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  • Question 4:Who would the audience be for your media


  • The audience I tried to target was a female audience. This is because, the lead role was played by a woman. This makes women feel empowered and strong as they are now being portrayed as stronger than men.

  • My film consists of fast paced action. The film could also attract a male audience as they are the type of gender who typically enjoys watching action packed films.


  • The thriller opening consists of a red herring, an enigma and a cliffhanger. Many people in the audience during my film screening particularly enjoyed the ending which is a revealing of the red herring. My audience consist of both males and females. The point of the opening was to hold the attention of the audience so they watch the rest of the film. Since everyone thought the ending was the best part I could conclude that the film would attract the attention of both genders.

    The word PREY is a reflection of what happens in the animal kingdom. Prey suggest someone or something is being hunted, usually in a very violent way. This could attract the male gender as they are seen as more violent than women.

    So with the female lead, constant action, tense ending and violent title the audience my film is likely to attract would be around 50% men and 50% women.

  • As stated before, the word prey suggest someone or something being hunted in a violent manner. If the film was to carry on after the opening I think that there would be some very violent deaths which would consist of guns as in the opening we heard a gunshot which tells us that is going to be the main weapon used. This means that the content would not be age appropriate for kids and children. Therefore we are trying to attract an older demographic.


  • My film is of the thriller genre which consists of enigmas, cliffhangers and redherrings. All these conventions creates a suspenseful and tense atmosphere which is not what children normally watch. This mean that this film could be aimed at teenagers and young adults but if there is a mass amount of violence then it must be aimed to adults.

    The films that are watched by kids and teenagers are mainly animation films and family films. Teenagers might watch my thriller if there is no violence as they are usually known to watch super hero, action and adventure films.

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  • My thriller opening consists of a white actor and a black actor. This is so all races are seen as equal as they are both depicted as victims and villains at different stages of the opening. An advantage of using actors with different races, will bring in an audience of all races. This is because they will feel included.

    One disadvantage is that if trailers are produced to market the film and one race is depicted as evil it could cause the other races to watch the film as they will feel more superior. Or they will not go to watch the film as they will feel as though it is not fair on the other race. On the other hand it could make people of that certain race go watch it as they will feel a part of the film.

  • This movie is aimed at all class statuses. My thriller opening consists of an actor of an upper class and an actor of a lower class. This is portrayed through their costumes as one is dressed formal (upper class) whereas, one is dressed casual and scruffy (low class). You could also suggest that both characters are from a middle class due to their surrounds as you wouldn't normally see upper class people surrounded by shrubbery.

    The use of all classes would attract the attention of all types of people from all classes. This is because they would feel as though they are included in the film so they would want to support them. Since this thriller opening looks quite low in quality compared to all the other thrillers, most made by the Big Six production studios. The quality of the film would probably not attract people of an upper class as they are stereotypically used to only watching big blockbusters.

    PREY vs Fast and Furious 7

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