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  • ROOSEVELT TIMES Roosevelt High School, Sioux Falls, SD

    (605) 362-2860 Volume 25, Edition 1

    August, 2016

    Rider Remarks By Tim Hazlett, RHS Principal

    Greetings from RHS! I guarantee you that you will find all you need to know about the

    start of the upcoming school year in this newsletter. The usual stuff in a school newsletter

    will be provided for sure, but in addition to this, you will also learn how and why we are

    going to dare to be a little different. Public schools represent a cross section of our society

    in a unique way. Everyone comes together to create a community of learners where all

    are welcome and all are valued. The power and potential of community togetherness is

    remarkable and it is our goal to help everyone be connected and valued at RHS. It has long been my

    goal to create an environment at RHS where each and every person involved in this community

    (Students, Teachers, Parents, Families, Community Members, Counselors, Clerical, Education

    Assistants, Custodians, Cafeteria Workers, Support Personnel, Coaches, Directors, SRO’s and

    Administrators) truly feel that they are a part of something special that is greater than the individual.

    Some of the events that have occurred over the summer such as the shootings in Orlando Florida,

    Dallas Texas and Minneapolis along other violent acts in our region and community can cause

    uneasiness about where we are headed as a society and safety of our children. That is why we are

    going to choose to be different in how we relate to each other at RHS. The theme at RHS for the year

    is going to be simple. WE ARE ROOSEVELT! WE ARE ONE!

    Despite all that is going on in the world that can cause us to feel uneasy or even fearful, we are

    going to choose to be a different type of community at RHS where all are welcome and respected and

    able to pursue their education and achieve their goals in a supportive accepting and caring learning

    environment. We have people from all walks of life working together to learn, graduate and achieve.

    We are serious about making sure that every person in our community is valued and free to pursue their

    education without concern about their race, religion, ethnic background, socioeconomic status, sexual

    orientation or any other perceived difference. When I arrived at RHS six years ago the one thing that

    stood out to me was that the teachers were incredibly accepting of all students and willing to help them

    and give second if not third chances to succeed. This is still the case today. We are committed to

    helping all students learn and achieve to the best of their abilities and the baseline goal for all is to

    graduate within four years. We are going to challenge our students to think, read, write, discuss and

  • work in order to be prepared for life after high school, but we want them to know they were a part of

    something special and a little different after they have moved on. With this goal in mind, I am very

    interested in finding out how we may be able to continue to improve and meet the needs of all of the

    members of the RHS community.

    To start this process off, I am inviting all who are interested to a simple listening session where

    you can share your ideas of how we can continue to improve and reach all of our students at P.S.T.

    (Parent, Student, Teacher) Night. All interested parents and students can join the administration in the

    Auditorium on August 31st at the following times:

    10, 11 and 12 grade students and parents; 6:30 – 7:30 P.M. during the 9th grade portion of PST Night.

    9th grade students and parents: 7:40 – 8:40 P.M. during the 10-12 grade portion of PST Night.

    We are interested in knowing how we can meet the needs of all of our students and continue to

    build a safe and respectful learning community for all at RHS. We also have several things planned for

    our students that will help us build a community that is committed to being a part of something greater

    than the individual where everyone is valued and working together for the greater good of the RHS

    learning community. If you would rather share your thoughts individually, please call the RHS office at

    605-362-2860 and we will find a time to talk and listen. Please see the list below for all important

    dates and times that are important to help start off the school year in a positive and productive way.


    August 23rd: Freshman Orientation/Link Crew

    August 24th: Rider Charge Day

    August 31st: Parent/Student/Teacher (PST) night!

    September 5th: No School (Labor Day)

    September 6th: First Day of School (8:15 Start)

    September 8th: Picture Retake Day (Also for those who don’t attend Rider Charge)

  • RHS New Staff 2016-2017

    Laura Raeder Assistant Principal

    Al Costanzo Art

    Spencer Kruse Band

    Nathan Hofflander Business/Computers

    Maureen Hurley Language Arts

    Jamie Weyh Math

    Rebecca Lynde-de-Urbina Math

    Mitch Begeman PE

    Brent Jung Spanish

    Terry Chytka Science

    Michele Cork Science

    Brittany Hamann Science

    Becky Vandewoude Science

    Whitney Stoffel Special Education

    Ashley Kemmis Special Education

    Courtney Storm Special Education

    Ashlee Wilber Student Success Facilitator

    Sue Kooima Success Coordinator

    RHS PHONE NUMBERS Main office 362-2860 Fax 362-2883

    Activity Office 362-2866 Fax 362-3526

    Counselors 362-2868 Fax 362-2867

    Attendance 362-2885 Music Dept. 362-2871

    Registrar 362-2877

    Special Ed 362-2875

    Student Store 362-2870


    362-2885 Parents: An absence must be reported either by note,

    email or phone call. When sending notes with your

    student for absences, be sure they are dated and

    signed. Students: Please bring your appointment notes

    to the attendance office first thing in the morning. You

    will be given a slip to check out of class.

    No Food Orders Delivered to RHS

    This is a reminder to all parents/guardians and students that you and your child are not allowed to bring

    in food from outside vendors for lunch. We participate in the Federal lunch program which stipulates that

    we may not have food in the lunch room from outside vendors. Thank you very much for your help.

    August 24th 2016-17 Rider Charge Day August 31st PST Night

    September 6th 1st Day of School September 8th Picture Retake Day

  • Rider Charge Day

    When: Wednesday, August 24th

    Time: Arrive by GRADE and MONTH of your birthday

    Seniors ALL SENIORS 7:00am-8:45am

    Juniors Jan.-Apr. Birthday 9:00am-9:30am

    May-Aug. Birthday 9:30am-10:00am

    Sep.-Dec. Birthday 10:00am-10:30am

    Sophomores Jan.-Apr. Birthday 10:45am-11:30am

    May-Aug. Birthday 11:30am-12:15pm

    Sep.-Dec. Birthday 12:15pm-1:00pm

    Freshman Jan.-Apr. Birthday 1:15pm-2:00pm

    May-Aug. Birthday 2:00pm-2:45pm

    Sep.-Dec. Birthday 2:45pm-3:30pm

    Rough Rider Featured Attractions:

     Pick up your 2016-17 Student Schedule

     Have your picture taken and receive your 2016-17 Student ID

     Seniors and Juniors purchase your Parking Tag ($50 for the main lot/$30 for Kuehn

    Park) pre-registration began July 27th @

     Purchase your Chromebook Insurance

     Deposit money into your lunch account

     Purchase an Activity Pass ($20/student)

     Purchase Spirit Wear at the School Store

     Purchase your School Yearbook ($60)

     Student Council will be selling Homecoming Passes

     Booster Club

     Senior Class Party

    Helpful Tips:  NO SCHEDULES will be distributed and NO PARKING TAGS will be sold to

    students with outstanding fines.

     Please complete your online registration form BEFORE Rider Charge Day.

     If you plan to buy an Activity Pass, you will need to do that BEFORE having your

    picture taken.



    Roosevelt High School is looking forward to welcoming students and parents/guardians to the RHS stampede

    Sessions. All freshman and parents/guardians are strongly encouraged to attend. Students and parents/guardians

    of 10th, 11th, and 12th grades are invited for Structured Open House. The details are listed below.

    9th GRADE

    Wednesday, August 31st 5:15-7:35pm


    5:15pm Freshman & Parents arrive

    5:30pm Principal Greeting in RHS


    6:00-7:35pm 9th grade abbreviated class

    schedule as detailed below:

    6:00-6:08pm Period 1

    6:13-6:21pm Period 2

    6:26-6:30pm Reading Period

    6:35-6:43pm Period 3

    6:48-6:56pm Period 4 SRP or Class

    7:01-7:09pm Period 5 SRP or Class

    7:14-7:22pm Period 6

    7:27-7:35pm Period 7

    10th, 11th, 12th

    Wednesday, August 31st 7:30-9:00p


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