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A recent presentation to the Fraser Valley Chartered Professional Accountants Association on how to remain Social and carry out and effective marketing campaign in the CASL era - post July 1st 2014


  • 1. Jonathan Christian@JDGEMJDGEM Consulting inc.

2. Staying connected in the#CASL era 3. Just what are theimplications withCEM & SocialMedia? And, justwhat can you dopost July 1st? 4. Becoming a better Marketer 5. #CommunicatingCommerical Electronic Messages (CEM)Email, Text Msg, Social Media,pre-installed computer programs or apps 6. Do you have their permission?Implications on CASL 7. Marketing SPAM? 8. just so wereclearIm amarketer nota lawyer! 9. #Heavy Penalties Implies to Officers and Directors ofCompanies Worst scenario - Mass email, 50complaints $10,000,000 business fines CEO and each officer fined $1,000,000 Your agency pays $1,000,000 10. Too late? Dont Panic - we have until 2017! 11. Exercise due diligence! 12. Are you a verified localbusiness? 13. Whats covered? all electronicmessaging sent from anywhere toCanada You must haveEXPLICIT ORIMPLICIT CONSENT 14. DO I ALWAYS NEED CONSENT? To provide a quote or estimate that has beenrequested. To make an inquiry about a product or service. To complete an existing transaction. Not if youre a Charity or Political Party If a MESSAGE is sent for any other reasonthan those listed above, you need consent. 15. Implicit Consent? Allowed 1 CEM as follow up Referrals Must disclose name of referee Can still phone or Canada Post 24 months to follow through postsale 6 months post inquiry July 1st 2017 to move from impliedto expressed consent 16. Explicit Consent Opt-in - no expiry Must be a deliberate action- electronic, in writing, orverbal Consent does not exist untilgiven Always give the option tounsubscribe at any time 17. Clear communication Must have: Company name Mailing address Website Or Email or Phone Applies to Mobilesignatures 18. Able to unsubscribe10 days to comply! 19. permission based marketing 20. 14% will trust what you say about your business.80% will trust what someone else says aboutyour business. 21. TWITTER FORBUSINESS@jdgem 22. What about Linked Pro? 23. Have you ? Taken an inventory of all the ways your business communicateselectronically. Determine which types of communication fall under CASL (Includesales prospecting) Review how you collect user data and store permission information. Review your unsubscribe processes and tools. Review all of your opt-ins and lead capture forms. Review all of your email templates. Review your privacy policy. Establish policies and guidelines for your staff, and ensure all areaware and trained. Bring in outside help: Your lawyers & Digital marketing expert 24. Summary Be polite Always listen to requests Keep Calm and Carry On! 25. Questions? 26. It is a socialworldBuild rapportBuild trust 27. Wed love to help! 28. Thank YOU!WWW.WEMAKESTUFFHAPPEN.COM