related organizations. To allow easy adoption across all demographics, LiveWello is now the new name for iBioMed Personal Health Organizer. iBioMed Health & Wellness LLC is the company name. SLIDE 3 iBioMed has a many features, the most important of which is that it allows a person manage multiple medications, tests, allergies, appointments, therapies, meals plans etc. for themselves or a loved one. Most people are simply unable to recall detailed information about their medications or supplements. Having this information at your fingertips can have a huge impact on the quality of care a person receives. Other iBioMed Features: SLIDE 4 Reminders This tool allows a user to track medications & medical supplies. A user can set reminders for medications, create a medication history, and take notes about all the various treatments a person is undergoing. Our reminder feature is sophisticated in that a user can send a customized reminder to multiple people using multiple mediums: Emails, Text Messaging Push Notification or Device Alert. Our Reminder tool can also be used on this software's other tools e.g Appointments, Tests, Surveys, Journal etc. SLIDE 5 Prescription/Medical Supply Tracker & Reminder: In order to prevent missing doses, this feature automatically calculates how much Rx or Medical Supply is left based on the daily dosage/usage entered. The user can then set how many days in advance they'd like to be reminded in order to reorder or refill. Reminders can be received by email, text message or IOS device alert. SLIDE 6: Our Interactive & Instantly Updated Online Journal allows a user to keep a journal and record information that can be kept private or shared with other caregivers & loved ones in their health network. Communication & Involvement among Family Members & Health Caregivers is key when addressing a loved one's health. We have created this tool to solve this pressing problem. SLIDE 7 The Journal also has a Comment / Reply feature that allows anyone with permission to comment or reply to entries. Any replies/comments are also emailed to everyone with access permission in that thread. SLIDE 8 Our News feed allows you to receive customized email news based on any issues associated with your personal health. Log into your account at then click the 'Send Me News by email' link at the top of the home page . You can even customize the news feed further by clicking on the "Edit settings link" at the top of the page. Now, you can keep all your loved ones & health providers in your personal health Network even better informed about your health issues. SLIDE 10 iBioMeds New Emergency Personal Health URL for use incase Of A Medical Emergency, Natural Disaster Or Health Appt. EMS & Medical personnel can now have access to a person's Health Information. E.g Allergies, Diagnosis, Medications, Emergency health contacts/loved ones, Dr's info, Advance Directive and even information about their chores like a dog to walk at 5pm. People can become incapa


  • 1. Caring For A Loved One Using TheiBioMed Personal Health Organizer. Enable The Speaker Notes for these slides:
  • 2. iBioMed Many Features.Most relevant to the Vulnerable & their caregiversinclude: Medication & Health Care Management with Reminders to encourage compliance Prescription & Medical Supply Reminders Interactive Online Journal with Social networking capabilities between Caregivers Educating Patients & their Caregivers with a Personalized News Feed Emergency Health Information Card with Personalized Health Info URL.
  • 3. Medication Lists: Always a Challenge for most to convey:At a glance, our system shows what pills are being taken, what dose, how frequently, why is it being taken and when was it started.
  • 4. Reminders & Alerts
  • 5. Prescription / Medical Supply Tracker & Reminder.
  • 6. Online JournalCommunication & Involvement among Family Members & Caregivers is key when addressing a loved ones health. We have created this tool to solve this pressing problem .
  • 7. Journal / Comments wall showing social interaction betweencaregivers.
  • 8. Personalized Health profile URL, with Emergency Access Card EPV Card front view EPV Card back view
  • 9. Back view Of Card with individualized URL
  • 10. Key Fob Card
  • 12. Contacts & Loved Ones List On Their iBiomed Health Page
  • 13. Notifying Contacts & Loved Ones Via Their Health Page
  • 14. Barriers to adopting a Personal Health Record Sadly those who need our website the most are the busiest and most overwhelmed. They encounter many stumbling blocks: Limited access to Computers & Smart-phones Limited Computer literacy Mentally or physically unable to use technology Unmotivated Caregiver Caregiver stress Unavailable Caregiver or loved one HomelessSolution?
  • 15. Bridge the Gap with our Customer Service & Caregiver Assistance Program
  • 16. iBioMeds Premium Customer Support & Caregiver Assistance Help users update Medications, Diagnoses and Allergies lists Update Emergency contact lists Set up Medications, Tests, Appt reminders & other health info Reconcile medications Review potential drug interactions Inform users of relevant personalized health news Remind users of your organizations available services Conduct Health surveys Assist with wellness goals and compliance Follow up on ER and/or inpatient discharge Assist with using iBioMed features Courtesy call on Holidays/Birthdays
  • 17. Our Vision Instant Access to Records = Empowered Patient & Caregiver Diagnosis & Allergies Reminders Meal Planner Test Data EvaluationsInteractive Forum & iBioMed Manage Rx, Drs,Personalized Newsfeed Appts. Therapies Etc. User Journals & Notes Healthcare Team Contact Info.
  • 18. How does iBioMed Serve Users? Empower Bridge Between People to Users, Take Control of their Caregivers, Own Health &Health Providers Wellness with & Govt. Free Access. Agencies Next Milestone: *Ease the stress Prevent during Natural Disasters.Unnecessary Health *Spread the Mistakes, and *Make Connections with Save Health Agencies. Money.
  • 19. Stay In touch With Us: Get Started Using this Organizer: www.ibiomed.meTo schedule Live Group Workshops/Presentations, contact us at


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