Reputation is everything! How can you protect yours?

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<p>Building Your Business</p> <p>Building Your BusinessReputation is everything! How can you protect yours?</p> <p>A business reputation can have a major impact on its survival. It can be the difference between</p> <p>andPhotos by Enrico Donnell and Iain Farrell</p> <p>2</p> <p>How is your reputation created?</p> <p>MarketedYou can establish a reputation through strong marketing to begin building your name in your industry. </p> <p>MarketedHow do you present your business? Overall look and feelBusiness values Products offered MessagingMedia (newspapers)</p> <p>?</p> <p>OrganicReputation can be built from:Word of mouthOnline reviewsQuality of workCustomer ServiceResponse to complaints</p> <p>How long does it take to build a strong reputation? </p> <p>It can take years to build a solid reputation. A business must build trust and prove themselves.Building your reputation</p> <p>How long does it take to ruin reputation? </p> <p>Instantly.</p> <p>In this new digital age a business reputation can be ruined at the click of a button.Building your reputation</p> <p>How can you protect your reputation?</p> <p>Ensure your business operates in a way that reflects your promises.Building your reputation</p> <p>Be truthful and deliver what youve agreed upon. Building your reputation</p> <p>Hotondo Homes has developed a strong reputation since its launch in 1979.</p> <p>The national building franchise works hard to protect the brand and its reputation by delivering what is promised. </p> <p>If you would like to learn more, please visit</p> <p>Subscribe to our podcast on iTunes or read our blog online.</p>