Social Media 101: How To Build Your Social Media Marketing Plan

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Social Media 101: Learn how to build your social media marketing plan Visit for more training!


  • 1.Social Media 101: How To Build Your Social Media Marketing Plan

2. Tip #2 Create Marketing Strategy

  • Create a detailed marketing plan with industry related tips, trivia questions and facts
  • Develop a blog content schedule
  • Decide what days and at what time you will post
  • Plug into excel to track easily

3. Content Ideas For Your Marketing Calendar 4. Post Your Events

  • Post your events on Facebook and invite all your Fans
  • Take pictures and tag fans in the pictures and share on all social networks
  • Online Resource
  • FacebookEvents

What events can you promote on your networks? 5. Promote Your Testimonials

  • Did you recently receive a positive testimonial from one of your clients?
  • Share it on your social networks
  • This will generate brand awareness and reinforce your brand's public image.

Do you have customer testimonials to share? 6. Share Relevant Videos

  • Search YouTube for videos relevant to your industry
  • eMarketer shows people are33% more likelyto consume multimedia content than textual content
  • Online Resource
  • YouTube

What video content would your fans enjoy? 7. Share Relevant Content

  • Provide content your audience will enjoy
  • Be seen as a thought leader and expert in your industry
  • Be the go to place for great content
  • Building trust brings sales
  • Online Resource
  • TechnoratiBlog Directory

Do you share relevant industry related content? 8. Ask for LIKES!

  • Hit Like if you're happy it's Friday
  • Hit Like if you had a great weekend
  • Hit Like if you're excited for Halloween
  • Hit Like if you're in a good mood today

What fun questions can you ask to get likes? 9. Inspire Your Fans

  • Engage them with conversation
  • Once per day post a question, tell them about an issue or inspire them with a story related to your product or service
  • Online Resource
  • Motivational Quotes

What quotes would inspire your fans? 10. Keep Them Informed

  • Keep your fans updated on what you're working on
  • If you are planning to release a new product or service in the future, they should be the first to know!
  • Ask for their feedback before your launch

What new press can you share with your fans? 11. Educate While Having Fun

  • Find out what holidays are observed throughout the world
  • Share the ones relevant to your audience, or share a funny one to inspire likes
  • Online Resource
  • Earth Calendar

What fun facts can you share with your fans? 12. Create a Fan of the Month Club

  • Ask your fans trivia questions and award them points
  • First to answer correctly wins and gets their name added to the board
  • Online Resource
  • Fan of the Month

What fun trivia questions can you ask? 13. Create Weekly Posting Theme

  • Funny Mondays
  • Case Study Tuesdays
  • Tools for Success Wednesday
  • Trivia Thursday
  • Stop the Press Friday
  • Shout out Saturday
  • Guess this image Sunday

What weekly content strategy can you create? 14. Break Out For Learning Session

  • Pick a partner
  • Learn about their business
  • Trade Social Media Marketing Calendars
  • Provide 2 engaging questions related to their business that they could ask their fans

15. Automate Your Marketing Calendar with Send Social Media 16. Setup Social Networks for Posting

  • Sample Exercise
  • Add LinkedIn
  • Manage 30+ social networks
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter

How many networks do you currently manage? 17. Setup Social Streams, Reply Easily

  • Sample Exercise
  • Add LinkedIn GroupLikeSocialMedia.comStream
  • Monitor Your Content
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter

How do you reply to comments currently? 18. Monitor Your Brand

  • Sample Exercise
  • Setup keywordLikeSocialMediafor monitoring
  • Monitor Across the Web
  • Brand and Keyword Monitoring
  • Yelp reviews
  • CitySearch reviews

How do you monitor your brand now? 19. Setup RSS Feed

  • Sample Exercise
  • Add Social Media Explorer RSS
  • Post Multiple RSS Feeds
  • Be seen as a thought leader and expert in your industry
  • Be the go to place for great content
  • Building trust brings sales

What content do you share with your fans? 20. Import Contacts

  • Manage All Your Contacts
  • Aol
  • Gmail
  • Hotmail
  • Contact Importer
  • LinkedIn contacts
  • Facebook contacts

What tools do you use now to manage contacts? 21. Setup Auto Responders for Birthdays

  • Schedule auto posts for birthdays and special events
  • Facebook Auto Responder
  • LinkedIn Auto Responder

How do you currently send birthday wishes? 22. Setup Auto Responders for Twitter

  • Schedule auto tweets, welcome messages and targeted follows
  • Twitter Welcome Message
  • Twitter Auto Tweet Replies
  • Twitter Auto Keyword Follow

How do you grow your Twitter account now? 23. Setup Auto Responders for Email

  • Schedule auto welcome email to subscribers
  • Email Auto Responder Service
  • Setup custom welcome email
  • Email templates available
  • Schedule automated messages

How do you manage your email account now? 24. Setup Group, Easy Posting

  • Sample Exercise
  • CreateLikeSocialMediaLinkedIn Group, AddLinkedinGroup and Twitter
  • Easily Post To Multiple Networks
  • Save time
  • Manage posts easily

How do you post to multiple social networks? 25. Market Via Mobile

  • Send Text Messages
  • Promotional codes and announcements about deals and sales
  • Integrate SMS into your own applications
  • Add a sign-up widget to your website to gather new mobile numbers and potential customers

Do you market to fans via text messages? 26. Post Your Message

  • Sample Exercise
  • Post Message to WME page
  • Hit Like if you're excited for Fall
  • Add Image

How do you currently post messages? 27. Continuing Education

  • Social Media Case Studies Library
  • Social Media Applications Directory
  • Social Media Book Reviews
  • Social Media 40 Chapter Book
  • 8 Modules of Social Media Video Training
  • Access to all my recorded Webinars
  • Ability to get Social Media Certification

28. Benefits of Web Media University 29. Special Limited Time Offer

  • FREE Copy ofThe Big Book of Social Media: Case Studies, Stories, Perspective by Robert Fine
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*4 month minimum membership required 30. Takeaways

  • What content can you add to your Marketing Calendar?
  • How can you save time with Send Social Media?
  • How do you plan on staying educated about social media?

31. Questions and Answers

  • What questions can I help answer?
  • Thank you for participating!
  • Michelle Hummel
  • Web Media University
  • Phone: 513-204-9324
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