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<ul><li><p>Arnotts Plain Biscuits 250g or Tim Tam Treat Pack 90-103g Selected Varieties </p><p>Arnotts Tim Tam or Mint Slice Value Pack 330-337g or Chocolicious Bites 187-191g </p><p>Selected Varieties</p><p>Peters Original Ice Cream 2 Litre Selected Varieties</p><p>Huggies Jumbo Nappies 60-108s Selected Varieties</p><p>Kleenex Cottonelle White Unscented Toilet Tissue 48 Pack</p><p>IGAWA12454</p><p>Choose from these brands you </p><p>love to win.See page 5 to enter.</p><p>IGAS BIG BRAND</p><p>CASH SPLASH$20,000</p><p>LongLong</p><p>SPECIALSSPECIALSSPECIALSWeekendWeekend</p><p>ON SALE WEDNESDAY 23RD APRIL UNTIL TUESDAY 29TH APRIL 2014 While stocks last. Some products or varieties may not be available at all stores</p><p>Continental Cup-a-Soup 2 Serve Selected Varieties</p><p>Huggies Jumbo Nappies 60-108s Selected Varieties</p><p>Pre-Pack Tomatoes 1kg</p><p>Kirks 10x375ml Selected Varieties</p><p>BBQ Beef Sausages 200% Replace + Refund</p><p>200% Replace + Refund</p><p>1/2PRICE</p><p>$299per pack$2.99 per kg</p><p>$399kg</p><p>Page 1 - Metro</p><p>SAVE FROM$2.05</p><p>$194</p><p>JUMBOSAVING!</p><p>$2599</p><p>SAVE FROM$1.01</p><p>99</p><p>SAVE FROM$4.36</p><p>SAVE FROM$2.80</p><p>$434</p><p>$279</p><p>$1.16 per litre</p><p>14 per 100ml</p></li><li><p>Amelia Park Butter y Lamb LegSelected Varieties</p><p>WA Select Pork Loin ChopsBeef Pocket Roast</p><p>Lean Diced Beef Mixed Chicken Pieces</p><p>DOrsogna Silverside</p><p>DOrsogna Honey Leg Ham</p><p>Mayfair Twiggy Sticks</p><p>Primo Salami 250g Selected Varieties</p><p>KR Castlemaine Short Cut Bacon</p><p>AusFresh Tuscan or European Antipasto Mix</p><p>Don Skin On Frankfurts or Cocktail Franks</p><p>KR Castlemaine Rindless Short Cut Bacon 630g</p><p>DOrsogna Krakowurst or Polish Sausage 375g</p><p>Hunsa American Style Bacon 250g</p><p>Primo Regular or Free Range Shaved or Sliced Meats 100g Selected Varieties</p><p>MeatAt IGA were doubly fussy about our fresh offer. If youre not totally happy with your fresh purchase we will replace it PLUS refund the value.</p><p>DelicatessenAt IGA were doubly fussy about our fresh offer. If youre not totally happy with your fresh purchase we will replace it PLUS refund the value.</p><p>Australian Yearling Beef T-Bone Steak(Min. Weight 1kg)</p><p>200% Replace + Refund</p><p>200% Replace + Refund</p><p>200% Replace + Refund</p><p>200% Replace + Refund</p><p>200% Replace + Refund</p><p>$1599</p><p>$1299 $899</p><p>$1199 $399kg</p><p>kg kg</p><p>kg kg</p><p> 200% Replace + Refund</p><p> 200% Replace + Refund</p><p> 200% Replace + Refund</p><p> 200% Replace + Refund</p><p> 200% Replace + Refund</p><p> 200% Replace + Refund</p><p>ea</p><p>kg kg</p><p>kg kg</p><p>kg</p><p>kg</p><p>200% Replace + Refund</p><p>$1599kg</p><p>Page 2 - Metro</p><p>$1299$1399</p><p>$1999$999 $1899</p><p>kg$549</p><p>$449$17.96 per kg</p><p>$799 $499 $469$12.68 per kg $13.31 per kg$24.90 per kg $18.76 per kg</p><p>$249</p></li><li><p>Australian Broccoli</p><p>Bok or Pak ChoyPre-packed Carrots 1kg Iceberg Lettuce </p><p>Snack Foods</p><p>IGA Fresh Natural or Dry Roasted Almonds 400g or Smoked Almonds 350g</p><p>Supporting West Australian farmers is important to our customers and its important to us at </p><p>IGA.</p><p> IGA stores have always been proud </p><p>supporters of local growers and producers because supporting them </p><p>keeps jobs in WA and thats good for </p><p>all the locals.</p><p>Fruit &amp; VegAt IGA were doubly fussy about our fresh offer. If youre not totally happy with your fresh purchase we will replace it PLUS refund the value.</p><p>Homestyle Wet Salads 700g Selected VarietiesHomestyle Wet Salads Green elds Gourmet </p><p>Party Mix Salad Pack 1kgHealthstyle Salad Bags 150g </p><p>Selected Varieties</p><p>perpack</p><p>200% Replace + Refund</p><p>200% Replace + Refund200% Replace + Refu</p><p>nd200% Replace + Refund</p><p>eaea</p><p>200% Replace + Refund</p><p>per pack</p><p>200% Replace + Refund</p><p>per pack</p><p>$9.99 per kg</p><p>$999200% Replace + Refu</p><p>nd</p><p>per pack</p><p>$19.93 per kg</p><p>$299Page 3 - Metro</p><p>$599</p><p>99 per kg</p><p>$129$149</p><p>$299kg</p><p>$499$7.13 per kg</p><p>99perpack</p></li><li><p>Devondale Butter Pat 250gFlora Spread 1kgSelected Varieties Elta Appliances Selected Varieties</p><p>Kraft Peanut Butter 325-375g or Cream Cheese Spread 250g Selected Varieties</p><p>Abbotts Village Bakery Bread 680-850g Selected VarietiesNot available in some country areas</p><p>Wonder White Bread 700g or Wraps 6 Pack 312g Selected VarietiesNot available in some country areas</p><p>Molenberg Bread 700g Selected VarietiesNot available in some country areas</p><p>IGA Bakers Oven Un lled Double Sponge 460g Selected Varieties</p><p>IGA Bakers Oven ANZAC Biscuits 240g</p><p>Quality Desserts Red Velvet Cake 500g</p><p>Bella 6 Pack Croissants 300g</p><p>IGA Bakers Oven Madeira Cake or Iced Orange Madeira Cake 400g</p><p>IGA Bakers Oven Jam or Crme Filled Lamingtons 6 Pack</p><p>IGA Bakers Oven Bread 700g or English Muf ns 6 Pack Selected VarietiesNot available in some country areas</p><p>BakeryAt IGA were doubly fussy about our fresh offer. If youre not totally happy with your fresh purchase we will replace it PLUS refund the value.</p><p>Helgas Bread 680-850g Selected VarietiesNot available in some country areas </p><p>d V i ti</p><p>Serving Suggestion</p><p> Community Chest</p><p> Community Chest</p><p> Community Chest</p><p> Community Chest</p><p> Community Chest</p><p>eaeaea</p><p>perpack</p><p>perpack</p><p>perpack</p><p>perpack</p><p>OFF%20</p><p>Page 4 - Metro</p><p>$199 $399$349</p><p>$299 $349 $399</p><p>80 per 100g</p><p>57 per 100g</p><p>40 per 100g</p><p>$549</p><p>$389</p><p>$449</p><p>$299</p><p>$399</p><p>$349</p><p>$199</p><p>83 per 100g $1.30 per 100g</p><p>$1.10 per 100g</p><p>$1.12 per 100g 87 per 100g</p><p>$299</p><p>$1.45 per 100g</p></li><li><p>Hunsa Shaved Meats 100g Selected Varieties</p><p>Arnotts Cruskits 125g Selected Varieties Coca-Cola 1 litre </p><p>Harvey Fresh 100% Juice 2 Litre Selected Varieties</p><p>TRESemm Shampoo or Conditioner 739-900ml Selected Varieties</p><p>Smiths Chips 45gSelected Varieties</p><p>Omo Laundry Concentrate Liquid 4 Litre Selected Varieties</p><p>Harvey Fresh UHT Juice 2 Litre Selected Varieties</p><p>Look for entry coupons everyday in The West Australian or enter online at </p><p> See website for full terms &amp; conditions.</p><p>Win a share in $5,000 of IGA gift cards every week </p><p>for four weeks! </p><p>IGAS BIG BRAND</p><p>CASH SPLASH$20,000</p><p>CHOOSE ANY PRODUCTS FROM THESE BRANDS YOU LOVE TO WIN</p><p> MY BIGBRANDSAT IGA</p><p>Alternatively scan this QR code and follow the prompts. Dont forget to </p><p>retain your original receipt</p><p>1/2PRICE</p><p>Heinz Soup of the Day Pouches 430g Selected Varieties</p><p>Continental Cup-a-Soup 2 Serve Selected Varieties</p><p>Cadbury Medium Bars 30-60g Selected Varieties </p><p>$499</p><p>1/2PRICE</p><p>Page 5 - Metro</p><p>$199</p><p>99</p><p>$299 $299 99</p><p>$399$2199</p><p>$199 $349$19.90 per kg</p><p>$2.00 per litre$5.50 per litre</p><p>$1.00 per litre $3.49 per litre</p><p>99$2.20 per 100g</p><p>70 per 100g $2.39 per 100g</p></li><li><p>Aussie Natural Spring Water 1.5 Litre Nestea 500ml Selected VarietiesGlacau Vitamin Water 500ml Selected Varieties</p><p>Monster Energy Drink 4x500ml</p><p>Gatorade 4x600ml Selected Varieties</p><p>Coca-Cola, Fanta, Lift or Sprite 2 Litre Selected Varieties</p><p>Mother Energy Drink 4x250ml Selected Varieties </p><p>Carte Noire Millicano Wholebean Instant Coffee 10 Sticks</p><p>Sunraysia Organic Juice 200ml Selected Varieties </p><p>Mount Franklin Lightly Sparkling Water 1.25 Litre Selected Varieties</p><p>Anchor Cordial 2 Litre Selected Varieties</p><p>Deep Spring Mineral Water 1.25 Litre Selected Varieties</p><p>Schweppes Dry 4x330ml Selected Varieties</p><p>Bickfords Old Style Drinks 4x275ml Selected Varieties</p><p>V8 Fruit &amp; Vegetable Juice 1.25 Litre Selected Varieties</p><p>Coca-Cola, Fanta or Sprite 6x375ml Selected Varieties</p><p>Glee Sparkling Fruit Juice Drink or Diet Rite 4x250ml Selected Varieties </p><p>Just Juice 6x200ml Selected Varieties</p><p>Moccona Freeze Dried Coffee 200g Selected Varieties</p><p>IGAS BIG BRAND</p><p>CASH SPLASH$20,000</p><p>SEE PAGE 5 FOR DETAILS</p><p> MY BIGBRANDSAT IGA</p><p>1/2PRICE</p><p>1/2PRICE</p><p>1/2PRICE</p><p>Page 6 - Metro</p><p>99 $199$249</p><p>$549</p><p>$79966 per litre $3.98 per litre$4.98 per litre</p><p>$2.75 per litre</p><p>$3.33 per litre</p><p>99 $169 $349</p><p>$149 $499$449</p><p>$349$4.95 per litre $1.35 per litre $1.75 per litre</p><p>$1.19 per litre $3.78 per litre$4.08 per litre</p><p>$2.79 per litre</p><p>$599</p><p>$249</p><p>$349</p><p>$199</p><p>$499</p><p>$299</p><p>$1499$2.66 per litre</p><p>$2.49 per litre</p><p>$2.91 per litre</p><p>$9.95 per 100g</p><p>$4.99 per litre</p><p>$1.50 per litre</p><p>$7.50 per 100g</p></li><li><p>SunRice Rice &amp; Grain Squares 150g Selected Varieties</p><p>Grainwaves 175g or Nobbys Salted Peanuts or Beer Nuts 375g Selected Varieties</p><p>Mars Funsize Confectionery Bags 144-216, M&amp;Ms 160-200g or Maltesers 155g Selected Varieties</p><p>Kraft Snackabouts 156-168g Selected Varieties</p><p>Pods 176g or Dove Promises 140g Selected Varieties</p><p>White Wings Homestyle Chunkies 250g or Drizzles 200g Selected Varieties </p><p>Cadbury 45% Extra Bars 58-80g or Sour Patch Kids 65g Selected Varieties </p><p>Wrigleys Eclipse Mints 50 Piece Selected Varieties Nobbys Salted Mixed Nuts 500g</p><p>Lofthouses Fishermans Friend Mints 25g Selected Varieties</p><p>Green &amp; Blacks Organic Block Chocolate 100g Selected Varieties</p><p>Starburst Sucks 13gSelected Varieties</p><p>French Fries, Samboy, Thins or Natural Chip Company 175g Selected VarietiesRitz Snackz 100g Selected Varieties </p><p>Arnotts Assorted Creams 500g</p><p>Arnotts Country Cheese, Sesame Wheat or Cheds 250g</p><p>3 for$100</p><p>Page 7 - Metro</p><p>$249$299$149</p><p>80 per 100g</p><p>$1.20 per 100g $1.49 per 100g</p><p>$5.85 per 100g $13.98 per kg$5.96 per 100g</p><p>$2.99 per 100g 99 per 100g$2.54 per 100g</p><p>$1.42 per 100g</p><p>$199 $699$149</p><p>$299 $149</p><p>99$249</p><p>$399</p><p>$299</p><p>$249</p><p>$299$249</p></li><li><p>Uncle Tobys Vita Brits Weeties 455g or Vita Brits 750g</p><p>Kelloggs Coco Pops 375g, Nutri-Grain 290g, Sultana Bran 420g or Be Natural Porridge 490-520g Selected Varieties</p><p>Uncle Tobys Oats Quick Sachets 10-12 Pack Selected Varieties</p><p>Betty Crocker Cake, Muf n, Brownie or Cookie Mixes 450-600g Selected Varieties(excludes Irresistables varieties)</p><p>Goulburn Valley Fruit Snack 140g Selected Varieties Safcol Responsibly Fished Tuna 95g </p><p>Selected Varieties</p><p>Foster Clarks Snak Pack or Custard Cups 4x140g Selected Varieties</p><p>Goulburn Valley Fruit Snacks 6x140g Selected Varieties</p><p>Red Island Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250ml Azalea Grapeseed Oil 500ml</p><p>McKenzies</p><p>CSR White Sugar 1kg Goulburn Valley Fruit Snacks 3x140g Selected Varieties</p><p>Easy School Snacks</p><p>Serving Suggestion</p><p>EXCLUSIVE TOSUPA IGA</p><p>IGAS BIG BRAND</p><p>CASH SPLASH$20,000</p><p>SEE PAGE 5 FOR DETAILS</p><p> MY BIGBRANDSAT IGA</p><p>850g</p><p>500gSel Var</p><p>Page 8 - Metro</p><p>99$149</p><p>$32959 per 100g</p><p>$649$7.73 per kg</p><p>$399 $499</p><p>$149$449</p><p>$299$399$209</p><p>$199</p><p>$349</p><p>$1.60 per 100ml $1.00 per 100ml</p><p>$2.98 per kg</p><p>53 per 100g</p><p>20 per 100g</p><p>$299$7.12 per kg</p><p>$1.06 per 100g$10.42 per kg</p></li><li><p>Continental Cup a Soup Sensations 21-26g Selected Varieties</p><p>San Remo La Pasta Family Pack 160g Selected Varieties</p><p>SunRice 90 Second Microwave Rice 250g or Quick Cups 2 Pack 240-250g Selected Varieties</p><p>Yoodles Noodles 70g Selected Varieties</p><p>San Remo Pasta 750g or Lasagne Sheets 375g Selected Varieties</p><p>Campbells Country Ladle or Chunky Canned Soup 495-505g Selected Varieties</p><p>Harvest Canned Meals 425g Selected Varieties </p><p>Continental One Pan Meals 296-310g Selected Varieties </p><p>Fountain Sauce 2 Litre Selected Varieties</p><p>MasterFoods Squeeze Sauce 500ml Selected Varieties</p><p>Maggi So Crispy 85g or One Pan Recipe Bases 120g Selected Varieties</p><p>Edgell Mexi Beans Salsa Mix 300gMission Jumbo Taco Shells 190g</p><p>Mission Deli Style Tortilla Triangles or Rounds 500g</p><p>Find us in the Ready to Serve Soup </p><p>sectionServing Suggestion</p><p>140gSel Var</p><p>Page 9 - Metro</p><p>99</p><p>$199</p><p>$239</p><p>$1.24 per 100g</p><p>$1.71 per 100g</p><p>$249</p><p>$299</p><p>99$299</p><p>$39959 per 100g</p><p>50 per 100ml</p><p>20 per 100ml</p><p>$3.30 per kg$1.57 per 100g</p><p>80 per 100g</p><p>$279 $199$19999</p><p>$399</p><p>$249$179</p><p>$1.41 per 100g</p></li><li><p>Pura Original or Hi-Lo Milk 2 Litre</p><p>Coon Cheese Slices 500g Selected Varieties</p><p>Bega Farmers Tasty Block Cheese 1kg</p><p>The Daily Juice Company 2 Litre Selected Varieties</p><p>Frche, Le Rice or Divine Classic Crme Caramel 2x150g Selected Varieties</p><p>Nestl Ski Dlite or Soleil Diet Yoghurt 1kg Selected Varieties</p><p>Mundella Yoghurt 1kg Selected Varieties</p><p>Pauls Squeezie Yoghurt 70g Selected Varieties </p><p>Vaalia Yoghurt 4x150g Selected Varieties</p><p>Brownes Yoghurt 12x100g Selected VarietiesMainland Grated Cheese 200g Selected Varieties</p><p>Yoplait Yoghurt or Go Gurt Pouches 150g Selected Varieties</p><p>Bega Super Slices 480-500g Selected Varieties</p><p>Mainland On The Go Cheese &amp; Crackers 50g Selected Varieties</p><p>Mil Lel Shaved or Shredded Parmesan Cheese 125g Selected Varieties</p><p>IGAS BIG BRAND</p><p>CASH SPLASH$20,000</p><p>SEE PAGE 5 FOR DETAILS</p><p> MY BIGBRANDSAT IGA</p><p>375g Sel Var</p><p>2 LitreSel Var</p><p>Page 10 - Metro</p><p>$399</p><p>$229</p><p>$2.00 per litre</p><p>$1.15 per litre</p><p>$109</p><p>$549 $399</p><p>$1.56 per 100g</p><p>55 per 100g 66 per 100g</p><p>$599$299 $139</p><p>$399$249$699$899</p><p>$449</p><p>$499 50 per 100g$14.95 per kg 93 per 100g</p><p>40 per 100g$13.98 per kg$8.99 per kg 83 per 100g</p><p>$2.25 per litre</p><p>$199$39.80 per kg</p><p>$299</p><p>$329$26.32 per kg</p><p>80 per 100g</p></li><li><p>Four N Twenty Angus Pies 760-800g Selected Varieties </p><p>Sargents Premium Chunky Beef Royale or Chicken Supreme Pies 4 Pack 700g</p><p>Ingham Breast Chipees or Munchies 400g or Family Nuggets Value Pack 700g</p><p>McCain Frozen Vegetables 1kg Selected Varieties</p><p>Frozen Global Barramundi Fillets 750g Imported Product</p><p>Frozen Global Pineapple Cut Squid 1kg Imported Product</p><p>Dr. Oetker Ristorante Pizzas 310-390g Selected Varieties </p><p>McCain Healthy Choice Frozen Meals 280-400g Selected Varieties</p><p>Sara Lee Pie or Crumble 500-600g Selected Varieties</p><p>Patties Mini Combo Pack 40 Pieces 1kg</p><p>McCain Seasoned Curly Fries 500g</p><p>Steggles Chicken Hot Pops or Kiev 350-400g Selected Varieties</p><p> McCain Original or Red Skin Fries or Wedges 750g Selected Varieties</p><p>Creative Gourmet Frozen Berries 500g Selected Varieties </p><p>300gSel Var</p><p>perpack</p><p>perpack</p><p>Page 11 - Metro</p><p>$599$299</p><p>$599</p><p>$599</p><p>$599</p><p>$399 $1299 $1599</p><p>$3.99 per kg</p><p>86 per 100g</p><p>$19.97 per kg</p><p>$3.99 per kg $17.32 per kg $15.99 per kg</p><p>$1099</p><p>$199</p><p>$1.10 per 100g</p><p>$3.98 per kg</p><p>$449$499$399</p><p>$549 $699$13.98 per kg</p></li><li><p>Dcor Baby Single, Twin or Quad Bottle Cooler Bag or Feeding Tubs with Spoon 5 Piece</p><p>Only Organic Baby Food 110g Selected Varieties </p><p>Baby Essentials</p><p>Huggies Baby Wipes Re ll 80s Selected Varieties</p><p>Impulse Body Spray 75g Selected Varieties</p><p>Macleans Protect Toothpaste 90g Selected Varieties</p><p>Radox Shower Gel 500ml Selected Varieties</p><p>Cenovis Vitamins Selected Varieties</p><p>Centrum Advance Multivitamin and Mineral Supplement 30s or Caltrate Calcium Supplement 60s Selected Varieties</p><p>Palmolive Softwash Liquid Handwash 250ml Selected Varieties</p><p>Schwarzkopf Colour Mask Hair Colour 1 Pack Selected Varieties</p><p>Napro Palette Hair Colour 1 Pack Selected Varieties</p><p>Rexona Anti-perspirant Deodorant 150g Selected Varieties </p><p>1/2PRICE</p><p>1/2PRICE</p><p>OFF%25</p><p>OFF%30</p><p>LOreal Elvive Shampoo or Conditioner 700ml Selected Varieties</p><p>IGAS BIG BRAND</p><p>CASH SPLASH$20,000</p><p>SEE PAGE 5 FOR DETAILS</p><p> MY BIGBRANDSAT IGA</p><p>68 per 100g</p><p>$3004 for</p><p>Page 12 - Metro</p><p>$399$4.99 per 100 units</p><p>$799$17972 per 100ml</p><p>$1399</p><p>$1199</p><p>$799</p><p>$305$249$109</p><p>$499</p><p>61 per 100ml$3.32 per 100g$1.21 per 100g</p><p>$3.33 per 100g</p><p>$1.71 per 100ml</p></li><li><p>Sorbent Facial Tissues 224s Selected Varieties </p><p>Julius Berg Bath Mats or Hand or Bath Towels 1 Pack or Washers 2 Pack Selected Varieties </p><p>Bonds Mens Socks, Briefs or Singlets 1-3 Pack Selected Varieties </p><p>Razza Matazz Opaque Hosiery Selected Varieties </p><p>Quilton Toilet Tissue 3Ply 6 Pack Selected Varieties</p><p>Cussons Radiant Powder Capsules 20s Selected Varieties </p><p>Pine O Cleen Disinfectant 1.25 Litre Selected Varieties </p><p>Ajax Professional Bathroom or Kitchen Trigger 500ml or Spray nWipe Multipurpose Wipes 40 Pack Vileda SuperMocio 3 Action Mop with Handle</p><p>Duo All Machines Laundry Powder 2kg Selected Varieties</p><p>OFF%40</p><p>OFF%40</p><p>Underworks Ladies All Day Socks 2 Pack Selected Varieties</p><p>OFF%25</p><p>Cuddly Concentrate Fabric Conditioner 400-500ml or Fab Laundry Concentrate 900g-1kg Selec...</p></li></ul>