Revising important people, places and events in Nelson Mandelas life (1918-2013)

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Revising important people, places and events in Nelson Mandelas life ( ) Was born in Qunu (Transkei) He studied Law at the university Witwatersrand. He was one of the founders of ANC and also gave support to MK. He spent 27 years in prison. HE received the Nobel Peace Prize together with F.W. de Klerk. He later became the President of South of Africa ( 1994 1999) He got married three times: Evelyn Mase, Winnie and Graa Machel. He had six children. Rolihlahla David Montsamayi Madiba And ethnic groups descendents from Holland (Dutch). They speak Afrikaans and nowadays the represent the 5% of South African population. Most of them are white. The were mainly Afrikaners the ones who introduced the apartheid law. (segregation of races) (1928 1986) He was the chief of Thembu people. He was the uncle of Nelson Mandela, and raised him when his own father died. He was 56 years when he died. He taught Nelson Mandela: how a leader should behave, History of Africa and the arrival of white people. Thembu people are part of the Xhosa nation. OLIVER TAMBO He was a South African anti- apartheid politician. And a central figure and founder of the ANC. In 1955 became the secretary general of ANC after Walter Sisulu, but he had to organise it abroad from London where he became the acting president (of the ANC). 3 years before his death (1990) he was elected the national charmperson of the ANC.. WALTER SISULU He was born 1912 He was a South African anti- apartheid activist and member of the ANC. Serving at times the Secretary General and Deputy President of ANC. He was jailed at Robben Island and spent more than 25 years in there. DR. MALAN (DANIEL FRANOISE MALAN) Daniel Franois Malan ( ), more commonly known as D.F. Malan, was the Prime Minister of South Africa from 1948 to He is seen as a champion of Afrikaner nationalism. His National Party government came to power on the program of apartheid and began its comprehensive implementation. DR. HENDRIK VERWOERD He was born in Netherlands in in Cape Town. He was first the Minister of Education in South Africa. He was the Prime Minister of S.A. in He is remembered as the man of the conception of apartheid. WOLFIE KODESH In 1961, during the first months of Mandela going underground, Kodesh hid him for nearly eight weeks in his one-room bachelor apartment in a white suburb of Johannesburg. CHIEF LUTHULI He was the Chief of Odlala Lakota notable in American History. He received the Nobel Peace Prize because he worked as a peaceful leader in the ANC. He is the first African to receive a Nobel Prize in 1961. FREDERIK WILLEM DE KLERK Born in 1936 and hes still alive. He was the last state President of apartheid era in South Africa. De Klerk was the leader of the national party. He put an end to the apartheid and he also relesed Nelson Mandela and other politicians from prision. He received the Nobel Peace Prize 1993. JOE SLOVO /RUTH FIRST/ BRAM FISCHER Activists that fought against apartheid. Bram Fischer was a South African lawyer notable for the anti-apartheid activist for the legal defence of anti-apartheid figures. EVELYN MASE She was born in South Africa, She was a nurse and married Mandela in They had 4 children. She met N. Mandela through her cousin Walter Sisulu and his Albertina Sisula. WINNIE MADIKIZELA She was the second wife of Nelson Mandela. She was a South African activist and a politician who held the National African Congress Womens League. She was a member of ANC Executive Committee. She was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize and she is 77 years old now. CECIL WILLIAMS He was born in San Angelo. He graduated in sociaology. Teacher, journalist, theatre director, political activist, Vice- Chair of the Congress of Democrats Committee and member of uMkhonto weSizwe (MK), was in the car in which Nelson Mandela was arrested by the Security Police


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