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Asit C Mehta Investment Interrmediates brings to you the reasons to save your money. Save for a better & secure future. “Getting Rich is not a function of investing a lot of money; it is a result of investing regularly for long periods of time.”


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2. In our Class Saving Why to Save What is Inflation Investment Company Introduction Fixed Income Instruments 3. Getting Rich is not a function of investing a lot of money ; it is a result of investingregularly for long periods of time. 4. What is Saving Saving is income not spent, or deferredconsumption. Saving also includes reducingexpenditures, such as recurring costs. 5. Why to Save Save for Emergency Funds Save for Retirement Save for a Down Payment for a House Save for Vacations and Other Luxury Items Save for a New Car Save for Sinking Funds Save for Education 6. Inflation Inflation is the rise in the general level of prices of goods andservices in economy over a period of time. When the general price level rises, each unit of currency buysfewer goods and services. Consequently, inflation also reflects an erosion in the purchasingpower of money a loss of real value in the internal medium ofexchange and unit of account in the economy. 7. Can I afford a PizzaP iz z a C o s tTo d a y A fte r 1 y e a r A fte r 1 0 A fte r 2 0 y e a rs Y e a rsU nderR s 200R s 200 R s 200 R s 200M a ttre s sIn v e s te d a t R s 200R s 208 R s 296 R s 4384%In v e s te d a t R s 200R s 216 R s 431 R s 9328%In v e s te d a t R s 200R s 220 R s 519 R s 134610%In fla tio nR s 200R s 217 R s 468 R s 1094R a te 8 .8 7 %8.87% is the Average inflation in India @ year 2011, if money is not saved aboveInflation rate than it is generating negative returns. 8. Wealth Creation vs. DestructionInvestment Wealth CreationSavingsOnly Wealth DestructionBank Deposits 9. Investment Investment is putting money into something withthe expectation of gain, that upon thoroughanalysis, has a high degree of security for theprincipal amount, as well as security of return,within an expected period of time. 10. Start as soon as possible Annual A g e In v e s tm e n t S ta r te d In te re s t R a te s203040 50 3% 1 8 5 ,4 4 01 2 9 ,9 2 47 2 ,9 1 9 3 7 ,1 9 8 6% 4 2 5 ,4 8 72 2 2 ,8 7 01 0 9 ,7 2 9 4 6 ,5 5 2 10%1 ,4 3 7 ,8 1 0 5 4 2 ,0 4 91 9 6 ,6 9 4 6 3 ,5 4 5..And become a Millionaire!!!!!Assuming: Rs 2000 Annual contribution accumulated to age 65;Used future value ofAnnuity Formula to compute 11. Time is on your side The Miracle of Compound Interest :Interest Earning InterestExample Rs 100 * 5% = 105With compound interest , In time 2 Rs 105 * 5% =110.25 12. Double your Money Rule of 72FormulaExample 72/Rate = Time72/10%= 7.2 years 72/Years = Yield72/10 =7.2% 13. About UsThe company is jointly promoted by noted stock market professionals Mr. Asit C. Mehta and Mrs. DeenaA. Mehta, and is a part of the Mumbai-based Nucleus Group of Companies. The founders have over 25years of experience in the fields of finance, investments and technology.The other group companies are engaged in IT and IT-related services such as database development,back-office applications for banks, insurance and finance companies, content acquisition and corporatedocument management solutions. 14. Vision:To be a Trusted Financial Intermediary Corporate Purpose:To reach appropriate financial products, services and solutions to every Indian entity. 15. Investment Services by ACMIIL Fixed Income Instruments Mutual Fund Initial Public Offering (IPO) Direct Participation in Secondary Markets Live eXchange Commodity Derivatives Services Commodity Spot Services Currency Derivatives Services HNI Advisory service Investment Banking Service Institutional Service 16. Reach & Access Presence in all major cities including Tier-II and Tier-III locations in 26 states Over 50 branches across India Over 349 Investment Centers Over 315,000 Client accounts with almost 140,000 unique Clients Over 950 Employees 17. Membership & Licenses NSE: Capital, Derivatives, Debt & Currency Derivatives. BSE: Cash & Derivatives. FEDAI: Foreign Exchange. SEBI: PMS & Merchant Banking Category I. Commodities: NCDEX,NSEL,MCX,DGCX CDSL: Depository Participant 18. Our Achievements One of the first limited liability Companies to acquire membership on Bombay StockExchange (BSE). One of the first multiple seat holders and multiple exchange members. One of the first private VSAT network users. The first to utilize a franchisee business model for Associates. The first to achieve the ISO quality certification for business processes from SGS. Currentlywe are an "ISO 9001:2008" certified company. The first to receive a CRISIL grading for quality of operations and services. Company Managing Director Mrs. Deena A. Mehta was the first lady to be elected to thegoverning board of the BSE and first and only lady to be the President of BSE. Mrs. Deena A. Mehta is also currently the First lady as the Trading Member in the BSEGoverning Board (post corporatization). 19. Fixed Income InstrumentsFixed income instruments guarantee both the capital and returns.Under these schemes, investors needto deposit a lump sum amount for a fixed period at a predetermined rate. There are various types ofFixed income instruments like: Bank FDs, Post office deposits, Corporate FDs, etc. However, they differin terms of interest rates, minimum investment, tenure and tax treatment of the interest income.Best suited for: Every Investor seeking to have a risk-free certain minimum corpus accumulation over a definite time. Charitable Trusts and such other non-profit organizations which are required to invest in certain notifiedinstruments only as per Indian Trust Act. Investors who need to ensure near term liquidity needs (2-5 year horizon) such as higher educationfees, medical expenses and social obligations such as marriages, etc. 20. Fixed Income Instruments(Continued)Product features: Company fixed deposits offer lower safety and higher returns. Debentures are also issued from time to time by well known companies. Thesedebentures are often secured against the assets of the company. Capital gains can be invested in some notified instruments to save taxes. Can be bought for 1-10 year period with fixed returns ranging from 6% to 10% in variousinstruments like fixed deposits, non-convertible debentures, etc. In case of fixed deposits, any premature encashment will result in lower interest thanoriginally contracted for.Competitive advantage with ACMIIL: We have a panel that vets and decides on the company instruments that will be marketedby our staff. This panel consists of experienced debt market professionals. The companies elected are judged for quality and the salient features of the instrumentwhich is used to raise money. 21. Advantage of Corporate Deposit High interest. Short-term deposits Lock-in period is only 6 months. No Income Tax is deducted at source if the interest income is up to Rs 5,000 inone financial year Investment can be spread in more than one company, so that interest fromone company does not exceed Rs. 5,000 22. Current Deposit Schemes Available HDFC Platinum Deposit PlanHalf AnnualPlatinum Deposit Monthly QuarterlyCumulative YearlyIncomePlan (Period)Income PlanOption Option* Option Plan15 months9.65% 9.70% 9.80% - 10.00%33 months9.65% 9.70% 9.80% 10.00%10.00%Minimum Amount40,00020,00020,000 20,00020,000 (Rs.)Interest rates on Deposits below Rs. 1 Crore 23. Sriram Unnati Fixed Deposit Non Cumulative Scheme Cumulative SchemePeriod AnnualMinimum Half- Yearly Quarterly (% Maturity Income (%Quarterly (% p.a.) Deposit (Rs.) (% p.a.) p.a.)Value (Rs.)p.a.)12M 250009.259.05 8.959.25 2731324M 250009.759.52 9.4110.233011536M 2500010.75 10.4710.34 11.943395548M 2500010.75 10.4710.34 12.603760060M 2500010.75 10.4710.34 13.3241650 24. Call us Toll-Free: 1800 22 9002Or at Landline: (022) 2858 4444Website: www.investmentz.comFollow us on Office: Nucleus House, Saki Vihar Road, Andheri (E), Mumbai 400 072, INDIA.Tel.: (022) 2858 3333 Fax: (022) 2857 7647 Email: / Regulatory Registration Nos: BSE:INB/INF 010607233 NSE:INB/INF/INE 230607239 PMS: INP000001920 Merchant Banking: INM000010973 DP Reg: IN-DP-CDSL-28-99 DP ID .CDSL12013200