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  • Ascension Lutheran Church | 3801 Oakwood Avenue NW | Huntsville, AL 35810 | (256) 536-9987 | 1

    September, 2017

    REFLECTIONS Page 1 From the President

    Page 2-3 From the SW Corner

    Page 4-5 From the Elder

    Page 6 Stewardship

    Page 7 This ‘n That

    Page 8 CDC News

    Page 9 Kids’ Corner

    Page 10 Birthdays, Flowers,

    Missional Outreach

    Page 11 Music Ministry

    Page 12 September Calendar

    A Publication of Ascension Lutheran Church What’s INSIDE

    PRAY for

    those in need

    and for those

    who serve

    them with the

    love of Jesus.

    GIVE money and other items

    when the call goes out for them.

    Cash gifts are needed the most at

    this time. 100% percent of your

    gifts will go to the affected

    areas. CLICK HERE or go


    -relief-donations/ to give online.

    You can send your checks also by

    mail to: Southern District - 100

    Mission Dr. - Slidell LA 70460.

    Please mark them for Harvey

    Relief. CLICK HERE for a list of

    care boxes that will be needed.

    Please do not send them until they

    are needed. We do not want to

    overwhelm the centers with items

    they do not need.

    From the District President - Rev. Kurtis D. Schultz This important email is coming to you as an update on the Southern District

    response to Harvey relief efforts.

    I know many of you have been praying for those in the path of the storm and are

    anxiously waiting to know how you can help. I have waited with this information

    because of the uniqueness of this storm. We are still three days away from it leaving

    our area. We continue to be in touch with our Louisiana folks as the ride out the

    remainder of Harvey.

    Our Southern District Disaster Relief team has been asked by the Texas District to

    provide our experience and resources, especially in the area of organization and

    management of volunteer work camps. That team consists of Dave Buss, Camp

    Restore-Baton Rouge LA, David Goodine and Kurt Jostes of RAI and Camp

    Restore-New Orleans LA, Ed Brashier, Shepherd's Heart Ministries-Gardendale AL,

    and me. Preliminary work has started and a meeting of partners will be held next

    Wednesday in Houston.

    It is important that we support the coordinated efforts of the Texas District. This will

    allow for the best stewardship of our resources. We will not be neglecting the needs

    of Louisiana and we will respond as we become aware of them. The volunteer

    camps will triage the needs as follows: 1. Pastors, teachers, church staff, churches

    and schools. 2. Church members with special need families receiving high priority.

    3. Families in the communities. This order is not in order of importance but focuses

    on building greater capacity of care. We are enabling our churches and their people

    to be servants to their neighbors. The camps will also be centers of distribution to

    meet the basic and immediate needs of all people. Very early numbers from Texas

    are reporting over 105 members have water in their homes. Many members

    evacuated from their homes (over 30). Church damage - 6 with roof leaks, 3 with

    minor damage, 2 flooded. Pastors' homes flooded - 5. Staff and teachers evacuated -

    3 Staff and teachers flooded - 3. 30,000 people in shelters. These numbers will

    increase as assessment continues.

    VOLUNTEER next week after the search and rescue phase is over we will be

    providing contact information to sign up to help. Watch our website -, Facebook page -

    Southern District-LCMS, and Twitter @SDLCMS for more information.

    I thank all of you for your partnership in the Gospel and your generous sharing of

    Jesus' love, mercy, and compassion.

  • Ascension Lutheran Church | 3801 Oakwood Avenue NW | Huntsville, AL 35810 | (256) 536-9987 | 2

    From the New Testament

    comes this needed advice,

    “Therefore, encourage one

    another and build each other

    up, just as in fact you are

    doing.” (1 Thessalonians 4:11)

    Why now? It’s September

    where the Fall begins, where

    the deadly effects of the Fall

    into sin





    to all


    can see.

    The much-anticipated great

    American Eclipse has come

    and gone. The beautiful

    greenery of the summer is

    ready to fall away into the

    golden tones of Autumn. And

    the vibrancy of life is being

    threatened by the onset of


    These are all factors that lie

    between courage and sorrow.

    They are why many are

    discouraged. There are many

    reasons why we need


    At best, our world is messed

    up. We are both the cause of its

    mess, and the result of it, also.

    As I see it, our life together as

    a body of people is always

    imperfect. At times, it even

    borders on being offensive. All

    of us need to be encouraged

    and everyone should try to be

    an encourager. However, that’s

    the problem.

    In the words of St. Paul, the good things I should do I do not do. The evil

    behaviors that I should contain I lose control over. Life in this dilemma is a

    source of wretchedness. In this condition, I may feel badly about myself and

    become angry with others and resentful against them. Plus, because my very

    nature is contaminated by sin, it is impossible to resolve my dilemma.

    My sin always affects those around me since I live in a dynamic relationship

    with others. Not only does sin destroy my peace with others, it leaves me

    discouraged and sad.

    I wrote some of the above thoughts about no one in particular, even though I

    wrote in the first person. It could be about me, but I did not intend for it to be

    autobiographical. I am

    writing in an attempt to

    describe the humanity we all

    share with each other. I am

    writing to reveal our

    common need to be

    encouraged. One of the best

    gifts we can give is to

    encourage one another.

    Joseph Barnabas was a

    follower of Jesus during the

    time the Book of Acts was

    written. He was a Levite by

    birth, but was widely known

    through the meaning of his

    name Barnabas, a “son of encouragement.” It is interesting to me that the first

    time he is named in Acts, it is in connection with a major offering he gave to

    the church’s treasury after he had sold a plot of land. What encouragement

    that financial windfall must have provided to the apostles and leaders of the

    early church.

    To encourage someone is to call him to your side. Encouragement is not

    theoretical, but practical. It is not rhetorical, but real.

    Synonyms include “to stand by someone; to exhort

    and urge him.” When we demonstrate to someone

    that we are “standing by” him in his need, that very

    behavior produces a strong dose of encouragement.

    Our need to be encouraged is well documented as we

    experience the constant changes life brings. When we

    face illness or disease…when personal trials and

    temptations come…when we must live only by faith

    because sight fails.…when we must deal with “terrors

    of the night and arrows that fly by day,” all while

    From the SW Corner Pastor Bern