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  • Slide 1 1 How to Build a Time Fountain By Shawn Patton Slide 2 2 How to order parts for a time fountain. And then hold on to them four 22 months without doing anything. By Shawn Patton Slide 3 3 How to Build a Time Fountain in a Night!! By Shawn Patton After having bought the parts almost 2 years ago Slide 4 4 How I Built the Time Fountain You'll See Today Which isn't done yet, but it's still pretty cool By Shawn Patton Slide 5 shawn@shawnpatton.com5 What is a time fountain?? A time fountain is a fountain that can stop time! Not really, but it is a fountain that uses a strobe light to give the illusion that drops are hanging in mid-air. I got the idea from Nate True by way of two years ago. Slide 6 shawn@shawnpatton.com6 Nate Trues Time Fountain Slide 7 shawn@shawnpatton.com7 Totally sweet, but Hard to build, uses a drip sync mechanism requiring an elaborate setup and programmed chip. Boo! Uses Fluorescein dye which stains everything. Boo! UV light can burn your retina. Boo! Why cant you just strobe a light? Humm. Slide 8 shawn@shawnpatton.com8 To the internet!! Found a page by Alain Bellon, who says, yes, you can just strobe, if you have a constant drip rate. He even gives a schematic for a circuit using a 555 timer chip. He also discusses how cool white liquid looks with white LEDs shining on it (no more toxic dye and retina searing light!) What makes water white you ask? Why, Miracle Milk, sold right in Southside at the Cuckoos Nest Magic Shop. Slide 9 shawn@shawnpatton.com9 Design 3 drips are better than 1, I could have backwards time, stopped time, and slow time with three different strobe rates! All the forms of time, at my control!! Metal is cool! Lets use that a lot! Tall, no, taller! Make it big!! Slide 10 shawn@shawnpatton.com10 Design Revamp 3 drips, am I insane?!? Lets get one working first. Steady drip needs water at same level always. Must pump in, must have drain back down. Would be cool to run the tubes for water up the metal support tubes. Have block of wood inside bottom metal piece to support poles. Store electronics in bottom too. Slide 11 shawn@shawnpatton.com11 Rough Schematics Slide 12 shawn@shawnpatton.com12 And now a word from our sponsor: A timer 555 chip from Radio Shack: $2 A printed circuit board : $3 Not having to buy either and finally using that gift your cousins gave you when you were 12: Priceless. Slide 13 shawn@shawnpatton.com13 Shopping Strips of white LEDs from Hong Kong Various resistors, capacitors, and switches from Radio Shack. Hardware from Lowes and Home Depot. And, another trip to Radio Shack for a new soldering gun, since I couldnt find my old one. Slide 14 shawn@shawnpatton.com14 New soldering gun: Sweet sunbeams: Slide 15 shawn@shawnpatton.com15 Leads to a bunch of stuff: Slide 16 shawn@shawnpatton.com16 Assembly Notes Dont try to make your fountain all in one night. Drilling stainless steel is very difficult. Having a spigot to control water drip-rate is key (Yes, finally I did something right!) Wood is easy to work with, and its better to get something done than nothing : ) Plus, it actually looks kind of cool, and I think the final design will use wood. Slide 17 shawn@shawnpatton.com17 Yada yada yada: Demo Time!! For some links, this presentation, and a placeholder for photos and instructions, visit: Makes your water, whiter!