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  • 1. How to enhance your store to maximize sales and profitability

2. Showroom So what is merchandising anyways? 3. Showroom Merchandising: The activity of promoting the sale of goods, especially by their presentation in retail outlets. 4. Showroom 97% of consumers first search for local businesses online. 5. Showroom Branding Consistency is 6. Improve Service Educate the Customer Increase the Productivity Levels Reinforce Store Image Showroom The Function of Merchandising 7. Showroom Key Elements of Merchandising Storefront Store Layout/Interior Customer Service Customer Benefits 8. Showroom Taking Action at Your Store View Store as Customer Outside Lighting Uniforms Service Benefits Ticketing Counters Point of Sale Material Presentation Color Wow 9. Element #1: Store Front Showroom 10. Showroom View Your Store from the Street Do all your stores look the same? (Look like a retail location?) Make sure it is apparent that you are a retail store on your exterior signs From the street, do potential customers know they can come in? Is there an opportunity for your customers to shop at multiple locations? 11. Showroom Optimization At entrances/on doors/next to entrances add, "Welcome to XXXXX & "Thanks for shopping at XXXX next to exits. Posted Hours Entering Your Store Showroom 12. Element #2: Store Layout/Interior Showroom OptimizationShowroom 13. Showroom Optimization Would You Shop Here? 14. Showroom Optimization Neither Would We 15. The First Step Inside Showroom Optimization Logo behind counter Bright & Attractive Paint Scheme Clear Path & No Clutter Items displayed behind and next to counters encourage impulse purchases Showroom 16. The First Step Inside Showroom Optimization Clearly marked product Categories Bright lighting & displays makes store more inviting Showroom 17. The First Step Inside Showroom Optimization Have shopping carts or baskets available Showroom 18. Showroom Optimization Selling Space Make sure that everything is clearly priced. Tighten up the product offerings to group the products on the gondolas and slatwall, using the extra space to either merchandising additional product in the category or to separate product categories. Shelves and hooks need to be moved up/down to better utilize the available gondola/display space in the store. Showroom 19. Showroom Optimization Merchandising & Endcaps To boost sales retailers practice cross merchandising a strategy where products from different categories that go well together are placed close to each other. The display to the left is a great example of cross selling winter items that go well together typically for endcap displays. Encaps make shoppers stop and think, I need that! They provide the perfect opportunity to cross merchandise in a big way. Showroom 20. Showroom Optimization Product Groupings Move clearance items to low-profile location Showroom Co-promote category items to cross-sell/up-sell Place grinders with/amidst abrasives Place reciprocating saws with saw blades Place drills with drill bits High opportunity items to main traffic paths Protective gear gloves, jackets and safety glasses Helmets Breathing and hearing protection and first aid Beverage mix/coolers Tools 21. Product Groupings Showroom 22. Element #3: Customer Service Showroom 23. Showroom Optimization How are your inside Sales Associates integrated into your brands experience? Showroom 24. Service Sells the Showroom Showroom 25. Service Sells the Showroom Personnel Sales employees fully trained? Do you offer classes or in-store demos? Can your customers distinguish your employees from other customers? Showroom 26. Service Sells the Showroom No matter what your product is, you are ultimately in the education business. Your customers need to be constantly educated about the many advantages of doing business with you, trained to use your products more effectively, and taught how to make never-ending improvement in their lives. -Robert G Allen Showroom 27. Showroom 28. Organization Makes Selling Easier Showroom 29. Organization Makes Selling Easier Counters Clean & Clear of any non-salable items Remove any non-impulse products Remove non-products out of customer view - clear space for customers Internal employee communications, files, reference materials, post-it notes, calendars, etc. should be removed out of the view of the customers. Reference books should be available, but filed away neatly Showroom 30. Element #4: Customer Benefits Showroom 31. Television Water/Coffee/Tea Soda Machine Signature Snack Items Creating a Comfortable Environment Showroom 32. Things to Remember.. Branding Consistency Do all stores look the same? Is branding and messaging consistent at all your retail locations, even online? Clearly marked product categories High opportunity items to main traffic paths Co-promote category items to cross-sell/upsell Identify all of the featured products at shelf that are in your specials/flyers/advertisements How are your sales associates integrated into your brands experience? Make the customers shopping experience comfortable. Offering benefits entices them to stay longer and buy more. Showroom 33. Your showroom is the face of your business. Not carefully planning and creating a shopping environment that attracts customers and encourages purchases will have a negative impact on your business. Make a showroom update part of your next business plan and implement the tips presented in that plan's execution. Contact Newman Design Group for more information on how to best plan your next showroom remodel. Showroom