SCRIPPS’ 34TH ANNUAL CONFERENCE: Clinical overview Scripps’ 34th Annual Conference: Clinical Hematology…

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  • 2014Clinical

    Hematology & Oncology

    S C R I P P S 3 4 T H A N N U A L C O N F E R E N C E :

    Saturday, February 15 Tuesday, February 18, 2014 Westin San Diego, San Diego, California

  • course overviewScripps 34th Annual Conference: Clinical Hematology and Oncology 2014, is designed for hematolo-gists, oncologists, surgeons, radiation oncologists, internists, and others desiring an update in these specialty areas. The primary objective of this course is to bring together clinicians and leading experts in diverse areas of hematology and oncology, affording them an intimate environment in which to discuss new clinical developments and significant advances.

    The first day of the program will focus on nonmalignant hematology which will be followed by an update on hematologic malignancies on the second day. New developments in oncology with a focus on issues of current interest will be discussed on the third day, while the final day will review gastroin-testinal malignancies. All presenters will discuss their approaches to challenging but common clinical situations and there will be ample time for participant interaction.

    2014 conference highlights NEW!Conferencepresentationswillbeavailableviamobileappandconferencewebsite.Youare able to download, save and/or print these presentations from the mobile app and conference website onto your tablet, laptop or smart phone. Attendees will receive an email prior to the conference with directions on how to access the mobile app and conference website and how to downloadthepresentations.Youwillalsowanttobringyourtablet,laptoporsmartphonewith you to the conference. Internet will be available in the meeting space.

    NEW!SurgicalCredits:ThisactivityprovidesCategory ICMEandself-assessmentcredits toward Part2oftheABSMOCProgram.

    Comprehensive presentations of the latest advances in cancer diagnosis and treatment with a strong patient care focus


    Renownedfacultyrepresentingthecountrysleadinginstitutionschosenfortheirexpertiseaswell as teaching skills

    Meettheprofessorbreakoutsessionsexaminingpracticalapproachestovariouscontroversies in therapies discussed in a highly dynamic, small-group setting



    educational objectivesAfter attending this activity, participants should be able to:

    Describetheclinicalandmolecularfacetsofpathogenesis,diagnosticapproachesandtherapeutic modalities available for various hematologic disorders.

    Selectandapplythechangingapproachestohematologicmalignancies,particularlyastheyrelate to evidence-based standards of care, including innovations in diagnosis and treatment.

    Choosenewtherapeuticoptionsforthetreatmentofanumberofcommonmalignancies;under- standing appropriate indications and contraindications to these therapeutic approaches.


    Applypracticalexpertisegainedfromtheclinicalsituationsdiscussedintheworkshopsessionswith an emphasis on data-based approaches to patients with common but serious hematologic conditions.

    course introduction

    target audience Hematologists/Oncologists





    Nurse Practitioners

    Physician Assistants

    Nurses and others desiring an update in these specialty areas

    accreditation Physicians (MD, DO) Scripps Health is accredited by the Accredi-tationCouncilforContinuingMedicalEdu-cation(ACCME)toprovidecontinuingmedi-cal education for physicians.

    Scripps Health designates this educational activity for a maximum of 25.25 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit(s). Physicians should only claim credit commensurate with the extent of their participation in the activity.

    Credit Breakdown: Main Conference 25.25 Saturday 7 Sunday 7 Monday 7.5 Tuesday 3.75

    Surgical Credits

    This activity provides Category I CME andself-assessment credits toward Part 2 of the ABSMOCProgram.

    Board of Registered Nurses (BRN)

    The California State Board of RegisteredNurses(BRN)acceptsAMA PRA Category 1 Credit(s) as meeting continuing education requirementsforlicenserenewal.MoststateBoards of Registered Nurses accept AMA PRA Category 1 Credit(s) as meeting con-tinuing education requirements for license renewal. Nurses should check with their stateboardregardinguseofCMEcredit.

    Physician Assistants (AAPA)

    The American Academy of Physician Assis-tantsacceptsCategory1 credit fromAMACategory1CMEorganizationsaccreditedbytheACCME.

    disclosureCommercial Support

    This course is supported, in part, by educa-tional grants from industry, in accordance with ACCME accreditation Standards forCommercial Support. At the time of printing, a complete listing of commercial supporters was not available. Appropriate acknowl-edgement will be given to all supporters at the time of the educational activity.

    Cultural and Linguistic Competency

    This activity is in compliance with California Assembly Bill 1195 which requires that all CMEactivitiescomprisingapatientcareele-ment include curriculum addressing the top-ic of cultural and linguistic competency. The intent of this bill is to ensure that health care professionals are able to meet the cultural and linguistic concerns of a diverse patient population through effective and appropri-ate professional development. Cultural and linguistic competency was incorporated into the planning of this activity.

  • Jeffrey Andrey, MD DivisionofHematology&Oncology BloodandMarrowTransplantation Scripps Clinic La Jolla, California

    Carrie Costantini, MD HematologyandMedicalOncology AssociateDirector InternalMedicineResidencyProgram ScrippsMercyHospital SanDiego,California

    Joan Kroener, MD Director,BreastProgram Scripps Clinic La Jolla, California


    course director Michael Kosty, MD, FACPMedicalDirector Scripps Green Cancer Center Director,GraduateMedicalEducation Scripps Clinic/Scripps Green Hospital La Jolla, California

    James Mason, MD Director,ScrippsClinicalResearch andContinuingMedicalEducation Director,ScrippsBloodand MarrowTransplantProgram Scripps Clinic La Jolla, California

    Alan Saven, MD DivisionofHematology&Oncology Scripps Clinic La Jolla, California

    Darren Sigal, MD DivisionofHematology&Oncology Scripps Clinic La Jolla, California

    James Sinclair, MD MedicalDirector,StevensDivision Scripps Cancer Center La Jolla, California

    William Stanton, MD MedicalDirector ScrippsCancerCenterMercyHospital SanDiego,California

    Melissa Torrey, MD DivisionofHematology&Oncology Scripps Clinic La Jolla, California

    Sabina R. Wallach, MD , FRACP, FACP MedicalOncologist ChiefofStaffEmeritus ScrippsMemorialHospitalLaJolla La Jolla, California

    Marin Xavier, MD HematologyandMedicalOncology MedicalDirector,CancerResearch AssociateDirector InternalMedicineResidencyProgram ScrippsMercyHospital SanDiego,California

    guest facultyDean Bajorin, MD ProfessorofMedicine WeillCornellMedicalCollege Director MedicalOncology/Hematology Fellowship Training Program MemorialSloan-KetteringCancerCenter NewYork,NewYork

    David Brizel, MD LeonardProsnitzProfessorof RadiationOncology Professor, Head and Neck Surgery Co-DirectorHeadandNeck Cancer Program DukeCancerInstitute Durham,NorthCarolina

    Adam Cuker, MD, MS AssistantProfessorofMedicine&Pathology&LaboratoryMedicine PerelmanSchoolofMedicine University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    John de Groot, MD Associate Professor DepartmentofNeuro-Oncology DivisionofCancerMedicine Director Neuro-Oncology Fellowship Program DepartmentofNeuro-Oncology The University of Texas MDAndersonCancerCenter Houston, Texas

    Richard Finn, MD AssistantProfessorofMedicine DivisionofHematology/Oncology GeffenSchoolofMedicineatUCLA Los Angeles, California

    Michael Fisch, MD, MPH Professor and Chair General Oncology MDAndersonCancerCenter Houston, Texas

    George Fisher, Jr., MD, PhD Associate Professor MedCenterLine,Medicine-Oncology Stanford Cancer Institute Stanford, California

    David Garcia, MD Professor,DivisionofHematologyUniversityofWashington Seattle,Washington

    Morie Gertz, MD, MACP Chair,DepartmentofMedicine MayoClinic Rochester,Minnesota

    Laura Goff, MD AssistantProfessorofMedicine AssociateDirector,Hematology/ Oncology Fellowship Program Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center Nashville, Tennessee

    Leo Gordon, MD Abby and John Friend Professor of CancerResearchProfessorofMedicine DirectoroftheLymphomaProgram Northwestern University Feinberg SchoolofMedicine Chicago, Illinois

    Omid Hamid, MD Director,MelanomaProgram Chief,ClinicalResearch The Angeles Clinic and ResearchInstitute Los Angeles, California

    J. Randolph Hecht, MD ProfessorofClinicalMedicine DavidGeffenSchoolofMedicineatUCLASchoolofMedicine CarolandSaulRosenzweigChairCancerTherapiesDevelopment Director,UCLAGastrointestinal Oncology Program Los Angeles, California

    Celestia Higano, MD, FACP Professor,MedicalOncologyDivision UniversityofWashington SchoolofMedicine Member,ClinicalResearchDivision FredHutchinsonCancerResearchCenter Seattle Cancer Care Alliance Seattle,Washington

    Hagop Kantarjian, MD Chairman and Professor DepartmentofLeukemia Associate Vice President for Global Academic Programs TheUniversityofTexasMDAndersonCancer Center Houston, Texas

    Raj Kasthuri, MD Director UNCHHTCenterofExcellenceAssi