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  • 1. Preapared by: Ravindra Nath Sharma

2. Agenda

  • Introduction(UK)
  • Configuration control board (Ravi)
  • Configuration manager (Mahesh)
  • Configuration item owner(ksh)
  • Configuration librarian( ksh)
  • Configuration Auditor(roshan)
  • Configuration support manager(roshan)
  • Person in role(ravi)
  • Configuration tools(ravi)

3. SCM ppt06/08/09 4. Configuration management roles

  • Control Board composed of technical andadministrative representatives who recommend approval/disapproval of changes to a CI or baseline (e.g., Configuration Control Board (CCB), Internal Review Board (IRB))
  • CONFIGURATIONMANAGER: A configuration manager is responsible for the Configuration Management process and the Configuration Management Database (CMDB). He or she has the create, read, update, and delete permissions to on all configuration items in the CMDB. A configuration manager is also a super user for all accounts in a multi-customer environment.
  • Configuration Manager
    • Responsible for identifying configuration items. The configuration manager can also be responsible for defining the procedures for creating promotions and releases
  • Configuration Management Officer (CMO)
  • Implements and maintains the CM system according to the projects CM Plan.Coordinates, supports, and performs CM activities and reports those activities to the PDL

06/08/09 5.

  • 3Configuration item owner A configuration item owner has primary responsibility for a configuration item (CI).
  • Configuration librarian A configuration librarian is the owner of the configuration library and manager of all master copies of configuration items (CIs). In a multi-customer environment, a configuration librarian is a super user for the accounts he or she is assigned to.
  • 4Configuration auditor The configuration auditor can view, modify, or cancel audit schedules and clean up old audit output.
  • 5Support manager A support manager is responsible for managing relationships between configuration items (CIs) and users that have been assigned to a role.
  • Person in a role A person in a role is a user who has been assigned to a role. The assignment of a user to a role is done by modifying theldiffile in LDAP.

06/08/09 6. 06/08/09 7. 06/08/09 1. Quality Control Board 8. 06/08/09 9.

  • A configuration manager is responsible for the Configuration Management process and the Configuration Management Database (CMDB). He or she has the create, read, update, and delete permissions to on all configuration items in the CMDB. A configuration manager is also a super user for all accounts in a multi-customer environment.
  • A configuration manager has the following responsibilities:
  • Choose a team of people to support various roles in the process
  • Has access to all configuration items in the CMDB
  • Ensure the goals of the company are met through the right set of policies and procedures
  • Ensure that the team maintains a quick turnaround of requests

06/08/09 2. Configuration manager 10. Contd

  • Maintain an auditable process
  • Show discovery
  • Request a set of resources to be maintained in the CMDB
  • Configure policies and standards
  • View reports and request
  • Work with reports
  • View configuration items
  • Expand configuration management
  • Stop management of configuration items

11. Tasks for the Configuration Managers 06/08/09 Define configuration items Define promote /release policies Define responsibilities Set up configuration management system SCMP following the IEEE 828-1990 standard 12. Configuration Management job Configuration Manager Responsibilities

  • Works to the overall objectives agreed with the IT Services Manager; implements the organizations Configuration Management policy and standards.
  • Evaluates existing Configuration Management systems and the design, implementation and management of new/improved systems for efficiency and effectiveness - including estimating and planning the work and resources involved, and monitoring and reporting on progress against plan.
  • Proposes and agrees scope of the Configuration Management processes, function, the items that are to be controlled, and the information that is to be recorded. Develops Configuration Management standards, Configuration Management plans and procedures.

06/08/09 13. Continued.

  • Mounts an awareness campaign to win support for new Configuration Management procedures. Ensures that changes to the Configuration Management methods and processes are properly approved and communicated to staff before being implemented. Plans, publicizes and oversees implementation of new Configuration Management systems.
  • Arranges recruitment and training of staff. Trains Configuration Management specialists and other staff in Configuration Management principles, processes and procedures.
  • Evaluates proprietary Configuration Management tools and recommends those that best meet the organizations budget, resource, timescale and technical requirements.
  • Creates and manages the Configuration Management plan, principles and processes and their implementation. This includes CI registration procedures; access controls and privileges. Ensures that the correct roles and responsibilities are defined in the Configuration Management plans and procedures.

06/08/09 14.

  • An aggregation of hardware, software, or both, that is designated for configuration management and treated as a single entity in the configuration management process.
  • Software configuration items are not only program code segments but all type of documents according to development, e.g
    • all type of code files
    • drivers for tests
    • analysis or design documents
    • user or developer manuals
    • system configurations (e.g. version of compiler used)
  • In some systems, not only software but also hardware configuration items (CPUs, bus speed frequencies) exist!

06/08/09 3. Configuration item owner 15. Finding Configuration Items

  • Large projects typically produce thousands of entities (files, documents, data ...) which must be uniquely identified.
  • Any entitymanaged in the software engineering process can potentially be brought under configuration management control
  • But not every entity needs to be under configuration management control all the time.
  • Two Issues:
    • What: Selection of Configuration Items
      • What should be under configuration control?
    • When: When do you start to place entities under configuration control?
  • Conflict for the Project Manager:
    • Starting with CIs too early introduces too much bureaucracy
    • Starting with CIs too late introduces chaos

06/08/09 16. Finding Configuration Items (continued)

  • Some items must be maintained for the lifetime of the software. This includes also the phase, when the software is no longer developed but still in use; perhaps by industrial customers who are expecting proper support for lots of years.
  • An entity naming scheme should be definedso that related documents have related names.
  • Selecting the right configuration items is a skill that takes practice
    • Very similar to object modeling
    • Use techniques similar to object modeling for finding Cis!
      • Find the CIs
      • Find relationships between CIs

06/08/09 17. Possible Selection of Configuration Items

  • Problem Statement
  • Software Project Management Plan (SPMP)
  • Requirements Analysis Document (RAD)
  • System Design Document (SDD)
  • Project Agreement
  • Object Design Document(ODD)
  • Dynamic Model
  • Object model
  • Functional Model
  • Unit tests
  • Integration test strategy
  • Source code
  • API Specification
  • Input data and data bases
  • Test plan
  • Test data
  • Support software (part of the product)
  • Support software (not part of the product)
  • User manual
  • Administrator manual

06/08/09 Once the Configuration Items are selected, they are usually organized in a tree 18. Configuration Item Tree (Example) The project CI Models Subsystems Documents Object Model Dynamic Model Database User Interface . . . . Code Data Unit Test RAD ODD . . . . . . . . . . . . 06/08/09 The project 19. Configuration li