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PROPOSED POSITION:Highway-cum-Pavement EngineerNAME OF FIRM:SMEC (India) Pvt. Ltd.


PROFESSION :Civil Engineer

DATE OF BIRTH :21st June 1970



Indian Road Congress

Detailed Tasks Assigned:

As Highway-cum-Pavement Engineer, his responsibilities include; but not limited to:

Reporting and assisting the Resident Engineer in monitoring and process control for all the activities related to the project. To control the process pertaining to laying of pavement layers including those related to the mixing plant and transportation of the mixed material.

Assisting the Resident Engineer in all aspects of project management.

Key Qualification:

Mr. Rajeev Kumar Roy is Post Graduate Civil Engineer with more than 15 years of experience in the field of Construction and Supervision of National Highways, Minor Bridges. Underpass & Culverts. He has a very strong background in Construction Supervision, investigation and study, of both Flexible/Rigid pavements. His experience includes multi-dimensional aspects of road and bridge construction including process control pertaining to laying of Flexible Pavement operation. He has been responsible for day-to-day Supervision and work progress, weekly and monthly progress reports, bill of Quantities, working drawings subsoil investigations. He has worked on World Bank funded projects of NHAI at Delhi Kolkata Segment of Golden Quadrilateral of NH-2, which is nearing completion and is well conversant with MORT&H, IRC regulations and FIDIC conditions of contract. He has been directly responsible for Supervision of all Earthwork, Subgrade, GSB, WMM, DBM, BC, MSS, Road Painting, Sign Boards, Road side drains and DLC, PQC work done by his organisation on Third National Highway NH-2.GT.Road Project. His experience to supervision of both Flexible and Rigid pavement construction has developed excellent cost effective trouble shooting capabilities on site.

Recent relevant assignments:

Acting Highway Engineer

Four Laning of NH-2 Project from Madanpur to Barachatti (from Km 180.000 to Km 240.000) (PQC Work) under the assistance of World Bank for NHAI at GQ Project (Worked on Deputation basis)

1st April 2010 - till date

Field Engineer (Highway)

Four Laning of NH-2 Project from Gorhar to Barwa-Adda (from Km 320.00 to Km 398.75) under the assistance of World Bank for NHAI at GQ Project

Dec. 2001 - 31st Mar 2010

Site Engineer (Highway)

BPDP, South Chottanagpur and Santhalpargana Region under the assistance of World Bank

Jan. 1997 - Nov.2001

Site Engineer (Highway)

Maintenance of NH & SH in Between

Darbhanga to Begusarai

Oct.1996 - Dec.1996


BE (Civil Engineering) in 1996

M. Tech (Highway & Transportation Engineering from R.V.P. in 2006

Training / Seminar :

Attended seminar Conducted By Dr. Baffour Kawaku Akoto, Senior Pavement Specialist On Nov. 2007 in NHAI, PIU Dhanbad

Distresses of Flexible Pavement and its Remedy

Basic Factors for Asphalt Mix Design.

Computer Proficiency:

Conversant with MS Windows, MS Word, Auto Cad, Fortran and Basic

Employment Record:

Dec. 2001 - Ongoing


April 2010 - till date

Third National Highway project Madanpur to Barachatti, Rigid Pavement with PQC work, NH-2, GT Road, and Km.180.000 to 240.000 in Bihar (worked on deputation basis).

Client: National Highway Authority of India

Acting Highway Engineer

As Acting Highway Engineer, responsible for construction supervision of contract package involving reviewing and proof checking of design and drawings, supervise , the works day to day allocation sections and forwarding daily reports to resident engineer. Maintaining own records detailing observation about the operation of the contractor. As A.H.E liaise with Q.C.E to ensure that Testing is carried out by the contractor on the prepared Earth Work, sub grade, GSB, WMM,DBM and BC work that completed and adequate testing program is achieved on area under his control. Supervision laying of pavement layers, ensure process control at mixing plant during transportation of mixed material and laying operations, developing appropriate project management techniques to ensure Quality Assurance. Identification of available pavement, rehabilitation & design option. Field studies for pavement investigation, Liaison with the client & contractor, project monitoring preparation and, preparation of Monthly & daily physical & Financial progress report, detailed planning and scheduling of the work in progress, etc.

December 2001 - Mar 2010


Four Laning of NH-2 Project from Gorhar to Barwa-Adda (from Km 320.00 to Km 398.75).

Client: National Highway Authority of India

Field Engineer (Highway)

As a Field Engineer (Highway), responsibility included Supervision for Construction of Pavement layers, monitoring and execution of various component of works i.e. Earthwork, subgrade, GSB, WMM, DBM, BC, MSS, DLC & Km Stone, Road Sign Board, Painting. Responsible for execution of each and every activity / work as per the contract and guidelines in the IRC specifications, MOST & I.S-Code and FIDIC condition. Responsible for the quality & quantity of the work done by the Contractor by conducting various tests required for earthwork, GSB, WMM, DBM & BC as per specifications. Interpretation of drawings to Contractor. Responsible for recording of measurements of the work done at site and checking of bills. Checking the cross-section, layer chart, levels etc. prepared by the Contractor

Jan 1997 - Nov 2001

M/S Vijeta Construction Pvt. Ltd.

Bihar Plateau Development Project (BPDP), South Chhota Nagpur, Santhal Pargana Region, under the assistance of World Bank, Project cost INR : 160 Crores

Client: Rural Engineering Organization, Bihar

Site Engineer (Highway)

As a Site Engineer (Highway), was responsibile for preparation and Technical Verification with respect to Contractual Specification of Sub-Contractors bill and taking the measurements for the work done at site. Designing & Layout of CD Works. Preparation of bills. Surveying with latest instrument for setting out the alignment, layouts, preparation of cross-sections, levels for earthwork, GSB, WBM, bituminous works etc. Preparation of work program, monitoring, updating work program, resource management. Quality Control by way of conducting different Tests involving earthwork, sub-base, base-course.

Oct. 1996 - Dec1996

M/S Rajendra Singh Construction Pvt. Ltd.

Maintenance work of NH & SH between Darbhanga to Begusarai.

Client: Bihar PWD

Site Engineer (Highway)

As a Site Engineer (Highway), responsibility for preparation of bills. Quality Control by way of conducting different Tests involving bitumen & aggregate. Preparation of work program, monitoring, updating work program, resource management. Execution of maintenance work of NH & SH.


English: reading, writing and speaking excellent

Hindi: reading, writing and speaking excellent

Maithali: reading, writing and speaking excellent


I, the undersigned, certify that to the best of my knowledge and belief, these data correctly describe me, my qualifications, and my experience. Further I certify that I am available for the assignment and shall be willing to work for NHAI for the entire duration of the position. I have also not left any NHAI project (completed/ongoing) without its approval and have not been debarred by NHAI in past.

(Signature of Staff member)

Construction Supervision of 4-Laning in the state of Assam

on East-West Corridor (Consultancy Package No. CS-IIB (AS-2))

R K Roy 1 - 4


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