spotify - kenwood spotify with spotify, your music is everywhere. working out, partying or relaxing,

Download Spotify - KENWOOD Spotify With Spotify, your music is everywhere. Working out, partying or relaxing,

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    Spotify With Spotify, your music is everywhere. Working out, partying or relaxing, the right music is always at your fingertips. There are millions of songs on Spotify— from old favorites to the latest hits. Just choose the music you love, or let Spotify surprise you.

    You can stream Spotify from connected iPod touch/iPhone or Android devices. • Install the latest version of the Spotify

    application on your iPod touch/iPhone/Android and create an account.


    1 Connect the device. • For Android: Pair the Android device through

    Bluetooth. • For iPod touch/iPhone: Connect iPod touch/


    2 Select the device to use and connection method on the of the screen. (Page 51)

    3 Select “Spotify” as the source. (Page 12) The Spotify application is started.

    Playback operations

    You can operate Spotify using the remote controller. Only playing, pausing, and skipping are available.

    ❏ Indications and buttons on the source control screen


    Playback information 1 Picture data 2 Thumbs up/ down or Playback mode (see below.) 3 Track information

    • Touching the text scrolls if not all of the text is shown.

    Operation buttons [ ] Displays the list selection screen. [ ] Creates new station. [ ] [ ] Selects a track. [I]* Starts playback. [W]* Pauses playback. [ ] Saves the current track/artist to

    . [ ] Thumbs down to the current track

    and skips to the next track. [ ] Registers the current track as a

    favorite. [ ] Activates/deactivates the repeat

    playback mode. [ ] Activates/deactivates the shuffle

    playback mode. [ ] Mutes the sound.

    • To restore the sound, touch the button again, or adjust the volume.

    * During playback, [W] is displayed, and when playback is paused, [I] is displayed.

  • 2

    Spotify ❏Creating your station (Start Radio)


    2 Enter a track/artist/playlist, then select the desired track. The playback of your station starts with the selected track.

    • You can personalize your station using thumb up ([ ]) or thumb down ([ ]).

    ❏Selecting a track 1 Display the list selection screen.

    2 Select the list type (//) (1), then select a desired item (2).

    • Press [ ] to return to the top layer. • Press [ ] to return to the upper layer.

    Requirements for Spotify iPhone or iPod touch • Install the latest version of the Spotify application

    on your iPhone or iPod touch. (Search for “Spotify” in the Apple iTunes App Store to find and install the most recent version.)

    • Connect iPod touch/iPhone to this unit with a cable or via Bluetooth.

    – When connecting with a cable: Use KCA-iP103 (optional accessory) or a KCA-iP102 (optional accessory).

    Android™ • Visit Google Play™ and search for “Spotify” to

    install. • Bluetooth must be built in and the following

    profiles must be supported. – SPP (Serial Port Profile) – A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile)

    NOTE • Ensure you are logged in to your smartphone

    application. If you do not have a Spotify account, you can create one for free from your smartphone or at

    • Because Spotify is a third-party service, the specifications are subject to change without prior notice. Accordingly, compatibility may be impaired or some or all of the services may become unavailable.

    • Some functions of Spotify cannot be operated from this unit.

    • For issues using the application, contact Spotify at

    • Establish an Internet connection using LTE, 3G, EDGE, or WiFi.

    • Spotify and Spotify logos are trademarks of the Spotify Group.