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<p>This Weeks Speaker - Gwendolyn Woltz </p> <p>of the Wahine Media, LLC </p> <p>Important Dates / Announcements </p> <p>Thursday February 23 - Speaker will be Gwendolyn Woltz of Wahine Me-</p> <p>dia covering the business side of social media. </p> <p>Thursday March 1 - Speaker is David Benson, co-chair of the Rotary </p> <p>Global Peace Forum - Hawaii, an event coming HERE in January 2013. </p> <p>Thursday March 8 - Our speaker will be Haward Wiig - Energy Analyst, </p> <p>Strategic Industries Division, DBEDTState of Hawaii. </p> <p>Thursday March 15 - The subject will be the Hawaii Robotics Competi-</p> <p>tion, coming in March. </p> <p>Thursday March 22 - Speaker Open </p> <p>ROTARY INTERNATIONAL </p> <p> </p> <p> President Kalyan Banerjee </p> <p> DISTRICT 5000 </p> <p> Governor Laurie Yoshida </p> <p> Asst. District Gov Lora Williams </p> <p> </p> <p> CLUB OFFICERS </p> <p>President - Paul Jurcsak </p> <p>Vice President - Beth Hoban </p> <p>Secretary - Al Dixon </p> <p>Treasurer - Gloria Lao </p> <p>Past President - Chuck Harris </p> <p>Sergeant-at-Arms - Jim Hoban </p> <p> DIRECTORS Club Service - Sharon Ehrhorn </p> <p>Community Service - Johnny Sanchez </p> <p>International Service - Lei Darcey </p> <p>Vocational Service - Jane Ferreira </p> <p>Foundation - Rich Zegar </p> <p>Membership - Marco Schlesser </p> <p>New Generations - Glen Bailey </p> <p>Public Relations - Joanna Amberger </p> <p> Interact Club Punahou School </p> <p> Rotaract Club University of Hawaii, Manoa </p> <p> Sister Clubs Rotary Club of Kapolei, Hawaii </p> <p>Rotary Club of Pasig, Philippines </p> <p>Rotary Club, Nagoya Meinan, Japan </p> <p>Rotary Club of Alexandria, Egypt </p> <p>Rotary Club of Kluuvi Gloet, Finland </p> <p>Rotary Club, Pukekohe, New Zealand </p> <p>Adopted Schools Hokulani Elementary </p> <p>Ala Wai Elementary </p> <p>Jefferson Elementary </p> <p> </p> <p>Chartered December 15, 1995 </p> <p>Club # 31173 </p> <p>Editor/Webmaster: Al Dixon </p> <p>Reach within to embrace humanity February 23, 2012 Volume 33 </p> <p>I come from a down-to-earth, hard working, am-</p> <p>bitious, creative family. I have been an artist since </p> <p>I was a little girl. You name it Ive tried it a </p> <p>painter, a potter, a glass blower, a sculptor, a car-</p> <p>penter, a printmaker, a photographer. I discovered </p> <p>graphic design in college and it was love at first </p> <p>sight. I was drawn to it because it allowed me to </p> <p>take my extensive fine art background and apply </p> <p>it in ways that challenged my intellect, creativity, </p> <p>and ingenuity. </p> <p>For the same reasons, I love social media, the Internet, and the infinite possi-</p> <p>bilities of online marketing. I was one of the first people to sign up for an </p> <p>account with Ebay, Amazon, MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and all </p> <p>the pages like these because I knew these ingenious networks had the poten-</p> <p>tial to change the Internet forever and they did. Facebook, MySpace and </p> <p>Twitter have made the largest community of instant updates, in-the-know, just </p> <p>for giggles, and youre invited, while Ebay and Amazon are now the worlds </p> <p>biggest yard sale, swap meet, and outlet stores all in one. I love the instant of </p> <p>the Internet, I live and breathe it everyday, but I also see and cherish the value </p> <p>of the hard copy, the handmade, and the in person. For this I am a unique and </p> <p>rare contributor </p> <p>Social media is a brave new world of limitless potential and growth, and like </p> <p>any new territory it comes with its own set of rules. It has forever changed the </p> <p>way you will talk to your audience. You cant just shout your message from </p> <p>the rooftops anymore because there is no humanity in that. People wont lis-</p> <p>ten to reconstituted messagesthey want genuine conversation, the personal </p> <p>(albeit via keyboard) touch. </p> <p>Quote of the Day - Computers are a lot like air conditioners. They </p> <p>work fine until you start opening a lot of windows. </p> <p>February 23, 1905...the birth of ROTARY A tribute to our founder PAUL HARRIS on this anniversary date </p> <p>ATTENDANCE...The KEY to a Successful Rotary Club </p> <p>Make improved attendance your New Years resolution for 2012 </p> <p>Club Goal </p> <p>85% Club Actual </p> <p>68% </p> <p>According to the attendance report for our February 9th regular meeting, you werent there! If you </p> <p>are listed below, but DID attend, or made up somewhere, please let me know. (Al DixonSecy) </p> <p>Joanna Amberger, Glen Bailey, Albert Bediones, Rita Cassella (LOA), Bob Ehrhorn, Sharon </p> <p>Ehrhorn, Ayman El-Dakhakhni, Mina Ganapathy (LOA), Walter Killough (R85), Peter Kirov, Keola </p> <p>Lloyd, Patty Maher, Ash Matar, Dan Murariu, Ron Patel, Jan Reischel, Delores Sandvold, Norris </p> <p>Sandvold, Win Schoneman, Phil Sterry, Ashley Stokes, Pat Vyas, and Dianne Ward. </p> <p>Members credited with make-ups within the 14 days before or after missing this meeting are: </p> <p>Rita Cassella, Win Schoneman, and Pat Vyas for the referenced meeting. </p> <p>At age 28, started practicing </p> <p>law in Chicago </p> <p>Age 47, 10 years after starting </p> <p>Rotary...Note the PIN. </p> <p>The first four Rotarians, left to right are: Gustavus Loehr, </p> <p>Silvester Schiele, Hiram Shorey, and Paul P. Harris, circa 1905. </p> <p>Paul was just 37 at the time. </p> <p>Paul at work in his office at Rotary </p> <p>headquarters, age 77. </p> <p>Paul, in front of his home, called </p> <p>Comely Bank, in Park Ridge, IL </p> <p>December 1942 - age 74 </p> <p>F or nearly 40 years, Paul and Jean Harris hosted Rotary board meetings and entertained visiting dignitaries in their home on Chicagos </p> <p>South Side, which they affectionately called Comely Bank after the street where Jean grew up in Edinburgh, Scotland. Today, the house </p> <p>stands in disrepair, its walls stripped to bare studs, as the group of Rotarians that owns it struggles to raise the money for a restoration. </p> <p>Comely Bank is the Mount Vernon of Rotary its the home of our founder, and its too important an asset to not do something about </p> <p>it, says Robert Knuepfer, 2010-11 governor of District 6450 (Illinois) and president of the Paul and Jean Harris Home Foundation. </p> <p>After Paul Harris died in 1947, Jean sold the home. It remained in private hands until the spring of 2005, when the Harris Home Founda-</p> <p>tion, headed by local Rotarians who had frequently inquired about the house, purchased it with $500,000 borrowed from the charitable </p> <p>foundation of the nearby Rotary Club of Naperville. The group made some immediate structural repairs to the century-old, Tudor-style </p> <p>home, such as putting in a new basement floor and shoring up the old stone foundation, so the site would be safe for Rotarians visiting </p> <p>during that centennial year. </p> <p>The Harris Home Foundations vision for the future is to restore the house to the way it looked in 1947, but with a few special technical </p> <p>surprises, as Knuepfer puts it. The foundation plans to digitize archival materials including videos, recordings of Harris speeches, and </p> <p>still photographs, and to install digital monitors in each room to show visitors what life was like there. </p> <p>But without the money to complete the repairs, the restoration project has been at a standstill, the rooms littered with bundles of insula-</p> <p>tion and construction debris. </p> <p>Rotarians of the Harris Home Foundation have embarked on a campaign to raise $3 million to pay off the debt and interest on the house, </p> <p>complete the renovations, and establish an endowment to pay for maintenance in perpetuity. When the restoration is complete, Knuepfer </p> <p>says, the home could be used as a meeting place for the RI Board and local or visiting clubs, and as a venue for Rotary Foundation func-</p> <p>tions. The Harris Home Foundation board also envisions creating a Rotary history trail, with stops at Comely Bank, the nearby gravesite </p> <p>of Paul Harris, and Room 711 at RI World Headquarters in Evanston a re-creation of the office where the first Rotary meeting was held. </p> <p>Comely Bank, the home of Rotarys founder PAUL HARRIS </p> <p>Pictured here last October at their </p> <p>Mokauea Restoration Project, are </p> <p>many of the members of the University </p> <p>of Hawaii at Manoa Rotaract Club. </p> <p>Twenty-four of them have so far com-</p> <p>mitted to joining us, their Rotarian </p> <p>sponsor Club, for an evening of fun, </p> <p>food, and fellowship at our regular </p> <p>Thursday meeting at 6:30 PM February </p> <p>23, 2012, at the Waikiki Yacht Club. </p> <p>A buffet dinner is planned this evening. </p> <p>PDG Ayman El-Dakhakhni is gra-</p> <p>ciously providing VIP Transportation </p> <p>for the Rotaract members from UH to </p> <p>the WYC and back. Mahalo Ayman. </p> <p>Honolulu Sunset welcomes UH Rotaractors for joint meeting </p>