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Thirty-One Spring Summer Catalog! Every day in every way, enjoy every moment!


<ul><li><p>2015 SpringSummer Collection</p><p>enjoy the moment!</p><p>Every day in every way,</p><p>Just for you</p><p>For your home</p><p>For your family</p></li><li><p>MAKE IT YOUR OWN 3</p><p>This season, Thirty-One is celebrating all the ways to make your </p><p>beautiful, busy life your own.</p><p>God made each of us very special and very different. From the </p><p>way we plan our days to the way we organize our home, our </p><p>needs and tastes are wonderfully unique. Thats why were so </p><p>excited to bring you new, customizable solutions just for you, </p><p>for your home, and for your family. </p><p>Sometimes all you need is the perfect purse. Other times, youre </p><p>knee deep in packed lunches or team snacks. And then there are </p><p>days when you need a solution that covers everything. Well, </p><p>we believe that this season, more than ever before, Thirty-One </p><p>offers something for all of you and all the places your day </p><p>takes you.</p><p>As always, everything we do comes from continuing </p><p>our mission to celebrate and empower women, and </p><p>to help you find the function you need so you can </p><p>have all the fun you want. </p><p>Mix, match, and make it your own.</p><p>Blessings,</p><p>Cindy Monroe </p><p>Founder, President &amp; CEO</p><p>every day in every way </p><p> enjoy the moment!</p><p>Make it your own</p><p>2 THIRTY-ONE GIFTS Daily inspiration: Find additional products, party ideas, tips, recipes and more!</p><p>Cindy's picksCheck out Cindys favorite new products, includi</p><p>ng </p><p>our sturdy totes and gorgeous Jewell by Thirty-One </p><p>purses and make them your own!</p><p>6-13</p><p>just for youFeel beautiful and confident </p><p>from day to night.</p><p>for your homeCreate spaces and places where love lives and looks amazing.</p><p>14-19</p><p>for your familySo you can focus on what matters most.</p><p>20-27</p></li><li><p>E.</p><p>MAKE IT YOUR OWN 5</p><p>We are a family of Consultants, Hostesses, Customers and Home Office staff who believe strong, confident </p><p>girls will grow up to become strong, compassionate women, who are the driving force behind strong, </p><p>healthy families and communities.</p><p>For every item purchased from the U R U Collection (above), 31 cents will be donated to nonprofit </p><p>organizations dedicated to serving and supporting girls and women, including Girl Talk. In support of </p><p>families, 31 cents from the purchase of every Cinch Sac in our exclusive Red Wave print (see page 46) will </p><p>be donated to Ronald McDonald House Charities. </p><p>thirtyonegives.org</p><p>100% COMMITTED </p><p>TO EMPOWERING GIRLS, </p><p> WOMEN AND FAMILIES.</p><p>4 THIRTY-ONE GIFTS</p><p>A. CANVAS CREW CARRY ALL (4778) $55 EE See pg. 45 U R U Natural w/ Pink (Style 13, Hot Pink) B. MINI ZIPPER POUCH (3013) $12 EE See pg. 48 U R U Natural w/ Pink (Style 13, Platinum)</p><p>C. THIRTY0NEBRELLA(3561) $30 See pg. 50 U R U Pink Big Dot</p><p>E. HANG-IT-UP KEY FOB (4215) $5 See pg. 51 U R U Words</p><p>F. MANICURE NAIL FILE (3009) $2 See pg. 50 Gives Heart</p><p>D. U R UNIQUE SCARF </p><p>(4893) $38 See pg. 50 U R Unique</p><p>OUR NATIONAL MISSION PARTNERS:</p><p>F.</p><p>C.</p><p>A.</p><p>D.</p><p>B.</p><p>At Thirty-One, we celebrate what makes you unique and we encourage you to host the kind </p><p>of party that fits your life best. You'll enjoy fun, friendship and earn free products no matter </p><p>how you party in the home or on the go. Contact your Consultant and start planning your </p><p>perfect party today go to pages 54-55 to see Hostess Rewards and exclusive products!</p><p>WE WANT TO PARTY WHERE YOU AREIn the home or On the go </p></li><li><p>B.</p><p>Every day, every wayNo matter where youre going or what youre </p><p>doing, we have a bag for every part of your </p><p>daily life. Well help you get it done in style.</p><p>just for you</p><p>6 THIRTY-ONE GIFTS</p><p>Half-price when you host a $200+ party!</p><p>A.</p><p>C.</p><p>D.</p><p>Mix and match styles and colors to make it your own</p><p>D. ROLLING JEWELL(8022) $38 See pg. 46Teal Affair Pebble</p><p>A. ALL-DAY ORGANIZING TOTE(4777) $45 EE See pg. 30Black Playful Parade</p><p>B. FASHION WEEK(8044) $98 See pg. 40Platinum Grey Vintage Pebble</p><p>C. DIAMOND DISTRICT(8005) $148 See pg. 40City Charcoal Snake</p><p>MAKE IT YOUR OWN 7</p><p>FASHION WEEK (8044) $98 See pg. 40, Teal Affair Vintage Pebble</p><p>THE SKINNY STRAP (8036) $18 See pg. 41, Teal Affair Pebble</p><p>ALL-DAY ORGANIZING TOTE (4777) $45 EE See pg. 30, Black Playful Parade</p><p>grocery tripESSENTIAL STORAGE TOTE (4446) $28 EEE </p><p>See pg. 30, Black Playful Parade</p><p>ROLLING JEWELL (8022) $38 See pg. 46, Teal Affair Pebble</p><p>sleek styleDARING ABBEY (8061) $88 See pg. 45, City Charcoal Pebble</p><p>organize itORGANIZING SHOULDER BAG (3165) $45 EE </p><p>See pg. 42, Black Twill Stripe</p><p>ZIP-TOP ORGANIZING UTILITY TOTE (4451) $35 EEE See pg. 29, Black Playful Parade</p><p>keep coolLUNCH BREAK THERMAL (4182) $25 EEE</p><p>See pg. 33, Black Playful Parade (Style 40, True Turquoise)</p><p>chill outBRING-A-BOTTLE THERMAL (4186) $10 E </p><p>See pg. 34, Black Playful Parade</p><p>AROUND THE CLOCK THERMAL (4847) $30 EEEE See pg. 33, Black Playful Parade (Style 76, True Turquoise)</p><p>fashionable functionSTREET STYLE (8082) $58 See pg. 40, Black Beauty Snake</p><p>THE SKINNY STRAP (8036) $18 See pg. 41, Teal Affair Pebble</p><p>WORKDAYSto</p><p>WEEKENDS</p><p>just for you</p></li><li><p>Gorgeous on the outside, functional on the insideEveryone likes purses that look great. But </p><p>they LOVE purses that look great and </p><p>make life easier. Jewell by Thirty-One </p><p>purses features patent-pending pockets for </p><p>customized organization. Plus, signature </p><p>details and premium styling make each piece </p><p>stand out. Which means you will, too.</p><p>Zipper Pocket snaps into all bags with the snap set</p><p>A. ZIPPER POCKET (8015) $12 See pg. 41City Charcoal</p><p>C. THE SKINNY STRAP (8036) $18 See pg. 41Citrus Lime Pebble</p><p>B. PARIS (8010) $78 E See pg. 40City Charcoal Snake</p><p>Mix and match strap colors to make it your own look</p><p>B.</p><p>A, B, C.</p><p>With the included Skinny Strap you can convert a shoulder bag to a crossbody</p><p>8 THIRTY-ONE GIFTS just for you</p><p>ADD IT ON! </p><p>ADD IT ON! </p><p>Your style. Your life.</p><p>Your look.Half-price when you host a $200+ party!</p><p>D. </p><p>G.</p><p>Zippered, 17" padded laptop pocket inside</p><p>G.</p><p>Mix and match different strap colors depending on your mood</p><p>ADD IT ON! </p><p>F.</p><p>E.</p><p>H. TRIPLE SLIT POCKET(8016) $12 See pg. 41City Charcoal</p><p>D. ALL ABOUT THE BENJAMINS(8021) $48 E See pg. 46Putty Snake</p><p>G. FASHION EDITOR(8000) $118 See pg. 44Jewells &amp; Gems Pebble</p><p>F. ROLLING JEWELL(8022) $38 See pg. 46Coral Kisses Pebble</p><p>E. WRISTLET STRAP(8033) $8 See pg. 47Coral Kisses Pebble, City Charcoal Pebble</p><p>H.</p><p>G, H.</p><p>Make it your own with the Triple Slit Pocket</p><p>ADD IT ON! </p><p>MAKE IT YOUR OWN 9</p><p>A.</p><p>E.</p></li><li><p>Good times call for a great bagFrom play dates to picnics, long flights to flights of fancy, this is the </p><p>one bag youll grab and never let go. No matter what the day holds, the </p><p>sturdy Canvas Crew Collection can hold it all in effortless, lasting style.A.</p><p>B.F.</p><p>D.</p><p>A.</p><p>party idea</p><p>10 THIRTY-ONE GIFTS</p><p>Monogramming PartyMost products can be monogrammed for only $7! </p><p>See page 52 for fun options and start planning a </p><p>party thats personalized in more ways than one.</p><p>just for you</p><p>F. CANVAS CREW TOTE(4858) $65 EE See pg. 45Navy Anchor, Taupe Straw Stripe</p><p>D. CANVAS CREW CARRY-ALL(4778) $55 EE See pg. 45Natural w/ Green (Style 30, Navy Blue)</p><p>E. CANVAS CREW STRAP(4878) $10 See pg. 45Natural Rope</p><p>G. CANVAS CREW MINI STRAP(4879) $10 See pg. 41Natural Rope</p><p>B. CANVAS CREW MINI(4876) $45 EEE See pg. 41Natural w/ Coral (Style 48, Coral Pink)</p><p>C. MINI ZIPPER POUCH(3013) $12 EEE See pg. 48Natural w/ Navy, Natural w/ Turquoise </p><p>(Style 18, Navy Blue)</p><p>B, G.</p><p>ADD IT ON! </p><p>A Canvas Crew Strap is a perfect addition</p><p>E.</p><p>A. CANVAS CREW COIN PURSE(4855) $15 E See pg. 48</p><p>IN ORDER:Natural w/ Coral Swiss Dot, Natural w/ </p><p>Navy Swiss Dot, Natural w/ Green Swiss Dot, </p><p>Natural w/ Turquoise Swiss Dot</p><p>C.</p><p>F.</p><p>Make it your own with a Canvas Crew Mini Strap</p><p>MAKE IT YOUR OWN 11</p><p>IN ORDER:Taupe Straw Stripe (Style 30, Coral Pink), Natural w/ Navy (Style 73, Navy Blue), Natural w/ Green </p><p>(Style M2, Charcoal), Turquoise Straw Stripe and Natural w/ Turquoise (Style 39, True Turquoise)</p><p>ADD IT ON! </p><p>G.</p><p>C.</p></li><li><p>A. ORGANIZING SHOULDER BAG(3165) $45 EE See pg. 42Turquoise Cross Weave</p><p>B. SLING-BACK BAG(4538) $45 See pg. 43Grey Wave</p><p>C. DARING ABBEY(8061) $88 See pg. 45City Charcoal Snake</p><p>D. PERFECT CENTS WALLET(4808) $28 E See pg. 47Bubble Bloom</p><p>Take on your To-Do list in style!Good thing our bags are </p><p>designed to help you take </p><p>on the day. Discover new </p><p>favorites that can help get </p><p>the to-do list done faster </p><p>so you can enjoy more </p><p>moments together.</p><p>Defined structure that stands on its own</p><p>A.B.</p><p>C.</p><p>12 THIRTY-ONE GIFTS just for you MAKE IT YOUR OWN 13</p><p>baby stuffON A STROLL BAG (4639) $25 EE </p><p>See pg. 31, Bubble Bloom</p><p>THERMAL TOTE (3000) $18 EEEE See pg. 33, Tweethearts (Style 14, Charcoal) </p><p>carry allALL-DAY ORGANIZING TOTE (4777) $45 EE </p><p>See pg. 30, Bubble BloomSTREET STYLE (8082) $58 See pg. 40, Citrus Lime Pebble</p><p>ZIP-TOP ORGANIZING UTILITY TOTE (4451) $35 EEE See pg. 29, Bubble Bloom (Style 10, Charcoal)</p><p>beauty fullHANDLE-IT COSMETIC BAG (4815) $30 EE </p><p>See pg. 49, Bubble Bloom</p><p>BAUBLES &amp; BRACELETS CASE (4585) $20 See pg. 49, Bubble Bloom</p><p>FAMILY TIMEto </p><p>ME TIME</p><p>spring breakRETRO METRO WEEKENDER (3780) $80 EEE </p><p>See pg. 44, Bubble Bloom (Style 43, Charcoal)</p><p>BADGE BUDDY (4563) $7 See pg. 50, Pink Cross Pop</p><p>little thingsWRISTLET STRAP (8033) $8 </p><p>See pg. 47, Citrus Lime Pebble; Gatsby's Green Pebble; Teal Affair Pebble; City Charcoal Pebble</p><p>ALL ABOUT THE BENJAMINS (8021) $48 E See pg. 46, Candy Pink Pebble</p><p>casual styleRETRO METRO BAG (3218) $55 EE </p><p>See pg. 42, Turquoise Wave (Style 40, Platinum)</p><p>D.</p></li><li><p>B. </p><p>F. </p><p>MAKE IT YOUR OWN 15</p><p>A. </p><p>I.</p><p>K. </p><p>Design a better drop zoneAddress the mess with fun, </p><p>functional styles in prints and </p><p>colors that enhance your home.</p><p>for your home</p><p>D, E. </p><p>C. </p><p>J.</p><p>C. PARIS(8010) $78 E See pg. 40Candy Pink Pebble</p><p>B. HOSTESS EXCLUSIVE BACKPACK(4883) an $85 value! $35 EE See pg. 55Bubble Bloom (Style 79, Hot Pink)</p><p>A. YOUR WAY JUNIOR CUBE(4166) $30 EE See pg. 37Taupe Cross Pop, Taupe Playful Parade </p><p>(Style 19, Navy Blue)</p><p>D. YOUR WAY RECTANGLE BASKET(4151) $40 See pg. 36Natural</p><p>E. YOUR WAY RECTANGLE BASKET LINER(4153) $20 E See pg. 36Taupe Playful Parade (Style 19, Navy Blue)</p><p>F. LARGE UTILITY TOTE(3121) $35 EEE See pg. 28Taupe Playful Parade (Style 19, Navy Blue)</p><p>14 THIRTY-ONE GIFTS for your home</p><p>D, E.</p><p>A. </p><p>G, H.</p><p>G, H.</p><p>G.</p><p>G.</p><p>Clutter Busters PartyDiscover fun ways to manage the mess. Share </p><p>your home, share ideas and discover great new </p><p>products that help make organizing easier. </p><p>Call your Consultant and get inspired together!</p><p>party idea</p><p>How has this opportunity been different than what </p><p>you expected when you first started? </p><p>The unexpected thing is the joy I get from being able to </p><p>set goals while my kids watch. They will then set their </p><p>own goals for reading, fitness and meeting new friends </p><p>(we move often). For them to have motivation to work </p><p>toward a goal at such a young age is something Thirty-</p><p>One has helped me teach them. </p><p>What are one or two things Thirty-One has helped </p><p>you and your family purchase that are meaningful </p><p>to you? </p><p>My husband just graduated from medical school, so I </p><p>was able to buy time with my kids and husband while he </p><p>pursued his dream of becoming a doctor. I was also able </p><p>to buy our living room furniture and kitchen table with </p><p>cash from my Thirty-One income! I always want my kids </p><p>to see how important it is to save instead of put it on a </p><p>credit card. When we purchase something whatever it </p><p>is we all say, Thank you, Thirty-One!</p><p>SENIOR EXECUTIVE DIRECTORJacksonville, FL Joined June 2007</p><p>StapletonHeather</p><p>How is Thirty-One different than other </p><p>direct-selling companies?</p><p>Thirty-One rewards us like none other. Not only do they </p><p>provide us with so many opportunities to earn free </p><p>products and other incentives, the amount of support </p><p>and recognition is incredible. Youre more than just a </p><p>number you are an important part of the company, </p><p>and they make sure you know that. Ive also been able </p><p>to advance into leadership much more quickly with </p><p>Thirty-One. I dont have to sell Customers on the </p><p>product they see it, they love it and they buy it! Its as </p><p>simple as that!</p><p>DIRECTORPullman, WA</p><p>Joined February 2013</p><p>GetzLiz</p><p>These stories are so inspiring! But they are not a guarantee of your own actual </p><p>earnings. See page 54 for details about our Income Disclosure Statement.</p><p>J. ZIP-TOP ORGANIZING UTILITY TOTE(4451) $35 EEE See pg. 29Taupe Playful Parade</p><p>I. FOLD N' FILE</p><p>(3890) $25 E See pg. 39Taupe Cross Pop</p><p>K. OH-SNAP POCKET(4830) $15 EE See pg. 38Taupe Playful Parade (Style 19, Navy Blue)</p><p>G. YOUR WAY CUBE(4119) $35 EE See pg. 37Taupe Playful Parade, Taupe Cross Pop </p><p>(Style 19, Navy Blue)</p><p>H. YOUR WAY CUBE LID(4242) $10 See pg. 37Brown</p></li><li><p>A, B.</p><p>A, B.C.</p><p>E. H, I.</p><p>C.</p><p>D.</p><p>Make it their own space with personalization and his/her prints!</p><p>K. J. F.</p><p>L. L. </p><p>M.M.</p><p>A, B.</p><p>A, B.</p><p>E.H.</p><p>J. K.</p><p>G.</p><p>C.</p><p>C.</p><p>D.</p><p>L. DOUBLE DUTY CADDY(4787) $25 EE See pg. 31Bubble Bloom (Style 12, Lime Green), </p><p>Sailor Stripe</p><p>J. YOUR WAY RECTANGLE(4130) $25 EE See pg. 36Pink Cross Pop (Style 12, White), </p><p>Sailor Stripe</p><p>K. YOUR WAY RECTANGLE LID(4243) $10 See pg. 36Pink, Navy</p><p>H. YOUR WAY CUBE(4119) $35 EE See pg. 37Pink Cross Pop, Sailor Stripe </p><p>(Style 14, White)</p><p>I. YOUR WAY CUBE LID(4242) $10 See pg. 37Pink</p><p>E. ZIPPER POUCH(3045) $15 EEE See pg. 48Grey Wave w/ Bubble Bloom, </p><p>Sailor Stripe</p><p>M. LITTLES CARRY-ALL CADDY(3401) $12 EE See pg. 31Bubble Bloom, Hop To It</p><p>F. CINCH SAC(3039) $20 EE See pg. 46Bubble Bloom</p><p>G. SPIRIT CINCH SAC(4221) $20 EE See pg. 46Spirit Navy (Style 14, White; </p><p>Baseball Icon-It, Lime Green) MAKE IT YOUR OWN 1716 THIRTY-ONE GIFTS for your home</p><p>D. OH-SNAP POCKET(4830) $15 EE See pg. 38Pink Cross Pop (Style 12, White; Chick Icon-It, </p><p>True Turquoise), Navy Cross Pop (Style 14, White; </p><p>Froggy Icon-It, Lime Green)</p><p>C. OH-SNAP BIN(4598) $10 EE See pg. 38Bubble Bloom, Pink Cross Pop (Style 12, True </p><p>Turquoise), Navy Cross Pop (Style 14, Lime Green)</p><p>A. YOUR WAY RECTANGLE BASKET(4151) $40 See pg. 36Natural</p><p>B. YOUR WAY RECTANGLE BASKET LINER(4153) $20 E See pg. 36Pink Cross Pop (Style 12, White), </p><p>Sailor Stripe (Style 14, White)</p><p>Make peace with the playroomWhy battle the clutter when you can control it? </p><p>Win the war in every room with cubes, bins and </p><p>caddies in prints that complement your dcor.</p></li><li><p>MAKE IT YOUR OWN 19</p><p>How would you describe the relationships youve </p><p>built with the women on your team and other people </p><p>youve met through Thirty-One?</p><p>Priceless. My first three years with the company were </p><p>both exciting and very difficult. My mama went through </p><p>a tough battle with cancer and Thirty-One allowed me </p><p>to travel frequently to be with her. My brother also was </p><p>fighting his own battle during those years. My mama </p><p>beat it, but my brother did not. During those times, my </p><p>Thirty-One family was always there for me and that is </p><p>something Ill never forget. Our culture is like no other.</p><p>What do you enjoy most about your role in the </p><p>Thirty-One family?</p><p>I love working with my team and helping them achieve </p><p>their dreams through Thirty-One, no matter what they </p><p>might be. A gift is only a gift if you are willing to give </p><p>it away! I love training my team and working with our </p><p>field as a Founding National Mentor. Public speaking </p><p>and training has recently become a passion of mine. Im </p><p>still an educator at heart my classroom may look very </p><p>different and my students are a little older, but Im able </p><p>to impact so ma...</p></li></ul>