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<ul><li>1.Social Network Portability Fun with the Social Graph FitzpatrickJuly 20, 20071 </li></ul> <p>2. Problem Statement more &amp; more tools/sites need the Social Graph (e.g. sick of inviting my friends been there, done that. use my existing public data, yo. use the existing Social Graph!2 3. What I Want my friends to follow me on all sites on signup, tell me which friends are already on $NEW_SITE, and keep track of new friends joining over time let a thousand social networks bloom no prob; each can do one thing well the world not forced to be FaceBook apps3 4. Social Graph directed graph many edge types, different strengths of claims many node types, many nodes are equivalent. some edges/nodes secret (but most public!)4 5. Example(of data thats already out there on the web, today....)5 6. brad@danga.comclaim (email)is brad bradtzisis4caa1d6f.. (LJ)(vox) (sha1email) isclaim bradtz (pownce)bradtzis (zooomr) claim bradtz(twitter) 6 7. Already working (1)... given a node, nd all equivalent nodes for each node, followed claim &amp; is edges out, for each node, follow is edges in, until set of nodes stops growing7 8. Already working (2)... given a node, nd equivalent nodes, nd all aggregate friends on all services, expand friends equivalent nodes, tell you missing friendship edges on all overlapping services heres 17 vox &amp; 6 LJ friends youre missing, but friends with on other services...8 9. 9 10. brad (LJ)9 11. brad (myspace) claim brad (LJ)is4caa1d6f.. (sha1email) 9 12. brad(myspace) claimbrad(LJ) is 4caa1d6f..(sha1email)is bradtz(Vox)9 13. brad(myspace) claimbrad(LJ) is 4caa1d6f..(sha1email)is bradtz(Vox)9 14. brad whitakerfriend(myspace)(LJ) claimbrad(LJ) is 4caa1d6f..(sha1email)is bradtz(Vox)9 15. bradwhitakerisfriend(myspace) (LJ) claim 87adbe..brad (sha1email)(LJ) is is whitaker 4caa1d6f..(sha1email)(Vox)claim is bradtzwhit692(Vox) (myspace) 9 16. bradwhitakerisfriend(myspace) (LJ) claim 87adbe..brad (sha1email)(LJ) is ismissing whitaker 4caa1d6f..(sha1email)(Vox)friendsclaim is bradtzwhit692(Vox) (myspace) 9 17. Data I have... All LJ nodes, edges (13M, 140M) x 4 node types: username, lj username, sha1email, lj userid All Vox nodes (100k/250k), edges Twitter, Pownce, Zooomr (incl. openid logins), more in talks10 18. Next Steps Find co-hackers Build user-visible website never use the word graph or other geek talk developer side w/ APIs spiders, refox/IE extensions/bookmarklets, stats, alerts, bling, widgets (fun for non-geek users) users =&gt; data =&gt; users =&gt; data11 19. user-visible site 12 20. website ow bootstrap: login with something supporting OpenID LJ,Vox, AIM, Digg, Twitter, or custom openid server Glue node (internal userid, no username) is vivied, with is link setup:glueisbrad#1 (LJ)13 21. claim/prove more accts glueisbrad#1 (LJ)claim (email)claim claim claim bradtz claim(vox) 500033387 (facebook)bradtz bradtz (twitter)(myspace) 14 22. claim/prove more acctsglueisbrad #1 (LJ)is (email)is is isisbradtz (vox) 500033387 (facebook) bradtzbradtz(twitter) (myspace)15 23. Utility whitaker is is whitaker98abc72.. 7c55a24.. (LJ)(Vox) (sha1email) (sha1email) isiswhitaker(glue)16 24. Notes on initial login, many is and claim links could be pre-lled from prior knowledge of brad (LJ) nodes relationships upgrade claim to is with: openid, conrmation email, scrape (verifywidget/HTML comment insertion),facebook auth, yahoo auth, google auth, 17 </p>