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  • Find your face shapeThe first rule of finding glasses to freshen your look is to work out your face shape



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    Dont let your glasses age you our guide will see you right!


    perfect pair

    Pick the

    Width and length of face are almost equal Go for a pair that is wider than your face Celebs Holly willoughby, Emma Bunton, Kate Garraway

    Get expert help Choosing frames right for your face shape, colouring and style can take years off, says Jo marsh, glasses brand manager at Boots opticians. a great consultation, such as Personal-Eyes in Boots opticians, gives a confdent, best-version of you. Dont hurryTake your time trying on different styles. Try them with your hair up and down, and take your jacket off to see how different collars and colours alter your look. thinK sKin tonewarm skin tones usually suit gold jewellery over silver, so go for tortoise, copper, honey,

    coral, beige and cream shades. Cooler skin tones should opt for purple, pink, blue, grey, rose and silver frames. avoid anything that washes out skin, like harsh black. Even the size of your nose can play a part longer noses suit thicker frames and shorter ones will be balanced by a higher bridge. try a trenD The latest eyewear trends are cat eye and geek chic, says Jo, yet these can be a little intimidating for some. But there are many versions, some more extreme than others, so you can still feel up to date while having a style that is great for you and on-trend if you look around.

    Chose the right frame



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    Round Balanced features, chin narrower than forehead Go for rectangle frames to even a vertical face shape Celebs myleene Klass, andrea mcLean, Kym marsh

    Angular with defned forehead, chin and jawline Go for round or oval styles to soften features Celebs Lorraine Kelly, Lulu, Kate silverton

    Broader forehead with narrower jawline and chin Go for round or angular styles, and avoid top-heavy Celebs Cheryl Cole, susanna Reid, Zoe Ball

    TIP Eyeshadow and eyeliner are a must to emphasise your eyes. And always accentuate your brows too, like


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