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  • 1. ContentsSize and interesting facts Prey and predatorsNo Noses. What?Brains or not? Starfish have no eyes. What?

2. interestingfacts. Starfish grow fromDid you know13mm to 1.2 meters. That there is over If a starfishs arm iscut off the arm growsback. 2000 species of The most armsrecorded on a starfish 40 arms. Starfish have 5 or Back to contents.more arms. 3. Prey and predators. Starfishs predators are fish Did you know like sharks and manta rays. That starfish They prey is Mussel, Clams, Oysters, Snails, Sponges, Sea Anemones, Coral and other small animals. Eat other starfish.Back to contents. 4. No noses. What? Starfish dont have Did you knownoses. But how dothey know if thereis prey or predators That starfisharound? have no eyes Well Starfish smellwith their skin cells. 5. Brains or not? Starfish have no brains.But how do starfish sense danger??Well starfish dont need brains to sense danger. 6. Starfish have no eyes. What? Starfish have no eyes.But how do they know where they are going in the sea.They use their skin cells and tube feet which is on thegroove on the middle of each arm. 7. Picture fromEnchantedLearning.Co Starfish Diagram m 8. Well that brings us to theend of the show. Hope you liked it. Go to Contents.


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