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<ol><li> 1. Reflexive Pronouns We use a reflexive pronoun when we want to refer back to the subject of the sentence or clause. Reflexive pronouns end in "-self" (singular) or "-selves" (plural). </li><li> 2. Examples: I cut myself with a knife. Bring me a mirror. I want to look at myself. You will hurt yourself with that knife. She burned herself while cooking the pizza. The bird threw itself into the water. We can finish the project ourselves. They themselves wrote the article for the newspaper. </li><li> 3. PRACTICE IN CLASS I gave 12 weeks to get in shape. You should buy .. a new computer. Diane bought a new pair of shoes. Jeff reads quietly to .. The kitten groomed ... We told .. that we are winners. The students are able to help .. </li><li> 4. PRACTICE 1. Robert made this T-shirt . 2. Lisa did the homework . 3. We helped to some cola at the party. 4. Emma, did you take the photo by . ? 5. I wrote this poem . </li><li> 5. 6.He cut ..with the knife while he was doing the dishes. 7.The lion can defend . 8.My mother often talks to .. 9.Tim and Gerry, if you want more milk, help . 10.Alice and Doris collected the stickers </li><li> 6. 11.The cat nearly killed .when it ran across the road. 12.I enjoyed .at the party. 13.He always looks at in the mirror. 14.We helped the coffee. 15.The woman accidentally hurt ..with the knife. </li><li> 7. 16.The children enjoyed .at the beach. 17.The two of you shouldn't do that. You'll hurt .. 18.He paid for .. 19.Some people only think about ... 20.She didn't tell him. I told him </li><li> 8. 21. You cant do this for me - I have to do it .. 22. Why doesnt she do it .? 23. He saw in the mirror. 24. We cant do this . 25. They dont like </li><li> 9. 26. Are you going to the mall by ? 27. She likes to think of as a good person. 28. I cant see doing that. 29. They talk about .all the time. 30. You dont respect </li></ol>


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