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    Primary Sources:

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    Secondary Sources:

    Reference Books

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    and the Politics of Empowerment. New York and London: Routledge,


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    Chapters in Book

    Basu, Biman The Black Voice and the Language of the Text: Toni Morrison's

    Sula. (155-72) in Myrsiades, Kostas (ed.); Myrsiades, Linda (ed. ).

    Raceing Representation: Voice, History, and Sexuality. Lanham, MD:

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    (258-76) in Iyasere, Solomon O. (ed. and in trod.); Iyasere, Marla W. (Ed.

    And in trod). Understanding Toni Morrisons Beloved and Sula: Selected

    Essays and Criticisms of the Works by the Nobel Pr


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