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  • Who are we?

    We are caring and friendly Pharmacy in Union

    Square Shopping Centre. We practice Pharmacy the old fashioned way - with helpful information on how to manage your health and medicines along with attentive customer service. Come visit us today!

  • Some of our Service includes

    Home Delivery Blood Pressure Monitoring Fine Fragrances In Essence Aromatherapy More Services Bioceuticals Practitioner Only Vitamins Body Assist Sports Medical Products Diabetes Australia (NDSS) Sub Agent Fine Fragrances Blood Pressure Monitoring Home Delivery Medela Breast Pump Hire Health Information Stay up to date on the latest health news and information to help manage your


  • About Us

    We are caring and friendly Pharmacy in Union Square Shopping Centre. We practice Pharmacy the old fashioned way with helpful information on how to manage your health and medicines along with attentive customer service. Come visit us today! Open 7 Days a week!

  • Products

    We stock a wide range of products. Our key areas of focus in our pharmacy are Natural Health or Vitamins, Skin Care and Baby Care

  • Loyalty Program

    Our loyalty members enjoy great benefits, perks and privileges.

    1. Every dollar spent earns you points which you can redeem on your purchases in store. You will be surprised how quickly your points add up.

    2. Being a loyalty member entitles you to exclusive member only promotions and giveaways. We regularly give away products and prizes for our loyal customers.

    Come into the pharmacy today to learn more about how you can benefit from joining our loyalty program

  • Health Information

    Stay up to date on the latest health news and information to help manage your medication. Ailments: A-B Ailments: C-D Ailments: E-F Ailments: G-H Ailments: I-J Ailments: K-L Ailments: M-N Ailments: O-P Baby & Pregnancy Beauty & Skincare Mens Health Natural Nutrition Seniors Health Weight Loss Centre Womens Health

  • Union Square Pharmacy has a home delivery service to suit all your needs. We deliver medicines locally to Parkville, Brunswick, Moonee Ponds and Coburg. As part of our commitment to customer service, our chemist will home deliver between 4pm-6pm. Call us today.

  • Buy BioIsland Cod Liver + Fish Oil from Union Square Pharmacy

    Cod liver + Fish Oil might perhaps diminish situations of the type I diabetes in broods. This BioIsland product is usually a vital resource for nutritious vitamin D and helps your children strengthen their bones. It is also suggested for kids to drink cod liver oil frequently since it boosts your childs immune system. It is also an excellent product for brain development, intelligence and vision. Also, since children tend to fall frequently ill, parents normally prefer to offer their children with doses of cod liver oil, to cure their illnesses, rather than medicines.

  • Buy Bio Island DHA SoftGel Capsules From Union Square Pharmacy

    The market today is stuffed with many health supplements for your kids and each of this claims to be advanced and efficient than the other. One must know a safer choice to consume of these supplements so that there are no harmful effects on their children. DHA, also known as (docosahexaenoic acid) is a long-chain omega-3 fatty acid that comes from fish oil. It is the lengthiest and most unsaturated of the omega-3 trans-acids that helps in the development of your childs brain.

  • Buy Bio Island Zinc Chewable Tablets from Union Square Pharmacy

    Zinc is a vital mineral in the body. To comprehend in which way you can avail the benefit from Bio Island zinc chewable tablets, you need to know what zinc does for you and why it is considered as a vital nutrient. Zinc is involved in a diversity of metabolic events. It is required to heal injuries, produce insulin; it is involved in our ability to taste and smell, and it is needed for proper development and growth of your body.

  • Buy Beauty Products from Union Square Pharmacy

    Beauty products are intended to make a woman attractive and protect her skin from aging. These products are also made with aromatherapy purposes. Beauty products are produced by numerous cosmetic industries and is distributed by various pharmacies. However, not all pharmacists have the knowledge of such beauty products. When it comes to Union Square Pharmacy in West Brunswick, the specialty of all their beauty products for women is on the tip of their tongue.

  • Monitor your Blood Pressure Level with Union Square Pharmacy

    When you visit Union Square Pharmacy, our pharmacist will make you take a nap for 5 minutes. This is vital to get an accurate blood pressure measurement. An average adult blood pressure level is approximate 120/80. Our pharmacist make the use of Omron machines to monitor your blood pressure level. This is how we can take a note of your blood pressure details from our database. The purpose of operating our pharmacy business during public holidays is to provide emergency services, particularly to heart patients. So, if you want to get your blood pressure monitored at regular intervals, visit Union Square Pharmacy.

  • Buy Baby Products from Union Square Pharmacy

    Having a newborn baby is certainly one of the most unforgettable and exhilarating moments in a mothers life. As the child grew bigger, the responsibility to raise and care too increases. Every mother wants to give 100% to her baby with regards to their body and skin. Hence, they cannot compromise with the quality of baby products. If you reside in West Brunswick and looking for some good quality Baby Care products, Union Square pharmacy is the name recommended by many experts, doctors, and specialists in medicine.

  • Maintain a Healthy Digestive Function by Investing In BioCeuticals Theracurmin BioActive From PharmaSave

    A healthy digestive system is vital for upholding a healthy body. The digestive track makes up the digestive system. When it comes to complete wellness, upholding your digestive health is just as significant as upholding your heart, bone and the health of the rest of your body. However, the good news is that for most individuals, it is just a matter of implementing simple precautionary steps. Maintaining your digestive system can aid you develop your complete health, happiness and well-being. So, do not wait until you face digestive problems. You can start making simple, active changes to your diet system and lifestyle today that can help your digestive health now, and all throughout your life.

  • Buy BioCeuticals Ultra Muscleze from PharmaSave and Get Relief from Muscle Cramps

    As you grow older do you frequently suffer from cramping pains for no reason? Potassium shortage is certainly one reason, however, except when it occurs to be the consequence of something clear like diuretics or kidney disorder; we point it to extreme perspiration due to heavy physical exercises. You might not be aware, but there exists another cause with regards to your muscle cramps. It is magnesium deficit, or more precisely an unbalanced ratio between magnesium and calcium. It will turn out to be even more apparent during ageing. Shortage of magnesium does not get much discussion. Nevertheless, this mineral is the fourth richest mineral in the body that not only plays a vital function in the bodys detoxing procedure, but is also important for your bones. If you are looking for a best magnesium powder that will strengthen your bones, invest in BioCeuticals Ultra Muscleze oral powder available at Union Square Pharmacy

  • Eliminate Stress By Investing In BioCeuticals Ultra Muscleze Night Product from Union Square Pharmacy

    If you are living a busy and modern lifestyle, you might come under the influence of stress. There is no way to evade stress totally, but the natural remedy can certainly treat your body in a better way, whenever you are under much stress. Stress can make you feel overloaded and sleepless. When you do not sleep for at least 8 hours, your immune system becomes weak or low. Hence, it is important to cope with stress naturally with an optimistic attitude. There are various vitamins and nutritional supplements that are helpful in making your mind and body strong enough to fight against depression and stress. Therefore, you must intake proper diet for an ample supply of nutrients in the body. Dietary supplements, or nutritional supplementation are designed to enhance the diet to offer nutrients to the body. BioCeuticals Ultra Muscleze Night oral powder available at Union Square Pharmacy is more beneficial at the time of stress.

  • Buy BioCeuticals Ubiquinol BioActive Product from Union Square Pharmacy

    One of the greatest health problems every individual face today is the level of cholesterol that has adverse effects on our bodies. Cholesterol is a fatty deposit that arises naturally in all parts of the body. An enormous amount of bad (LDL) cholesterol can block the arteries, which leads to a variability of cardiac issues comprising heart disease, stroke, heart failure, and heart attack. However, the body also has good, or HDL, cholesterol. High HDL cholesterol levels can prevent these problems from occurring. There are numerous factors that affect your cholesterol levels. It is whichever your sex, age, hereditary or food intake. No matter your reason might be, maintaining your cholesterol level under control is extremely vital. You might have heard your doctor asking you to lessen the bad cholesterol from your body. LDL cholesterol levels are considered to be a bad ones as compared to other choleste