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Seven Steps to Retirement Freedom.. at any age!

Seven Steps to Retirement any age!Jenni ProctorRedesign Retirement


Who am I?Ive had many roles in my working and personal life.2

Careers across the lifespanCareer ClarityThrough Clarity comes Empowerment

Redesign RetirementReignite your dreamsRevitalise your ideasRedesign your future

Is it OK if in the next 50 minutes I share with you the 7 steps that will enable you to retire from what you are currently doing and live the life that you want? 3Whats the outlook?

4Step 1: Face your FutureWhat is your current situation?FinancialDesired lifestyleDreams InterestsValuesSkills and experienceHome


Step 2: Reality Check

Wisdom doesnt necessarily come with old age. Nothing does.except wrinkles ~ Abigail Van Buren (1918 1978)6Step 3: Employee to EntrepreneurEmployees and Entrepreneurs think differently.You can change your mind set!Success focusBusiness focusBelief in yourselfBeware

7Step 4: Explore and educate

8Step 5: DecisionsNeed to be Based on current realityConsiderate of all the factors that matterDeeply consideredPurposeDelight Anticipation

Ones first step in wisdom is to question everything and ones last is to come to terms with everything. Georg Christop Lichtenberg (1742 1799)

9Step 6: OpportunitiesWhat works?Inspiring stories of Success DeterminationResilienceLearning new skillsTaking offline businesses to a new levelBreaking out of comfort zonesRediscovering passion and purpose

10Step 7: Make it happen!If its to be its up to me

SMART goalsAction planKnowledgeAttitudeConfidence

11FREEDOMFreedom to live the lifestyle you wantFreedom to be yourself not your ageFreedom to create a new stage of life..

12Seven Steps to Retirement Freedom at any age!



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