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Our group created a social media strategy for San Jose State University.


  • 1. Social Media Campaign

2. OVERVIEW 3. CONVERSATIONAL AUDITTwitter 52%News 23%Blogs 13%Forums 11% 4. MISSIONTo unite the campus community through social engagement. 5. TARGET AUDIENCEStudent Organizations/ResourcesCommunity Members/PartnersLocal BusinessesFaculty/Staff/Alumni Students 6. GOALSIncrease interaction between on-campusorganizations/resources.Strengthen relationship between campusand surrounding communityRaise school spiritIncrease attendence at eventsGenerate higher positive sentimentInstill school traditions 7. CREATIVE STRATEGY Social Media Awareness Week Social Spartan OTM Gamication 8. SOCIAL MEDIA AWARENESS WEEKJointheConversationSCHEDULE Hosted by:DATETIME EVENT/WORKSHOP KICKOFF MIXER | ft. Keynote Speaker Michael Brito, SVP of Edelman Digital 140 | How to get your point across in 140 characters Content Counts! | Creating effective content calendars Social Media Tool Belt | Equip yourself with the essential tools for social mediaMichael Brito,SVP of Edelman Digital 9. SOCIAL SPARTAN OTM 10. GAMIFICATION STRATEGY 11. EVENT CALENDARSPARTAN PRIDEEDUCATIONAL PROGRAMSSPORTING EVENTCAMPUS INVOLVEMENT 12. CONTENT CALENDARTWITTERFACEBOOKSJSU TODAYYOUTUBE 13. ADVOCATE PROGRAM 14. CRISIS COMMUNICATION MAP engageprivatelyre-directCOMMUNITY MANAGERS assessEngage Inproceed Converse proceed re-directPublic? Further?COMPLIMENT SOCIALExpertise inCan CM engage assessSPARTAN Organization? Help?privatelyMonitor PARTICIPANT UPSET?Conversations COMPLAINT SJSU/Is TopicIs EngagementPositiveproceedproceed EVENT Sensitive? Positive? Outcome?engage privately assessLegitimate?proceedCOMMUNITYOTHER ISSUES do not engage engagere-directprivately 15. MEASUREMENT & EVALUATION 16. THE TEAM Carolyn Galvante @CarolynGalvanteTim Winfred@PlatinumTim Quynh Nguyen @QuynhLatifah Alaura Bergado @AlauraAshleyMegan Wymer@Megan7Wymer Justin T.D. James Ryan Whitchurch @JTDJames @RyanWhitchurch