Seven Steps to Retirement Freedom

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<p>Seven Steps to Retirement Freedom.. at any age!</p> <p>Seven Steps to Retirement any age!Jenni ProctorRedesign Retirement</p> <p>1</p> <p>Who am I?Ive had many roles in my working and personal life.2</p> <p>Careers across the lifespanCareer ClarityThrough Clarity comes Empowerment</p> <p>Redesign RetirementReignite your dreamsRevitalise your ideasRedesign your future</p> <p>Is it OK if in the next 50 minutes I share with you the 7 steps that will enable you to retire from what you are currently doing and live the life that you want? 3Whats the outlook? </p> <p>4Step 1: Face your FutureWhat is your current situation?FinancialDesired lifestyleDreams InterestsValuesSkills and experienceHome </p> <p>5</p> <p>Step 2: Reality Check</p> <p>Wisdom doesnt necessarily come with old age. Nothing does.except wrinkles ~ Abigail Van Buren (1918 1978)6Step 3: Employee to EntrepreneurEmployees and Entrepreneurs think differently.You can change your mind set!Success focusBusiness focusBelief in yourselfBeware </p> <p>7Step 4: Explore and educate</p> <p>8Step 5: DecisionsNeed to be Based on current realityConsiderate of all the factors that matterDeeply consideredPurposeDelight Anticipation</p> <p>Ones first step in wisdom is to question everything and ones last is to come to terms with everything. Georg Christop Lichtenberg (1742 1799)</p> <p>9Step 6: OpportunitiesWhat works?Inspiring stories of Success DeterminationResilienceLearning new skillsTaking offline businesses to a new levelBreaking out of comfort zonesRediscovering passion and purpose</p> <p>10Step 7: Make it happen!If its to be its up to me</p> <p>SMART goalsAction planKnowledgeAttitudeConfidence</p> <p>11FREEDOMFreedom to live the lifestyle you wantFreedom to be yourself not your ageFreedom to create a new stage of life..</p> <p>12Seven Steps to Retirement Freedom at any age!</p> <p></p> <p> 13</p>


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