Rebranding Agile: How Marketers are Changing the Way they Work for Real-time World

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My deck from Oredev 2013 in Malmo Sweden. I presented the state of Agile in marketing. Is it Agile Marketing or Agile in Marketing? This is the question.



REBRANDING AGILE: HOW MARKETERS ARE CHANGING THE WAY THEY WORK FOR REAL-TIME WORLDFrank Days Tech Marketing VP AgileMarketingBlog.comCohost Marketing Agility Podcast

New category of influencersDemos & Videos


Modern marketing architectureSearch Engines SEO & PPCContentPR & Partners



More data and better real-time analytics

Many old tricks dont work any moreMarketing mix is increasingly digital

A tale of three marketers The CMOThe MediaThe Agency Man

Meet the Chief Marketing OfficerLife of a CMOResponsible for entire marketing mixOften more creative than quantitativeSits at table with C-levelsAve tenure: < 4 yearsUp from < 2 year in 2009

Held more accountable than ever

Conversation is always happening

Less certainty about how things spread

Forced to test more before diving inMeet the media

Bad news: mass media is dyingFragmentation of media100s of cable/satellite channelsDozens of relevant social channelsAnd your existing old media channelsGood news: content is still king$118.4 billion will be spent on content marketing, video marketing, and social media in 2013- eMarketer80% of business decision makers prefer to get company information in a series of articles versus an advertisement.- Content Marketing InstituteContent creation is ranked as the single most effective SEO technique- Marketing Sherpa27,000,000 pieces of content are shared everyday. - AOL and Nielson

Convergence of mass and social mediaMeet The Ad manThe agencyMany essential functionsAdvertisingDesignMedia buyingPublic relationsSocial mediaCustomer relationship managementDatabase and analytics

Waterfall protects margins

Waterfall prevents bad client behaviorAgile marketing to the rescueRebranding Agile

Credit: Scott BrinkerChief Marketing TechnologistWhy I care about Agile?As a tech CMONeed to be responsive, transparent and adaptiveNever liked marketing plansShort shelf life for marketing plans

As an senior executiveResults matter more than documentation so I need a lightweight approachThe communications overhead for a project increases as the size of the team grows- The Mythical Man Month, 1975

And making interesting connectionsInterviews with LeadersSince April 2011Interviewed pioneersToo earlyLots of chasingMany renegades

Agile Marketing Milestones2010 IDC creates first real report on Agile MarketingMarketing Agility Podcast2011 Sprint Zero Meetup in San FranciscoAgile marketing manifesto2012Pundits come out of woodwork2013Agile Marketing meetups gain tractionAgile marketing meetupsSan FranciscoBostonSeattleChinaMany more

State of Agile in Marketing Agile marketing is a high-communication, low documentation, rapid iteration process designed to provide more frequent, more relevant and highly measurable marketing programs IDC,Agile Principles and Practices, 2010

Marketing adoption of AgileMarketers often talk about little a agile (not big a Agile)

Less dogmatic

All are using sprints

Image: Wikipedia

Scrums frequency variesBurndowns are infrequent

Image: WikipediaOther observationsProduct owner and scum master the sameSome using user storiesMore frequently small tech companiesMore common in digital/demand gen teamSome waterfall remainsSome interesting innovations

ChallengesMarketers are storytellers

Long lead times tasksEventsMedia buyingUser conferences

Branding and product marketing less dynamic

Talent levelWaterfall protects the weakSmarter people can adapt and adjustNeed people who can handle uncertainty

Image: WikipediaAgile marketing or marketing with agile?TransitionsEcommerce/dotcom became multichannel retailWeb 2.0/social media marketing becoming content marketingWhen will Agile marketing become Agile?How Agile helps marketersAdaptive for increasing uncertain channelsTransparent processMake team more effective by focusing

Agile Marketers RockstarsScott Brinker, CEO, Ion InteractiveJohn Cass, Cohost Marketing Agility PodcastJonathan Colman, Principal Experience Architect at REIFrank Days, Tech CMO and agilemarketingblog.comJim Ewel, CEO, In Demand InterpretingJascha Kaykas-Wolf, CMO MindjetDavid Quinn, Director of Communications, EMCNeil Perkin, Only Dead FishMike Volpe, CMO HubspotLets connectFrank Marketing Group on FacebookMarketing Agility Podcast on iTunes