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  • 1.ACTIVITIES REPORTThe Holy Month of Ramadan brings joy and happiness in the life of every Muslim. During thismonth, the Mercy and Blessings of Allah Subhanaho Wa Taala is being descended upon uscontinuously. This month rejuvenates the spirit of care and sharing the wealth at its highestlevels with those who are under-privileged in Muslim Society. As everyone does not possessthe affluence, so, Allah SWT has asked the Muslims, to share His Blessings with those whoare less fortunate and living their lives below the lines of poverty.As a regular feature, during the Holy Month of Ramdhan every year, The NGO World (TNW),strives to keep the spirit of giving high and reach theunreached persons, families and communities atindividual as well as institutional levels. This is hugeand difficult task to perform the TNW is alwayssuccessful with the collaboration of its partnerorganization Deniz Feneri.

2. PROJECT SUMMARYProject Title: Provision of Ramadhan Food Ration to the Orphans,Widows, affected by the Natural and Man-Made DisastersProject Duration: 04 weeks (Whole month of Ramzan 2012)Contact Persons: Zafar IqbalExecutive DirectorThe NGO WorldMultan, Pakistan.Cell:+92-300- 6718562Email: thengoworld@yahoo.comWeb: www.thengoworld.orgLike previous Ramdhan, this year again, we planned to bring ameaningful difference in the lives of the deprived and the downtrodden sections of the society, during the month of Ramdhanand will give them a glimmer of hope and a reason to smile.During the project implementation, The NGO World incollaboration with Deniz feneri arranged Aftar Parties andprovided Eid Gifts to the orphans, widows, needy and destiturefamilies to share the true spirit of Ramdhan-ul- Mubarek.The Prophet (blessings and peace be upon him) taught thebeliever/mumin is the one who loves for humanity that which heloves for himself (Saheeh Bukhkari). 3. Activities:1. Aftar Party with orphans (Khalqia Razzaqia); mahni sial distt. Khanewal. 30 orphans, staff andrespectful people also invited. Our team and other guest spent time among the orphans. Ballonsand other playing material was given to the orphan kids. It was pleasant occasion to observesmile on their innocent faces.2. Aftar programme at UMEED ORPHAN CENTRE Muzaffargarah; More than 50 orphanchildren, staff and the honorable personalities also were invite there. Dipeuty district OfficeSocial Welfare Dist Muzaffargarh was chef guest there. A cute smile was seem on the innocentfaces of little angels at aftar time.3. Aftar at mosque Ghazi Ghaat Muzaffar Garh; was arranged for 200 poor village people. Theyoffered prays for Turkish brothers & sisters. This aftar dinner was arranged at the mosque whichis under construction with the cooperation of Denis Feneri and The NGO World Foundation4. Distribution of Eid gifts at Village Munganwala: Here were 50 poor families were providedwith Eid gifts. These gift packs were distributed in Union council monganwala area, thokar,inayat pur, pul rangu and basti odd.5. Distribution of Eid gifts at Village Bherowal: 50 gift packs were distributed among very poorfamilies of village bherowal.6. Distribution of Eid gifts at Village 485; 25 packs were distributed at chak # 485 tehsil shorkotdistt jhang under the supervision of activist Abdul Nasir sial.7. Distribution of Eid gifts at Village 487; 50 packs at chak # 487 tehsil shorkot distt jhang weredistributed, here activist was Zafar Iqbal.8. Uniforms to Orphans; Uniforms were gifted to 30 orphans at Khalqia Razzaqia mahni sial distt.Khanewal.9. Distribution of Eid gifts at Jahania; 50 Eid gifts packs were distributed at jehanian, peerowaland distt khanewal. Here the main activist was Mrs Razia Rehman Lecturer Govt Girls degreecollege Jehanian.10. Gifts to poor families at Multan: 08 Eid gifts were distributed to widows, and orphans inMultan city here the activist was Mrs. Sadia.Eid Gift CompositionItem QuantityRice 2 kgSugar 2 kgCooking Oil 2 kgBiscuit 1 pksVermicellis 3 pks 4. Thanks and Appreciation