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  • Simple Things about

    Internet of Things

    Muhammad Hassan Nasr Senior Software Engineer


    April 2015

  • About Me!

  • muhammadhassan

  • #Computer_Engineering @2004

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  • var experience = 10.years+

  • the network of physical objects or "uniquely identifiable things"

    embedded with software, sensors and connectivity to enable it to

    achieve greater value and service by exchanging data

    without human interaction.

    Internet of Things is

  • Shortly called IoT

  • Also called M2M(Machine to Machine)

  • AgendaWhy IoT? What is IoT? How to build IoT? Tips

  • Why IoT?

  • Internet is everywhere like electricity

  • wireless Internet is getting cheaper

  • Connectivity chips #wifi #3G

    getting more affordable

  • On 2020 20-50 billion devices expected

    to be connected 7 devices per person!

  • Huge Business Opportunity

  • IoT Takes Over Big Data As ?????????????? Technology

    July 2014

  • Gartners 2012 Hype Cycle

  • Gartners 2013 Hype Cycle

  • Gartners 2014 Hype Cycle

  • What is IoT?

  • Why is IoT?

  • Real Life Examples


  • Works with Smart Grid

  • Works with

  • What if Apple made a Car?

  • Tesla Car

  • Detect repairs Schedule fix Autonomously

    Connected Car

  • IoT Components

  • IoT ComponentsDevices

    Sensors MCUs Small Computers/Smart Phones Gateways

    NetworkMedia and Protocols

    Middleware / IoT Platforms Cloud

    Storage (SQL, NoSQL) Web apps, APIs, analytics,

  • Architecture of ARM mbed

  • How to Build IoT?

  • Devices

  • MCUs



    TI Launch Pad

  • Spark Electron

    Spark Electron

    (IoT for folks)

  • Spark ElectronArduino-like cellular development kit Open Source HW & SW $39/board $3/Month Data plan

  • Monitor soil moisture

  • Small ComputersRaspberry Pi 2

    $35 900 MHZ quad-core 1 GB RAM HDMI, Big community

  • Small Computers

    BeagleBone Black Intel Galileo (Arduino based)

  • OS for DevicesContiki-OS

    Designed for IoT (Memory, Protocols, Battery) Open Source

    Raspbian ARM mbed OS Linux/*nix,

  • Network

  • Network

    Media and Protocols Wired? Wireless

  • Everything is going wireless So is

    The Internet of Things

  • Wired Ethernet is almost obsolete!

  • Wireless NetworkingWiFi (Battery Hungry) BLE (Great for PAN) GSM

    Works for many use cases $$ for large # of devices

  • Other Wireless NetworkingZ-Wave ZigBee 6LoWPAN LoRa

  • ZigBee Vs BLEZigBee

    WLAN (Home Automation) Mesh topology covers unlimited # of nodes Sense & Control apps

    BLE PAN Star topology covers limited # of nodes Body and Peripherals

  • LoRaLong Range 2+ Miles Range In Dense Urban (NLOS) Low Power (Multi-Year Battery) One Gateway support 10(s)K Nodes Data Rates < 300 kbps

  • Libelium's LoRa module

    Non Line Of Sight (NLOS) Tests

  • Middleware

  • Agenda for MiddlewareProtocols

    Data Transfer Device Management

    IoT platforms Standardization

  • Data Protocols

  • Data ProtocolsHTTP MQTTCoAPAMQP, STOMP WebSocket

  • MQTTPublish/Subscribe Lightweight (than HTTP)

    IBM says MQTT can send messages wirelessly using 10 times less battery power and 93 times faster"

    Best for: Low Bandwidth Unreliable Network

  • CoAP

    RESTful design Feels like HTTP Lighters than HTTP Best for: MCUs 10 KiB RAM

  • Device Management Protocols

  • Device Management Protocols

    Manual Approach TR-069 OMA-DM OMA Lightweight M2M OSGi

  • Manual ApproachUpdate Device

    SSH login/run script remote Or Pull changes using git

    Device monitoring Send heartbeats to custom web service

  • Manual Approach

    Prosvery lightweight

    Consreliable, scalable?

  • OMA-DMProvisioning

    Configuration of the device (including first time use) Enabling and disabling features

    Device Configuration (change device settings & parameters) Software Upgrades Fault Management (Report error, status) Open Source implementations available

  • OMA Lightweight M2MSimple, efficient protocol Banking class security (DTLS, ) Supports Cellular, 6LoWPAN, WiFi and ZigBee IP or any other IP-based devices Open Source Implementation

  • OSGiAn open standard service platform for Java Enables dynamic component model (bundles) Bundles can (remotely without a reboot) be:

    installed/uninstalled started/stopped updated

  • OSGi Other Features

    Run on low power hardware 156 MHz and 8 MB RAM onlyMany commercial/Open Source Implementations

  • Middleware

    IoT Platforms

  • CommercialTelefonica $$$ Oracle IoT $$$ Bosch IoT Suite $$$ Temboo ARM mbed IBM IoT Thingworx $$$ Xively $$$$ PubNub

  • Open Source

    Sentilo Kura Node-RED

  • project Policy-driven publishing system Abstracts developer from network complexity Default Messaging lib:

    Eclipse Paho (MQTT)

  • KuraCloud Services - API to communicate with remote servers OSGi Remote Management Watchdog Service (Force system reset upon problem). Web-based management for gateway

  • Node-REDDeveloped by IBM A tool for wiring hardware devices, APIs and online services. Browser-based flow editing Lightweight runtime built on Node.js 120,000+ modules

  • IBM IoTUsing Open Standards like MQTT Part of IBM awesome cloud service Bluemix

    Supporting many languages, VMs, Node-RED,

    Open/Affordable Prices with 30 days trial Scalable

  • Parse.comBackend as a Service (Baas) Easy to use SDKs for iOS, Android, JS, SDKs for Arduino and Embedded C Generous free package

  • ARM mbedARM approach to IoT, they have built

    their own Device OS and Device Server (middleware)

  • ARM mbed Case Study

  • mbed Smart City

  • Case Study

    Faheem Traffic Monitoring

  • TraffiCloud

    (DriveTimes Feature)

  • What is IoT?

  • Standardization

  • Standardization Fragmentation

    Apple HomeKit OData AllJoyn OneM2M Open Interconnect Consortium

  • Tips

  • TipsThe IoT is Huge

    Many challenges! Many technologies/protocols

    Design for Best Fit Determine your hardest problem Choose the primary protocol/tool to solve it

  • Tips

    A complex system can use more than one protocol/tool Support standard IoT protocols Use time series NoSQL/Big Data

  • Tips

    Security is not an option Scalability & APIs Sandbox/testing environment

  • Software And Hardware Together

  • iOS + iPhone vs

    Android + LG +Samsung +

  • Questions


  • Thank you!


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