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Arch 101 Midterm portfolio Spring 13.


<ul><li><p>TAYLOR ABBOTT </p><p>ARCH 101 Midterm Portfolio </p></li><li><p>OPENING THE CAN OF WORMS WEEK 1 </p><p>Architecture- The art or practice of designing and constructing buildings. </p><p>Design- A plan or drawing produced to show the look and function or workings of a building, garment, or other object before it is built or made. </p></li><li><p>STARTING ICEBREAKER WEEK 2 </p><p>REPRESENTATION </p><p>( Adv. + adj ) + ( adv. + verb) + ( adv. +adj ) Awkwardly adventurous, genuinely teaching, dangerously curious </p></li><li><p>FIRST ITERATION </p><p> A little too literal dont ya think? If I could go back, I shouldve done a model to start to get the feel of the class earlier, however I did not and it took me a while to catch up. </p></li><li><p>WEEK 2 QUESTIONS </p><p>What are the differences between literal vs. an abstract representation? </p><p> As I Learned from my icebreaker activity, there is a big difference between literal and abstract representation! Now I understand the meaning of having an abstract different piece of work that you need to find the story rather than show it. </p></li><li><p>2ND ITERATION </p><p>OVERALL.. NOT TOO HAPPY WITH THE FINAL PRODUCT. GOAL WAS NOT REACHED. VERY CHALLENGED BY FIRST PROJECT </p></li><li><p>3rd ITERATION </p></li><li><p>WEEK 3, LANGUAGE </p><p>Narrative: on icebreaker </p><p> What are the most significant aspects and qualities of your constructed abstract design? </p><p> One of the most important aspects </p><p>of the design is that its cylindrical shape keeps it unified through the model. As it curls up everything has the same partner and is able to come to one focus point, the middle. The straws also act as a cage in a way in which I will get into in a few questions </p><p> What will a first time viewer of your work see and experience? </p><p> The point was to have the persons </p><p>eye draw towards the center of the spiral and to see what is in the middle which is just the column that is created as the design goes up in shape. It is important because it helps focus on what is really important, the spiral </p></li><li><p> NARRATIVE CNTD.. </p><p> What does your design represent? </p><p> My design was supposed to represent </p><p>an impossible staircase at first and to try and create something paradox however it became somewhat of a DNA strand. Then I was able to attach the meaning of life with the spiral shape and then attaching straws to the outside of it so in essence, life was locked. I wanted life to be locked to discover the meaning of what life really mans to someone who has experienced it before and for the person to want to get to the middle and see life. </p><p> What are the details of what your audience will see and experience as they engage your work and how these details relate to your metaphors? </p><p> My goal is for them to see that life is </p><p>continuing and that everything comes together for a reason. However with that said, most will ask why the straws are on the outside and what relevance they have towards the project. The will also notice the center column and the complexity of what it is supposed to symbolize and how abstract it seems. </p></li><li><p>Create a Kit of Parts from your icebreaker activity. (From first iteration) </p></li><li><p>WEEK 4 FORM </p><p> What is the relationship between scale and proportions? </p><p> Proportion is the size comparison of two things that can be different: a woman's waist to hip proportion, for example. The proportion of one thing vs. another thing. </p><p>Scale is usually the size comparison of two things that are the same. A scaled version of a photo is the exact same, just a different size. The scale of one thing vs. the same thing in a different size. </p></li><li><p>PROPORTIONS </p></li><li><p>SPACE WEEK 5 Can space be so flexible that anything can happen there? How do you </p><p>achieve this? </p><p>Depends on the space. The bigger the space, the more room your mind has to roam! Less space also means less activity but it could have a deeper meaning. </p></li><li><p>A JOURNEY -WELCOMING AND CALM -MONUMENTAL AND AWESOME -TRANQUIL </p><p>-VERTICAL JOURNEY WITH YOUR MIND </p><p>Critiques: -Lets go on that journey -section plane was not introduced </p><p>-just a frame and site for next week </p></li><li><p>2ND ITERATION OF MY JOURNEY </p><p>ADD A SITE! </p><p>ASSIGNMENT WAS TO ADD A SITE TO YOUR PROPOSED DESIGN STICKING TO THE JOURNEY </p><p>In my opinion this is my best work so far </p></li><li><p>New additions or edits.. -STAIRS WERE PUT INTO THE GROUND ON THE WAY UP THE SITE </p><p>-VERTICAL JOURNEY THROUGH THE BUILDING WITH SPIRAL STAIR CASE </p></li><li><p>FINAL ITERATION </p></li><li><p>CONCLUSION AND FINAL THOUGHTS </p><p> Reflections: These first few weeks of my first design studio has been a roller coaster. I started off by being the only one to draw the icebreaker and turning into that regular guy who shares his models with everyone else. Time management has never been a problem of mine as I am very organized, and I still think I am very organized and on top of my work but this class challenged me </p><p>and tested my talents. Your critiques are sometimes harsh but understandable. As an athlete I understand competition. Life is a challenge and you have to work you way to the top and I do think you are trying to prepare us for tasks ahead. Although the work is very strenuous and sometimes makes you suicidal (just kidding), it has so far taught me a lot about design and building. I look forward to the challenges on the road ahead as I move along my journey through design. And yes, let the transformation continue! </p></li></ul>