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  • The Best Archery Targets In The World

  • Aim for theBestTAKE YOUR BEST SHOT WITH RINEHART.Welcome to the most exciting

    lineup of best-in-the-field 3D

    archery targets in Rineharts

    ten-year history! In our new

    Rinehart Targets catalog,

    were proud to provide more

    innovations, more shooting

    thrills and more arrow-stopping

    value than ever before. Whether

    youre a club shooter, a

    backyard archer or a seasoned bowhunter, youre sure to discover that

    the name Rinehart defines what a target should be. Call Rinehart

    today to find your local authorized Rinehart dealer nearest you or for

    special club pricing.

    James & Barbara McGovern

    Icon Legends/Size KeyCan be shot at 45 scoring rings.

    Shipped by truck.

    Cut before shipping. (UPS)

    Broadhead friendly.

    Anatomical vitals.

    Official Target of NASP IBO 3D Challenge.

    IBO Tournament Target.

    Height from ground to shoulder.

    Length from shoulder to tail.

    Unless noted otherwise.


    " There really are no other quality products like yours in the market. The Rinehart target

    is definitely the way to go!" Black Diamond Archery, Inc.


  • Signature SERIES 1.608.757.8153Signature SERIES



    18-118110Height 15"Length 15"

    This target shows you its best side every time and is the longest

    lasting archery target weve ever offered. We even guarantee the

    18-1 for a full year! With 18 vivid target zones made from

    legendary solid Rinehart self-healing foam, the 18-1 can take

    arrow after arrow without losing its shape or integrity. The 18-1 is

    lightweight with its own easy-to-carry handle, making it perfect

    for practice almost anywhere at the club, in the backyard, or

    even a quick practice session at hunting camp. Whether shooting

    broadheads, field points or even expandables, the combination of

    solid Rinehart self-healing Foam and 18 sides make this the

    longest lasting target available.

    If you shoot out all 18 sides, visit your authorized Rinehart dealer

    and well replace it guaranteed hassle-free!

    The Only Target Guaranteed for a Full Year!

    Broadhead Capable & Easy Arrow Pull



    Signa ture SERIES 1.608.757.8153


    Rhinoblock XL18611Height 18"Width 18Depth 13"

    The big brother of Rineharts classic

    RhinoBlock target the RhinoBlock XL rocks

    an impressive 18 x 18 target zone while still

    incorporating Rineharts renowned solid self-

    healing replaceable foam insert.

    Rineharts award-winning RhinoBlock target sports six

    unique sides to choose from each engineered to meet

    individual practice needs. Two sides display a 3-D deer

    target zone one showing the outlined vital areas of a

    deer, and the other detailing an anatomically correct

    display of a deers organs. The remaining four faces of

    the target are comprised of Rineharts signature, highly

    visible target zones allowing shooters to continue

    target practice even in low light conditions.


    NEW XBOW-2-GO: Made entirely of Rinehart's solid "self-healing" foam,this crossbow target is the perfect combination ofdurability and versatility. Small enough to take withyou for extra practice, but large enough to sight inyour crossbow with ease. Size: 14" x 14" x 14" Rated for crossbow speeds of over 400 fps

    NEW XBOWBRUTE: Its here the ultimate target for today's highpowered crossbows. No matter the speed theXBowBrute can handle it. Made entirely of Rinehart'ssolid "self-healing" foam this target performs great.Highly visible shooting spots and built in easy tocarry handle. Size: 16" x 16" x 16" Rated for crossbow speeds of over 500 fps

    XBU - XBOW UNLOADER: The Rinehart XBU measures 9" in diameter and isthe perfect tool for safely unloading crossbows. After afull day in the treestand or following a quick practicesession, simply toss the XBU to the ground andfireit's that easy! Size: 9" Diameter

    RHINOBLOCK & XL FEATURES: Patented Replaceable Insert 3-D Sculpted Deer Vitals 40 Target Zones Rinehart Solid Self-Healing Foam w/Easy Arrow Pull 2 Broadhead Sides 4 Field-Point Sides Rope Handle Mounting Holes for Raised Shooting

    X-Bow Unloader (XBU)18711Diameter 9"

    XBowBrute18811Height 16"Length 16"

    Xbow-2-Go 18911Height 14"Length 14"

    RhinoBlock 18311Height 16"Width 16"Depth 13"

    RhinoBrute18511Height 16"Width 16"Length 16"

  • Signa ture SERIES 1.608.757.8153

    RFT 18210Diameter 9"

    Mathews Target16811Diameter 17"Depth 13"Crossbow Approved

    Rinehart has unleashed the most versatile custom back wall mount system in the industry! Sold by the

    piece, dealers can customize their order to fit their specific needs and purchase as many or as few

    bricks as needed. Need a wall built from the ground up? Youll have one up in no time when you install

    the Rinehart Brick Wall system.

    These bricks can take countless hits without any signs of tearing or damage. Simply flip the brick or

    change up the order of the stack to further extend the life of the wall. Its that simple! Each brick

    measures: 4" tall x 15" deep, and is available in widths of 30" and 48". Rinehart Safety Topper includes

    all hardware with purchase.

    (Base not included)

    Rinehart's NEW Wave target system was designed to change the game when it comes to

    competition range targets. Built using Rinehart's Signature Series high density foam this target is

    designed for the repetitive everyday shooting that a top tier archery range generates. Comprised

    of four quadrants and five patented Rinehart inserts, no other target can provide the flexibility

    and durability the new Rinehart Wave target can provide. The Rinehart Wave target provides, for

    the first time, the ability to replace not only the bullseye on a 120cm target, but also the ability to

    replace the bulleye on all four 60cm targets. This new five insert system combined with our

    Signature high density foam ensures that the Rinehart Wave system will provide a comprehensive

    target solution for years to come.

    Broadhead Buck12411Height 28"Length 45"Simulated Wt. 100 lb.Sculpted Vitals on Reverse Side

    6 7

    FEATURES: Extreme Portability Solid Signature Rinehart Foam Convenient Carry Handle Weighted - Always Lands Upright Great Crossbow Unloader



    Brick Wall 30"19911 Brick Wall 30" 19921 Safety Topper 30"19811 Brick Wall 48"19821 Safety Topper 48"Dimensions: 4" tall x 15" deep x 30" wide

    FITA Wave Target19011Dimensions: 52" tall x 13" deep x 52" wide

    Brick Wall 48"19911 Brick Wall 48" 19921 Safety Topper 48"19811 Brick Wall 48"19821 Safety Topper 48" Dimensions: 4" tall x 15" deep x 48" wide

  • Woodland SERIES 1.608.757.8153Woodland SERIES



    Woodland Buck16411Height 30"Length 29"Simulated Wt. 100 lb.

    Booner Buck17411Height 58"Length 45"Simulated Wt. 200 lb.

    TOM TURKEY415Height 19"Length 21"Simulated Wt. 14 lb

    Woodland Hunter 16511Height 16"Length 16"Depth 13"

    Rinehart brings together its award-winning design

    with its unique new FX Foam technology to create a

    cube target that is an ideal marriage of function,

    durability and versatility, all at an unbeatable price. The

    Woodland targets are a perfect cube

    shape with six possible sides for

    shooters to take aim at. Not to mention

    its price makes it the

    best value on the market!

    Today's bowhunter needs one target that can do it

    all. Rinehart Targets is proud to introduce the new

    Woodland Hunter. Six shootable sides make it a

    one stop solution that provides two 3D sculpted

    vital sides, two large sides for sighting in and

    broadhead practice, and two sets of small dots for

    fine tuning. Built solid utilizing Rinehart's FX foam

    technology this is an every-arrow, everyday,

    everywhere target.

    FEATURES: Solid FX Foam Convenient Carry Handle Six Sided Shooting Over 40 Shootable Dots Unbeatable Value

    Woodland 20 19211Height 20"Length 20"

    Woodland 14 19411Height 14"Length 14"

    If you want a trophy buck, then you need a trophy target. Employing years of

    experience providing the highest quality targets in the industry, Rinehart

    Targets is proud to present our new flagship Booner Buck target. Utilizing

    Rinehart's FX foam technology, the Booner Buck sets a new standard in both

    realism and durability. To ensure that the Booner buck will survive the

    punishment produced by today's serious bowhunters the Booner Buck's insert

    is 100% Rinehart Signature Series high density foam. If you want to get

    serious about your sport, it's time to get serious about your target.



  • Competition SERIES 1.608.757.8153


    Browsing Buck129Height 34"Length 32"Simulated Wt. 160 lb.

    s it real, or is it Rinehart?When it comes to life-size,realistic 3D targets,experienced archers know thatfrom body positioning toanatomically accurate vitalsRinehart is as real as it gets.

    Competition SERIESTargets

    30 Pt. Buck157Height 37"Length 40" Simulated Wt. 250 lb.

    Alert Deer105Height 34"Length 32"Simulated Wt. 160 lb.

    Feeding Doe138Height 28"Length 28"Simulated Wt. 95 lb.


  • Competition SERIES 1.608.757.8153


    Anatomy Deer107Height 28"Length 29"Simulated Wt. 95 lb.Teaches shot placementInserts not available

    Giant Mule Deer147Height 37"Length 40"Sim