Reputation is everything! How can you protect yours?

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Building Your Business

Building Your BusinessReputation is everything! How can you protect yours?

A business reputation can have a major impact on its survival. It can be the difference between

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How is your reputation created?

MarketedYou can establish a reputation through strong marketing to begin building your name in your industry.

MarketedHow do you present your business? Overall look and feelBusiness values Products offered MessagingMedia (newspapers)


OrganicReputation can be built from:Word of mouthOnline reviewsQuality of workCustomer ServiceResponse to complaints

How long does it take to build a strong reputation?

It can take years to build a solid reputation. A business must build trust and prove themselves.Building your reputation

How long does it take to ruin reputation?


In this new digital age a business reputation can be ruined at the click of a button.Building your reputation

How can you protect your reputation?

Ensure your business operates in a way that reflects your promises.Building your reputation

Be truthful and deliver what youve agreed upon. Building your reputation

Hotondo Homes has developed a strong reputation since its launch in 1979.

The national building franchise works hard to protect the brand and its reputation by delivering what is promised.

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