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<ul><li> 1. Be Safe on Roads in RamadanRamadan is a very special time of year. It is a time for exchanging good will. One of the specialchallenges in Ramadan is to drive safely on roads. Less hours of sleep combined with evenings full ofsocial obligations, and irregular meal times, affect a drivers ability to remain alert and focused. Thesechanges put additional stress on the human body, causing fatigue and diminish our ability to performour tasks Fatigue dulls a drivers concentration and slows his reaction time. That means extreme cautionis required and driver need to be extra alert during Ramadan.To ensure your safety, the safety of your passengers and other road users during Ramadan, beware ofyour own fatigue, watch out for other fatigued drivers, and follow these basic precautions:Tips for Ramadan Driving:Plan your daily schedule to sleep well, exercise regularly and eat your meals at a consistent time.Buckle up. Always wear your seat belt and insist that all your passengers wear theirs as well.If you feel sleepy before driving, take a nap for no more than 15 minutes.If you feel sleepy while driving, pull over immediately to a safe and legal place and take a shortnap. You cant drive through tiredness. After the nap, get out of your car and walk about, helpto improve your circulation.Be more courteous and patient with other users.Slow down. Do not speed; obey the posted speed limits. Give yourself plenty of extra time toarrive at your destination on schedule.Always adjust your speed to the road and weather conditions.Be alert on the road when driving just before the sunset or on the way to have the Iftarrefreshments which break the days fast.Dont make the mistake of rushing home at sunset for Iftar drive there safely and carefully.If someone looks like they are trying to pick a fight or shouting at you, no matter how difficult itmay be, let it go. Patience is a virtue, even more so when you are accommodating for peoplewho are fasting.Expect the unexpectedbe aware of your own fatigue, as well as your physical and mental condition, to ensure yoursafety and the safety of your passengersBe alert on the road before Iftar.Drive defensively. Observe all traffic signs, rules, and regulations. Most importantly, watch outfor the other drivers on the road. Use your defensive driving techniques to avoid dangeroussituations. Always try to anticipate the other drivers actions.Always remain alert and concentrate on your defensive driving techniques throughout the month ofRamadan.</li></ul>