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  • Editor in Chief Cherry Fermor

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    Baby its cold outside (bursts into full 40s song). I dont know if any of you have noticed, but there seems to be a chill in the air, and either my eyes are failing me or its getting darker. This all means one thing (suppress groans please) HEAD SEASON.

    They say you earn your trophies at practice, you just pick them up at competitions, and that is what head season is, one long, cold, practice. Dont fret though keen rowers, this seasons edition is jammed full of motivational interviews and get the best out of your training articles. Youll be so busy winter will rush by, I promise.

    As for you poor juniors, not training on the water if it is below 5 degrees is

    not always a bad thing, trust usbut for when you do find yourself waiting at the end of a long line at a head race, take apart the cover and find yourself a nifty little foil blanket courtesy of the Royal Navy. Itll ward off flu and should be every rowers kit bag must. Now you may fall in the water as many times as you seem fit (sorry parents).

    Cherry FermorEditor in Chief

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    Rowing is the New spinningFor all of you hard-core ergers out there this is an article that will make you feel smug. And more importantly, become an incentive for those heavy winter UT2 pieces coming your way this winter. Cycling usually goes hand in hand with rowing legs, but now it seems we were right all along.

    Die-hard spinners are jumping off their bikes and on to rowing

    machines? Yes, its true. Call it the fitness trend that no one predicted, but suddenly boutique rowing studios are opening at a fast pace across the country and loads of converts are swearing off cycling classes. I drank the Spin Kool-Aid like so manybut after a year I plateaued and no longer saw the results I wanted, says Hilary Rainey, 26, a manager at a nonprofit. Shes a regular at New Yorks CityRow studio, going twice a week, and has lost 11 pounds in just under

    two months. Jessica Luftig, 38, a project manager, has gone three to four times a week religiously since February in lieu of TRX Suspension Training and barre-toning classes and dropped 25 pounds. I cant get enough, she says.

    Heres why: Rowing just might be the most efficient exercise ever. With each stroke, pretty much every part of the body is used, says Stella Lucia Volpe, an exercise physiologist and professor

  • of nutrition sciences at Drexel University in Philadelphia and an avid rower. And it may let you skip crunchesfor good. A big part of rowing is core strength, she adds. People think its all arms, but rowing is much more legs and core.

    CityRow founder and CEO Helaine Knapp decided to line a loft with rowing machines after losing weight and making her own body tight with a rowing machine at her local gym. She hired a team of fitness pros to create a 50-minute high-intensity interval-training workout (which alternates between the rower and

    the mat), and opened CityRow last January. Classes are often wait list only.Similar to indoor cyclists, rowers are meant to stay in sync with one another, as they would if they were gliding across the water. However, unlike Spinnings call for 95 percent legs and 5 percent upper body, the rowing ratio is more along the lines of 60 percent legs and 40 percent upper body. CityRows mantra (legs! core! arms!) is repeated again and again throughout each 30- to 60-second sprint.

    Rowing is a full-body exercise, and it keeps the heart rate

    elevated, says Garrett Roberts, an exercise physiologist and personal trainer who founded GoRow Studios in Hoboken, New Jersey. But then its leg press after leg press and row after row, so theres a huge strength-training component to it too.Which is why youll get a svelte physique faster. Rowing burns two to three times the amount of calories of Spinning, explains Roberts. Unlike a bike, which only has resistance in one direction, rowing has resistance in both directionsforward and backmaking you much stronger and increasing the rate at which you burn calories.

  • SOAR 8Josh Crosby, a former competitive rower and a co-creator of the WaterRower GX (a.k.a. Indo-Row), a rowing machine outfitted with a water-filled flywheel, says that the GX not only adds natural resistance but also allows you to hear the swoosh of water with every pull. Crosby, along with fitness pro Jay Blahnik, incorporated the modern rower into ShockWave, a class developed for Equinox gyms. In addition to the stellar calorie burn (up to 800 calories an hour), the workout has a secret perkperfecting your posture, says Gregg Cook, a ShockWave instructor at Equinox in New York. Most people are

    hunched forward over their desk all day, he notes. This wakes up all the muscles in your back.Ironically, just as the rowing machine is transitioning out of the water, the stationary bike is being submergedin what looks like a personal Jacuzzi. At Londons Hydrofit spa, clients like Pippa Middleton (famous for her rear view) pop on headphones and watch TV or listen to music as they pedal away. Devotees at Waterbike outposts in France (and a few other European countries) also ride for 30- or 45-minute sessions with pulsing water jetsthought to rev up circulation and banish cellulitethat are aimed at

    dimple-prone areas, i.e., the butt and thighs.But back to why weaving rowing into your workout repertoire is a must (even House of Cards fantastically fit Claire Underwood has taken up rowing in place of her beloved running). Rowing truly uses every part of the body, Volpe says. So you can spin like crazy in wateror a vat of oatmeal, for that matterand it wont even come close to the results youll get from rowing.

  • Simon is the first mens captain of Devils Elbow rowing club and has been rowing 33 years. In this interview I will see how, as a mens captain he has progressed both in himself and in the club.

    So Simon, tell me about your history as a rower.

    Well, I started at Keele University in 1982 and rowed there for the 3 years of my degree course. After finishing university I moved to Leicester Rowing Club for 5 years. When I moved job I relocated to Nottingham Boat Club and six years later I moved to Nottingham University Boat Club when I

    studied a masters. Over the years I travelled and rowed at clubs like Narragansett in Rhone Island and also another in Charleston in the states.

    When devils Elbow started 3 years ago I started as one of the first 5 members and then after a year became the first mens captain.

    Follow the Leader

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    What are your goals for the mens team this year?

    Ideally Id like to develop a 4x for the national championships but that could take more than a year. For the rest of the men, Id like to build up a foundation with them but more than anything I want them to enjoy it.

    What are your achievements with the mens squad so far?

    Well, when I first came to the club there were around 4 of us which has expanded to 18. Im happy that weve built a team from

    scratch and the men race regularly in both Head races and Regattas. Some of the men have progressed from novice to IM3 and our Junior 4 is progressing well. This winter season we have increased our training and endurance so hopefully we will go into the next season as a stronger, more experienced team.

    Tell me about the club itself, is there anything youd like to improve on?

    At the moment we are making the most of what we have, but as a new club its very limited in terms of funding and facilities. I

    would say that the most important thing at the moment is the quality of our boats. It seems crazy that Oxford and Cambridge burn a boat a year at their bumping race whereas we are struggling for mens and womens weight restricted boats.

    Hopefully soon that will change as we are setting a fundraiser position into the committee and we have donations from a couple of club members coming in. Our programme for boat repairs is ongoing and that is aiding our club significantly.

  • What is your personal greatest achievement as a rower?

    As a captain? I think its introducing so many people to rowing, its nice that years later ill see them at a race or event and theyll remember me as the first person who took them out in a double.

    Last summer you did explore rowing in Marseille, tell me about that.

    As you know, it was a 24km coastal row from Marseille to Cassis in France, and I was rowing

    in a double with Sam, a friend from Nottingham B.C and as we just left the bay, about 7km in, we were gaining on a lot of boats and in a good position to win and caught a massive wave and capsized. I wasnt worried about the capsize or the losing our supplies or anything like that, I was far too angry that we lost our good position. We finished second place with no water or food in 38 degree heat so that alone is an achievement. I remember I couldnt get out of the boat at the finish line, I felt sick and faint and just generally ill. But prob