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  • 8/7/2019 Ready, Set, Go! 5K Training Blueprint


  • 8/7/2019 Ready, Set, Go! 5K Training Blueprint


  • 8/7/2019 Ready, Set, Go! 5K Training Blueprint


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  • 8/7/2019 Ready, Set, Go! 5K Training Blueprint



    Everyone has an actual heart, but having heart is somethingentirely different. It means possessing an intangible desire toachieve your goals, a will to succeed, and a never-quit attitude.

    The great Muhammad Ali once said, Impossible is nothing. Andwhen it comes to your training, we think thats everything.

    Welcome to Ready, Set, Go! 5K

    The 5K race, at 3.1 miles in length, is one of the most popular running

    races from beginner to advanced abilities. For the beginner, this is agreat way to give running a try and have fun in a group setting, and forthe advanced runner it is perfect for establishing short-term goals andworking towards longer races and a faster pace.

    You have before you a 5K plan that will get you physically andmentally ready to run a successful race. And while your runningimproves, youll also shape up and improve your overall health.

    Fit Marriage Coach Nick Westbrook, CSCS has developed this planfrom many years of experience running himself and helping othersachieve their fitness goals. Ready, Set, Go! 5K is for you whether thisis your first, second, third or your tenth 5K.

    Why Run a 5K?

    You want to challenge yourself

    Running with your spouse instead of away from them intriguesyou

    Training for a specific goal keeps you motivated

    Supporting a specific charity event makes you feel good

    Crossing the finish line is an accomplishment youll cherish


  • 8/7/2019 Ready, Set, Go! 5K Training Blueprint


    Completing an event with a friend is a great bonding experience

    You want to better your previous Personal Record time

    This 6-week program has been laid out so that you can achieve yourgoal of completing a 5K without spending endless hours only running.Better yet, you and your spouse can do it together to enhance yourrecreational intimacy. If you have kids, bring them along and makethis a family event!

    Youll be amazed at how fun running a 5K is for the entire family.

    Program Overview

    A 5K may seem intimidating at first, but with the Ready, Set, Go! 5KBlueprint you will be ready to achieve your goal of completing asuccessful 5K. In this program, we will be using run/walk strategies toprepare your legs for the challenge of running a 5K.

    We have added a Core Strength workout that will help strengthen themost important part of our body. As an added bonus, we have alsoincluded a stretching routine that you can use to briefly cool downafter your workouts. Finally, a basic yoga routine is provided to keep

    you flexible and limber and to prevent injuries while you train for your5K.

    This is the most comprehensive 5K program out there. In just sixweeks, youll have trained your entire body...not just your legs.

    Equipment Needed

    Youre at the starting line of a new adventure. Congratulations!

    Before we start, lets cover some pieces of equipment that you willneed in order to get the most out of your 5K training. Ultimately, thesepieces of equipment will help you complete your first 5K in top form.


  • 8/7/2019 Ready, Set, Go! 5K Training Blueprint


    1. Running Shoes - Dont underestimate the importance of yourshoes. These are what will keep you feeling good and prevent injury.If you have some old shoes that you think might work, dont use them.

    2. Interval Timer/Stop Watch - You can get great interval timers foryour iPhone or Droid, so check your app store and find the ones youlike. If you dont have a fancy phone, just buy a stopwatch for a fewbucks and keep track of your own work/rest intervals. Having this toolwill help you when you are doing your run/walk intervals as well as theCore Strength Circuits.

    3. Water Bottle - Make sure when you are going out on your walksand then runs that you have fluids available. Staying hydrated is amust if you want to feel great and perform at your best.

    Thats it!

    Youre at the starting line and you hear over the loud speaker...


    Now its time to get Set.


  • 8/7/2019 Ready, Set, Go! 5K Training Blueprint



    Motivation and the will to see this program through is going to be a big

    factor in having a so-so 5K running experience or a great 5K race.

    Are you willing to get up each day of the program and do what isnecessary? Do you have goals set? Is there a specific reason whyyou want to run this race?

    Were here to help you with these questions and more. It is our goalto see you succeed! In doing so, we hope you begin to find a lifelongpassion for fitness and health.

    Motivation doesnt happen on its own. You need to plan for yoursuccess just like we have planned out what you need to do over thenext 6 weeks to prepare for your 5K.

    Here are 7 tips to help keep you motivated:

    1. Commit To The Plan. The excitement that occurs when you begina program is awesome! You launch out of the starting blocks witheverything you have. Unfortunately, for some of you, thatexcitement will fizzle out and it makes it difficult to continue on your5K journey. So how can you keep that excitement alive for theduration of the Ready, Set, Go! 5K program?

    2. Set Measurable & Specific Goals. For the purposes of thisprogram, you should set goals that will keep you motivated andexcited about completing your 5K. It could be as simple asphysically completing your first 5K, a specific time you want tocomplete the event in, running the entire course without walking orstopping, or it could be a specific weight loss goal youll achieveduring the 6-week program.


  • 8/7/2019 Ready, Set, Go! 5K Training Blueprint


    3. Track Your Progress by Writing It Down. Print out the programand after each workout that you complete, put a check mark by it orcross it out. Add comments that will help you during your nextworkout.

    This will be a visible reminder of what you have accomplished thusfar. Make it known to your family and friends that you are trainingfor a 5K. Share your experiences and blog about it. If you have aGPS device, track your run/walks and upload them so you canmonitor your time, distance, average speed, and calories burned.

    4. Focus on Your Personal Best. In todays world, we are alwayslooking at how well the other person did. Its time for you to look at

    yourself in the mirror and become the best version of you that youcan become.

    There are many ways that you can grow as an individual. When itcomes to running a 5K, it could be setting a time for yourself andbeating it on race day or maybe its competing in a particularly hilly5K to really challenge yourself.

    During your core strength workouts, you can add weights, bands, ora medicine ball to each exercise to add an element of difficultywhen you are ready to push yourself and achieve a new level offitness.

    5. Build Your Support Team. Having a support group around youcan make the difference when it comes to putting your very besteffort into your Ready, Set, Go! 5K training. These are folks whowill be there to pick you up when you are down, and you should beselective to choose individuals who will stick by you. Y