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    FIRST 7 DAY CHALLENGE (Fast Start Checklist - Use Checkmarks As You Go!)


    Text Dream to 37619 & Register for Text Updates www.WVRatPack.com/gettingstarted Complete 7day Fast Lane Sheet on Getting Started Page & Begin The Playbook

    7day Fast Lane Worksheet & Audio: www.WVRatPack.com/gettingstarted

    *OPTIONAL: RAT Pack Playbook: www.WVRatPack.com/leadership

    Register for Upcoming Training Event (Circle When Registered)

    Super Saturday / Regional Training Event / National Event / www.WVRatPack.com/events

    Use Concierge Service and Download The RoviaAssist Mobile App

    Call (Toll Free) 1.855.896.2815 - Ask ANYTHING... Its Fun! Begin Invites Using 7day Fast Lane Sheet or 20-15-6 Flow Chart (From Playbook)

    ACTIVITY + ATTITUDE = RESULTS in this business.

    Get Familiar With Your Websites and Use Your Membership

    Username.DreamTripsLife.com / Username.WorldVentures.biz / www.WVRatPack.com

    Schedule a Travel Party at Your Home or Attend One In Your Area

    http://www.WVRatPack.com/events Contact a leader to schedule one.

    Listen in on Wings & Wheels Call

    Monday Nights 6pm MT, 7pm CT, 8pm ET / 712-432-8912 / PIN: 904188#

    Listen in on Knights of the Round Table Call

    Sunday Nights 9pm Central / 1-218-862-1300 / PIN # 391615

    Begin Listening To Your Fast Lane Audio CDs

    These are found in your welcome kit and distributed by leaders.

    Start Reading Recommended Books (www.WVRatPack.com/leadership)

    The Business Of The 21st Century by: Robert Kiyosaki; The Mentor by: Ryan Chamberlin



  • GETTING STARTED RIGHTThis Fast Start Playbook is designed to teach you the system that thousands of people have already used in order to earn a check quickly and waive their dues within our company. Our trainings are fun and invaluable to your success. Those who regularly attend our events significantly outperform those who dont attend. As a result, our events commonly sell out. Register at www.wvratpack.com/events

    Our system is simple:

    1. Pay Attention - Match, model, and take advice from those who have had success and have what you want. Dont take advice from someone with little to no success in network marketing.

    2. Get Excited - Your level of excitement and the number of people you show with enthusiasm can easily make up for any inexperience you may have in network marketing.

    3. Have Fun! - When youre brand new, many will join, but even the ones who say no at first are still watching you so have fun with it! Remember, every dollar spent on your membership can go toward a Rewards DreamTrip and more FUN!

    The combination for earning $570 is 20-15-6.

    Your first step is to create a list of the top 20 people you want to show and contact them. Then, set up 15 quality exposures using the 2 Step Invite with one of your business partners/mentors either in person, over the phone, or online (DO NOT start by yourself!) From these quality exposures, 6 will join your team (depending on your level of influence).

    20 Invites15 Quality Exposures (w/ an expert present or on the phone for credibility)6 Enrollments*In this example, 9 said no. Its OK! S.W. (Some Will, Some Wont, So What! Some Will Later!)*

    ---Focus on getting a check for $570 in your first week---www.WVRATPACK.com


  • Names List Name Phone Used Expert1. _____________________ ________________ Y / N2. _____________________ ________________ Y / N 3. _____________________ ________________ Y / N 4. _____________________ ________________ Y / N 5. _____________________ ________________ Y / N 6. _____________________ ________________ Y / N 7. _____________________ ________________ Y / N 8. _____________________ ________________ Y / N 9. _____________________ ________________ Y / N 10. _____________________ ________________ Y / N 11. _____________________ ________________ Y / N 12. _____________________ ________________ Y / N 13. _____________________ ________________ Y / N 14. _____________________ ________________ Y / N 15. _____________________ ________________ Y / N 16. _____________________ ________________ Y / N 17. _____________________ ________________ Y / N 18. _____________________ ________________ Y / N 19. _____________________ ________________ Y / N 20. _____________________ ________________ Y / N



    t w/ 2


    Find out what team you were born on (left or right). Place your first 3 sales on whichever team you were born on.

    Ex: If you were born on the left team, place your first 3 on your left.

    Left Right

    6 Direct Commissions ($20 x 6) = $1206 Personal Sales In 4 Week Period = $250

    1 Cycle (3 Left/3 Right) = $200---------------------Total = $570

    In this example youve earned all of your money back, become profitable, and waived

    your overhead/monthly due!


  • Best INVITE & 2 Step Invites Best Invite - A good friend just shared an exciting idea with me and I immediately thought of you! We need to get together ASAP so I can get you (up to speed/the info)! (Set time and place without explaining - use what is it below.)

    Travel PartyStep 1 - Hey! What are you doing tomorrow around 7pm?!!Step 2 - Great! Im having some friends over to my house. Ive got some ideas I want to run by you

    and some friends I want you to meet! Be here by 7pm. Get excited and dont be late!*Inviting to someone elses Travel Party: Great! Ive got some ideas I want to run by you and some friends I

    want you to meet! Ill pick you up at 6:40pm. Be ready and get excited!

    Face-to-Face / Two-on-OneStep 1 - Hey! What are you doing right (now/this afternoon/evening/tomorrow)?!!Step 2 - Great, lets grab (coffee/tea/some food)! Ive got an awesome idea I want to run by you!!

    Online ExposureStep 1 - Hey, when do you have 20 minutes you can be in front of a computer without distractions?!Step 2 - Great, Ive got something exciting that I want you to check out. Ill call you then! (Dont

    give them the website until they are at a computer.)

    ---If they ask What is it?--- Its awesome! Get excited :) Its not something I can explain over the phone, thats what tomorrow night is for! Just get

    excited! If I tried to explain it I wouldnt do it justice. I dont want to give you anything until I can show you

    everything. Youll see what its all about tonight! Get excited! Its me! lol youll see it when we meet. Get excited! Something that I think could be a big blessing for you!


    1. Clear The Date - (Ask them if they will be free at a specific time.) If Free: Move to Step 2 If Busy: Say OK, no problem Ill catch you later! - Creates Curiosity

    2. Confirm The Date2 Ste


    ----REMEMBER----Use this as a guideline but MAKE IT YOU. Incorporate your own personality into the invite. Your friends can tell when youre acting different.

    Also, youre in business for yourself, but not by yourself! If you dont know how to respond to someone or something, just ask a leader.



    Hey Mom/Dad, I just found a way to gain valuable leadership experience and skills while making extra money! Youre going to love it! Its REALLY flexible with school and work! When can we sit down so I can show it all to you?!

    If they ask What is it? just say If I tried to explain it I wouldnt do it justice. I dont want to give you anything until I can show you everything. Youre going to love it!

    *Note: Your parents may have questions that you did not, so unless you want to look non-credible/ill-prepared its important to take a leader with you when you show them or at least arrange a 3rd party validation over the phone in order to get their questions answered right then and there. This way our leaders are on the pedestal, not you.

    Successful PersonHey ___, this is (your name). I am calling because I have always respected you for what youve accomplished in your life. I just started a new business that Im extremely excited about, and Ive been told that successful people are always open to evaluate new business ventures. This may interest you and you might be able to give me some ideas on how to expand this quickly. Would you be willing to give me an hour of your time to take a look at what Im doing?

    People You Havent Seen In a Long Time / AcquaintancesHey ___, this is (your name)! How are you? Great! Listen, I know youre probably wondering


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