Researching ICT in education: The story of a teacher

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  • Researching ICT in education:

    The story of a teacher

    Jo Tondeur

  • Integrating innovative teaching methods

    in higher education


    ICT in teacher education ICT-use in education

    Determinants - Teacher characteristics - School characteristics In-service training References

    The story of a teacher



  • Jef is an enthousiasticbeginning teacher in a primary school.

    Hes open to use ICT in teaching and learning activities

  • How to integrate TK in PCK?Review study (1)*

    See reference list

  • Nice model but Ive never seen

    a concrete example*

    Study 2 & 3

    ICT & Education: two worlds apart?

  • Ive tested it during my internship, that was actually a big risk, and since then it turned out well Im now able to use it here.

    [Ben, TEI1/S1]

    Teacher educators as role models

    Exploring ICT applica?ons in subject domains

    ICT assignment tasks

    Pre-service training

    Designing ICT-rich lessons Authen?c experiences Mentor support and feedback

    Internship Suppor?ve leadership Enabling school culture Access to infrastructure

    Early career

    Follow-up study with beginning teachers (4)

  • Review study:Meta-ethnography

    SQD-model (5)

  • Two types of ICT competencies:Pupil use / Instructional


    Instrument development

  • SQD-Scale > one dimension

    Instrument development

  • ICT-integration: Complex innovation

    Survey: multilevel model (6)

    Basic skills

    Learning tool

    Information tool

    Availability of computers +++ Computers with Internet +++ Computers in the classroom ++ +++ Innovativeness ++ ++ ICT-policy ++ +++ ICT-training ++ Gender +++ Computer experience ++ Teacher-centred beliefs + + - Student-centred beliefs + +++ Innovativeness + ++

    + p < .05 ++ p < .01 +++ p < .001

  • Survey: Cluster analysis (7)

  • Review of qualitative evidence:Meta aggregation (8)

  • Theres an innovative culture in Jefs school

    Survey (9)

  • Together with his colleagues hes designing new activities: Teacher design teams

    Delphi study(10)

  • And hes creating a new learning environment

    Qualitative study:Photographic analysis

    + case studies (11)

  • Integrating innovative teaching methods

    in higher education @jotondeur

    To be continued

    ICT-integration in education:

    A multidimensional approach

    Different perspectives - Teacher thinking theory - School improvement,

    Multi-disciplinary - Sociology, psychology,

    architecture, Multi-actor perspective Micro-meso-macro Different methods

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