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  • Rock the Vote![nail

    produ ct]

    108 | NAILS MAGAZINE | DEcEMbEr 2008

    In addition to voting in this year’s national presidential election, we asked you to rock the nail product vote…and you made us proud! From Acrylics to Wraps — and everything in between — NAILS announces the winners of our fifth annual readers’ choice Awards.

    Now in its fifth year, the NAILS Readers’

    Choice Awards offer us all a look at what nail

    care professionals think about the products

    used in salons every day. For a professional nail product manufacturer there is no greater honor than landing on the top five list — voted on by the people who are actu- ally using their products!

    We asked our readers to get out there and “rock the vote” and so many of you did just that. (We just hope you also voted in the presidential election!) Ours are not “editor’s picks” or a “best of” roundup; they’re simply a fun look at what product you and your peers love right now.

    We sent out nomination forms to every major product manufacturer in the nail industry. They nominated them-

    selves (NAILS did not select the products for voting). In September, we sent readers online to vote for their favorite products. If your favorite products weren’t listed, you could write them in. readers were not required to vote for every category.

    Like in previous years, the votes for products were very close, so we are listing your top five favorites in each category. We’re also highlighting the top 20 favorite new products for 2008.

    So what are your favorite products? We’ve tallied the votes and are happy to announce the winners of the 2008 NAILS readers’ choice Awards.

    If you have any comments or would like to see additional categories in the future, please let us know. You can e-mail

  • DEcEMbEr 2008 | NAILS MAGAZINE | 109

    favorite acrylic system 1. CND: retention+ Liquid 2. OPI Products: Absolute Liquid & Powder Technology 3. Tammy Taylor Nails: Tammy Taylor Acrylic Nail Powders 4. LCN USA: Ultima 5. Backscratchers Salon Systems:

    Extreme Powder Glaze Acrylic Dip System

    favorite base coat 1. CND: Stickey base coat 2. OPI Products: Natural Nail base coat 3. Orly International: bonder 4. Seche Inc.: Seche base 5. Nail Tek: Nail Tek Foundation

    favorite brushes (for enhancements) 1. OPI Products: Artist Series brushes 2. CND: MasterSeries Pro Styler brush 3. EZ Flow: Grand Artist 508 4. Young Nails: Imagination Art brush 5. Tammy Taylor Nails: Nail brush

    favorite competition product 1. OPI Products: competition Formula 2. Tammy Taylor Nails: competitive Edge Whitest White Acrylic Powder 3. CND: Moxie Fast Set Sculpting Liquid 4. Young Nails: XXX White Powder 5. EZ Flow: competitors White & Pink

    favorite cuticle treatment 1. CND: SolarOil 2. OPI Products: Avoplex Nail & cuticle replenishing Oil 3. Young Nails: rose Oil 4. LCN USA: Olive Nail balm 5. Tammy Taylor Nails: Tammy Taylor cuticle Oil

    favorite design/colored acrylic system 1. EZ Flow: boogie Nights carnival collection 2. Tammy Taylor Nails: Prizma color Nail Powder 3. CND: Perfect color Powder collections 4. OPI Products: AbsoluteFX color Powders 5. Young Nails: color Acrylics

    favorite disinfection/sanitation product 1. CND: ScrubFresh 2. King Research: barbicide 3. OPI Products: Spa complete 4. Backscratchers Salon Systems: cavicide 5. NSI: Nailpure Plus


  • 110 | NAILS MAGAZINE | DEcEMbEr 2008

    favorite drill or electric file 1. Kupa: Electric Files 2. Lasco Diamond Products: Micro Delux Nail Machine 3. Young Nails: YN-99 4. OPI Products: Professional Electric Nail Technician File 5. LCN USA: Nail File Unit

    favorite files 1. OPI Products: Professional Files 2. CND: Glossing buffer 3. Tammy Taylor Nails: Disposable File System 4. Flowery: Purifiles 5. Young Nails: Files and buffers

    favorite forms 1. CND: Performance Forms 2. OPI Products: FreeForms Disposable Nail Forms 3. Tammy Taylor Nails: competitive Edge Forms 4. EZ Flow: Perfect c curve Form 5. Young Nails: Artistic Forms

    favorite gel or light system 1. CND: brisa Gel System 2. OPI Products: Axxium Gel System 3. Young Nails: Synergy Gel System 4. IBD: French Extreme 5. LCN USA: Light cured resin System

    favorite implement or tool 1. OPI Products: Pusher Plus Multi-Use Pusher 2. Mehaz Professional: Triple cut Acrylic & Tip cutter 3. Tweezerman: curette Nail Tool 4. Signature by Mehaz: cuticle Nipper 5. Young Nails: Magic Wand

    favorite lotion for hands and body 1. CND: creative Scentsations

    Hand & body Lotion 2. OPI Products: Avoplex High Intensity Hand & Nail cream 3. Cuccio Naturalé: Lytes 4. Young Nails: Lomasi 5. Supre: Hempz

    favorite manicure system 1. CND: SpaManicure 2. OPI Products: Manicure by OPI 3. Cuccio Naturalé: Hand, Nail & Foot care Kit 4. Tammy Taylor Nails: Peach Manicure System 5. LCN USA: Spa Series Hand

  • favorite nail art/decals/accessories 1. Young Nails: Glitters and color Powders 2. OPI Products: competition Formula Designer brush 3. Cina Pro: Flower Decoration Kit 4. It’s So Easy: Stripe rite – Picker Upper 5. Kiss USA: KISS Nail & Toe Art Stickers

    favorite nail jewelry 1. Cina Pro: cina rhinestone Kit 2. Kami Nail Art: Kami Swarovski Austrian crystals 3. Snails Italian Jewelry: Dangles With ball 4. Art Club by Color Club/Forsythe Cosmetics: Art club carnaval Kit 5. PNI Worldwide: Artistickers

    favorite odorless system 1. OPI Products: clarité 2. Tammy Taylor Nails: Odor-less Nail 3. Backscratchers: Extreme Powder Glaze Acrylic Dip System 4. NSI: Spa 5. INM: NOP Odorless Acrylic System “New & Improved”

    favorite paraffin & accessories 1. Gigi: Paraffin bath 2. Gena: Ultimate Spa Paraffin bath 3. Clean & Easy: Paraffin Spa 4. Cuccio Naturalé: Grapeseed Hand Anti-Oxidant Oil 5. PerfectSense: Paraffin

    favorite pedicure equipment 1. Belava: Pedicure Tub & Disposable Liners 2. European Touch: clean Touch Pipe-Free Technology 3. Footsie Bath of Beverly Hills: Pedicure Spa and Disposable Liner System 4. Helen of Troy: Hot Spa 5. Salontech: Spa Joy

    favorite pedicure product or system 1. CND: SpaPedicure 2. OPI Products: Manicure/Pedicure by OPI 3. Tammy Taylor Nails: Aroma Spa Pedicure Kit 4. Cuccio Naturalé: Pomegranate & Fig Sea Salts 5. Gena: callus Off

    favorite polish dryer 1. OPI Products: Drip Dry Lacquer Drying Drops 2. CND: SolarSpeed Spray 3. China Glaze: Fast Freeze Quick Dry 4. Nail Tek: Nail Tek 10-Speed 5. Essie: Quick-e

    DEcEMbEr 2008 | NAILS MAGAZINE | 111


  • 112 | NAILS MAGAZINE | DEcEMbEr 2008

    favorite polish/nail color 1. OPI Products: Nail Lacquer 2. Essie: Nail Lacquer collection 3. China Glaze: Nail Lacquer 4. CND: Nail Enamel 5. Orly: Nail Polish

    favorite salon furniture 1. China Glaze: 480 Permanent rack 2. Backscratchers Salon Systems: Salon Vac System % 3. T4 Spa Concepts & Designs: canvas Murals

    favorite strengthener or treat- ment 1. Nail Tek: Original Nail Tek and Hydration

    Therapy Strengtheners 2. OPI Products: Nail Envy 3. CND: Toughen Up 4. Tammy Taylor Nails: Thymolize Solution 5. Nailtiques: Nail Proteins, Formulas 1, 2, 2+ and 3

    favorite tip 1. CND: Velocity Tips 2. OPI Products: Nail Structure Nail Tips 3. Tammy Taylor Nails: Pre-Etched Tips 4. Gelousy: Gelouflex Tips 5. Young Nails: Style Tips

    favorite top coat 1. OPI Products: rapid Dry Topcoat 2. Seche Inc.: Seche Vite 3. INM: Out the Door 4. CND: Air Dry 5. Essie: Good to Go!

    ventilation system/equipment 1. Modern Solutions: The One That Works Air Purifier 2. Air Impurities Removable Systems: Extract-All Model S031 Air Purification System 3. Edsyn Inc.: Fuminator 4. WTAC: Work Top Air cleaner 5. Better Lifestyles: VaporEscape Manicure Table

    favorite wrap system 1. Backscratchers Salon Systems: Glass Glaze Fiberglass & Silk Wrap System 2. OPI Products: MicroWrap 3. EZ Flow: Fibreglass 4. Star Nail International: Ultimate Fiberware 5. All Season Nails: brush-On Fiberglass Nails

  • DEcEMbEr 2008 | NAILS MAGAZINE | 113

    1. OPI Products: Axxium Gel System

    2. Young Nails: Lomasi Lotions and cremes

    3. LCN USA: camouflage Gels

    4. Mehaz Professional: Triple cut Acrylic & Tip cutter

    5. Tweezerman: curette Nail Tool

    6. China Glaze: For Audrey Nail Polish

    7. SpaRitual: Let It Go callus remover

    8. Entity Beauty: rain Forest body couture

    9. NSI: royal Precision Kolinksky #8 brush

    10. Chi: cuticle Oil

    11. IBD: Jet Elite

    12. Light Elegance: Gel Paint

    13. EZ Flow: celestial bodies Gel Polish

    14. Nailtiques: Nail Proteins

    15. Color Club/Forsythe Cosmetics: Vivid color Intensifying Top coat

    16. Cina Pro: candy for Your Nails collection

    17. Orly: Flash Dry Drops

    18. Pedi-Sox: Softening Treatment cream

    19. Cuccio Naturalé: cuccio Lytes

    20. Flowery: Swedish clover comfort Grip Fot Fil

    favorite new product


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