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Return Black History Jeopardy 2 100 200 300 400 500 People Places Events More People Misc. Slide 2 Return Who was John Quincy Adams ? Slide 3 Return Who was John Russwurm? Slide 4 Return Who was Sojourner Truth? Slide 5 Return Who started a newspaper called North Star? Slide 6 Return Who led Southern troops during the Civil War? Slide 7 Return What Institute was started by Booker T. Washington? Slide 8 Return Where did Ulysses S. Grant lead troops? Slide 9 Return Where were the Jim Crow Laws in effect? Slide 10 Return Where were slaves brought from in the beginning? Slide 11 Return Where did the Emancipation Proclamation free slaves? Slide 12 Return What was it called when the North fought the South? Slide 13 Return What Confederate ship was turned over to the North? Slide 14 Return What were Black Codes? Slide 15 Return What amendment made former slaves US citizens? Slide 16 Return What court case said things could be separate, but equal? Slide 17 Return Who started the NAACP? Slide 18 Return Who started Tuskegee Institute to train blacks for jobs? Slide 19 Return Who killed Abraham Lincoln? Slide 20 Return Who was the Great Emancipator? Slide 21 Return What general led the South during the Civil War? Slide 22 Return What was the main reason for the Civil War? Slide 23 Return What is the highest medal given to a soldier? Slide 24 Return What freedman plotted to take over Charleston, SC? Slide 25 Return Who killed Martin Luther King, Jr? Slide 26 Return What is another name for songs of sorrow?


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