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Research paper & Annotated Bibliography. Alling ENC 1101. Objectives:. Instructions Research question Writing situation Annotated bibliography Paper w/ documentation Planning Finding sources Evaluating sources Integrating ideas from sources Documenting sources - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Research paper& Annotated BibliographyAllingENC 1101Objectives:InstructionsResearch questionWriting situationAnnotated bibliographyPaper w/ documentationPlanningFinding sourcesEvaluating sourcesIntegrating ideas from sourcesDocumenting sourcesGenre & format of annotated bibliographies

1. InstructionsA. Pose a research question related to one of thefollowing:Specific issue in your future workplaceSpecific issue in our collegeSpecific issue in our local communitySpecific issue in our stateSpecific issue in our nationInstructions, cont.B. Compose an annotated bibliography of six (6) sources that will help you formulate a response to your research question. Summarize the sources main ideas and evaluate the quality and bias of the sources.

Instructions, cont.C. Plan the writing situationNarrow subjectAudiencePurposeMethod of developmentTypes of sources needed

Instructions, cont.D. Write a paper that answers your research question and incorporates your sources.*MLA-style documentation*Minimum 1,000 words *Expectations: clear planning for your writing situation; effective editing; mature, readable style; clear explanations of jargon and issues context; sufficient evaluation of source material; sound logic; no plagiarism

2. PlanningRead Ch. 3 in Brief Bedford Reader, along with sample research paper by Rosie Anaya

Handbook C1

Handbook pp. 331-34

3. Finding sources

Two books/e-books

Two articles

Two credible web sources

We will visit library to learn how to use LINCCWeb for books, e-books, & articles; read handbook sections R1 b-g before then4. Evaluating sources

How to evaluate sources (handbook R2)

How to evaluate arguments (handbook A3)

Popular vs. scholarly sources (SFC handout)

5. Integrating ideas from sources

Signal phrases (handbook p. 382)

Quotes, summaries, & paraphrases (pp. 380-85)

Using & manipulating quotes (pp. 380-82)

Avoid plagiarism (handbook p. 376)

6. Documenting sources

Parenthetical citations (handbook p. 389)

Works cited (handbook p. 398)

Directory of model citations (handbook p. 371)7. Genre & format of annotated Bibliographies

Purpose: helpful for essay, demonstrate skills to instructor, assist future researchers

Sample annotated bibliography

Grading sheet

Handbook pp. 67-69

Handbook pp. 77 excellent for annotation-writing

200 words per annotation x 6 sources = 1,200 words