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  • 1. ReincarnationReincarnation and Karmaand Karma
  • 2. rere -- againagain inin enter intoenter into ccarnaarna ((llatat.).) -- fleshflesh ((ie. bodyie. body))
  • 3. As a person putsAs a person puts on new garments,on new garments, giving up old ones,giving up old ones, similarly, the soulsimilarly, the soul accepts newaccepts new material bodies,material bodies, giving up the oldgiving up the old and useless ones.and useless ones. BhagavadBhagavad--gita 2.22gita 2.22
  • 4. For many centuries, greatFor many centuries, great thinkers and scientiststhinkers and scientists from the whole world havefrom the whole world have been trying to fathombeen trying to fathom thethe phenomenonphenomenon of life afterof life after deathdeath and the mysteries ofand the mysteries of remembrance of previousremembrance of previous liveslives..
  • 5. Famous persons who were aware of the lawsFamous persons who were aware of the laws of reincarnationof reincarnation:: 1)1) Jesus ChristJesus Christ,, 2)2) FlaviusFlavius JosephusJosephus ((JewishJewish historian from Jesushistorian from Jesus timestimes),), 3)3) OrigenOrigen ((aa church fatherchurch father from the 2nd centuryfrom the 2nd century),), 4)4) SoSoccratrateses,, 5)5) JalaluJalalu RumiRumi ((IslamicIslamic poetpoet fromfrom thethe 13.13. centurycentury),), 6)6) PaulPaul GauginGaugin,, 7)7) ArthurArthur SchopenhauerSchopenhauer,, 8)8) VoltaireVoltaire,, 9)9) HonoreHonore DeDe BalsacBalsac,, 10)10) H.DH.D.. ThoreauThoreau,, 11)11) MahatmaMahatma GhandiGhandi,, 12)12) AlbertAlbert EinsteinEinstein,, 13)13) J.WJ.W. Goethe,. Goethe, 14)14) Count LeoCount Leo TolstoTolstoyy,, 15)15) R.WR.W.. EmersonEmerson,, 16)16) WaltWalt WWhithitmanman,, 17)17) BenjaminBenjamin FranklinFranklin,, 18)18) MarkMark TwainTwain,, 19)19) JackJack London,London, 20)20) HenrHenryy FordFord,, 21)21) CarlCarl JJungung,, 22)22) GeorgeGeorge HarrisonHarrison ...... and many othersand many others..
  • 6. Jesus Christ in theJesus Christ in the Gnostic gospelGnostic gospel Pistis SophiaPistis Sophia:: The souls in thisThe souls in this worldworld transmigratetransmigrate from one body tofrom one body to anotheranother..
  • 7. Due to politicalDue to political aspirations, at theaspirations, at the infamous council ininfamous council in NicaeaNicaea in the yearin the year 325325 early Christian textsearly Christian texts about reincarnation andabout reincarnation and vegetarian diet werevegetarian diet were ruled out of the Bibleruled out of the Bible.. For centuries theFor centuries the leading worldleading world religions have notreligions have not taken the laws oftaken the laws of reincarnationreincarnation seriously enough.seriously enough.
  • 8. In the year 1600, prosecutors of the Inquisition tortured and burned the Dominican priest and philosopher Giordano Bruno. He was proclaimed a traitor and a heathenHe was proclaimed a traitor and a heathen because he preached about life after death.because he preached about life after death.
  • 9. Reincarnation isReincarnation is an expressionan expression of Godof Gods mercy.s mercy. God is not so brutal as to throw sinners into eternal suffering in hell.
  • 10. On the contrary, He is soOn the contrary, He is so merciful thatmerciful that He offers newHe offers new chances for redemptionchances for redemption from accumulated sins evenfrom accumulated sins even to the most the most sinful.
  • 11. Along with making great progress in psychology and science in general, in modern times there have been many scientists who, by their scientific research, have proven the continuation of life after the demise of the material body.
  • 12. That cycle of births and deaths is known in the language of ancient Vedas as samsara from the time immemorial . It is depicted by the symbol of a time-wheel.
  • 13. Dr. Ian Stevenson (USA) Psychiatrist and author of several books about documented examples of proof of reincarnation. Dr. Brian L. Weiss (USA) Hypnotherapist and psychiatrist. Author of books about documented examples of proof of reincarnation. Tom Shroder (USA) Author of three books. The most prominent is Old Souls. Dr. Michael Newton (USA) Hypnotherapist and author of four books. ...... and many othersand many others..
  • 14. Do you think you areDo you think you are the body you see in thethe body you see in the mirrormirror??
  • 15. In the oldest sacred books in the world (the Vedas), which originate from God Himself (Krishna), it is written that what we identify with is nothing but a blend of subtle and gross material bodies.
  • 16. Subtle (astral)Subtle (astral) bodybody MindMind IntelIntelligenceligence FalseFalse egoego
  • 17. The functionsThe functions of the mindof the mind FeelingFeeling WillingWilling ThinkingThinking
  • 18. The functions ofThe functions of the intelligencethe intelligence ResourcefulnessResourcefulness in new situationsin new situations DistinguishingDistinguishing between goodbetween good and badand bad Control of theControl of the sensessenses
  • 19. FalseFalse egoego forces us to thinkforces us to think thatthat the grossthe gross material or subtlematerial or subtle bodybody is our realis our real identityidentity..
  • 20. FalseFalse egoego is the mostis the most subtle materialsubtle material elementelement.. DDueue to false ego, weto false ego, we think of ourselves inthink of ourselves in terms ofterms of illusoryillusory identifiidentificationscations ......
  • 21. ...... such as body typesuch as body type,, gendergender, ra, racece, na, nationalitytionality,, religreligionion,, profession, etcprofession, etc..
  • 22. Forgetfulness of our eternal spiritual nature and identification with illusory identities is known in the language of the Vedas as maya, that which is not.
  • 23. The subtle bodyThe subtle body sometimes gets out of thesometimes gets out of the gross bodygross body -- for example,for example, at the time ofat the time of a cara car accident, a trauma,accident, a trauma, duringduring a surgical operationa surgical operation,, underunder the influence of narcotics,the influence of narcotics, etc.etc. In some cases it is a clinical deathIn some cases it is a clinical death ......
  • 24. ... and sometimes astral projection exiting the bodyexiting the body during deep sleepduring deep sleep or consciousor conscious exiting in wakeful stateexiting in wakeful state..
  • 25. There is a vast numberTh


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