Removing Dark Circles from Under the Eyes

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<ul><li><p>Removing Dark Circles from Under the Eyes </p><p>Dark circles under eyes can age a person quickly. Those dark blots drag </p><p>down the skin making women appear to be tired and/or older than they </p><p>actually are. Sometimes these circles form because of lack of sleep, while </p><p>at other times it is a sign of poor skin care. Either way, there is hope for </p><p>people who want to pack up and send off those bags under their eyes. </p><p>Perk Up </p><p>Sometimes the bags under a persons eyes are simply caused because of </p><p>dehydration or not enough moisture. It causes the skin to sag and even turn </p><p>a greyish color. Give skin a little love by using a skin cream or essential oil </p><p>at the troubled area. This allows the skin to retain some of its elasticity. </p><p>Bed Time </p><p>Often times, a person will have dark circles under their eyes because they </p><p>are not getting enough sleep. This causes the skin to lose its ability to </p><p>retain tightness which leads to sagging. By sleeping for at least seven hours </p><p>a night a woman increases her chances to have better skin. For those </p><p>having a difficult time resting, they may want to take a look at their stress </p><p>levels, alcohol intake, and even the quality of their mattress. </p><p>Cucumbers </p><p>It may seem like a movie trick, but resting cucumber slices over the eyes is </p><p>a good way to reduce eye puffiness. This doesnt have to be done daily. </p><p>Instead, think of it as something you do once a week like a facial. </p><p>Cucumbers simply give skin the extra boost it needs to stop dragging. These </p><p>are usually used in conjunction with a high quality face mask. </p><p>Dont let dark circles close the windows to your soul. Let your eyes light up </p><p>once again by removing those dark circles under eyes and letting that </p><p>twinkle beam bright. </p><p></p></li></ul>