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1. Mike Haney New York March 19, 2015 Mobile Innovation Put your Content Where your Audience is: On Mobile 2. Hi, were Mag+ 3. magplus.com Whats Mag+? An end-to-end solution for creating and distributing content for touchscreen mobile devices. Its your mobile content hub. 4. magplus.com How does it work? magplus.com 1. Create and curate your content. Sources: InDesign Web RSS Newsfeed CMS/DAM 5. magplus.com How does it work? magplus.com 2. Use our Web-based admin portal Upload content Build apps Send notifications Set entitlements 6. magplus.com How does it work? magplus.com 3. Distribute to a white-label or custom mobile app 7. magplus.com What do you do with it? magplus.com Magazinesconsumer, trade, custom Annual and financial reports Catalogs and e-commerce Sales enablement Internal communications Manuals Branded content Entertainment (music and video) Museums, education, sports 8. magplus.com History Founded in 2009 Launched with the iPad in 2010 Now 4,400+ public and private apps created across 1,900 brands 23 million app installs 60 employees in NYC, Stockholm 9. magplus.com Supports all mobile devices Build apps for iPad, iPhone, Android tablet and phone, as well as Kindle Fire Distribute apps in public marketplaces or privately Create free or paid apps, newsstand or standalone 10. magplus.com Multiple sources Design your own content using InDesign (CS4-CC) Use our Studios service Deliver content through embedded HTML, send in-app messages, live news and push notifications 11. magplus.com Personalized content Add sign-in capabilities to gate content Segment content based on behavior Make the app increasingly personal 12. magplus.com Analytics and marketing Built-in analytics to measure audience behavior and usage Marketing tools to reach new audiences Drive downloads, increase conversions, measure ROI 13. Pricing Occasionally Per Issue One app One device Pay per issue $999/issue Frequently Monthly One app One device Unlimited issues $499/month All features included at all levels. No mandatory download fees, ever How often do you want to publish issues? 14. Build a custom Mag+ app! Includes two components: the MIB reader and the Connection to the Mag+ backend Allows you to use the Mag+ design tools and backend, while creating a custom end user experience Customize the navigation, features, functions, menu, etc. Or build the Mag+ functionality into another appadd a content tab to games, utilities, larger apps Mag+ app SDK $3,499/month 15. So what? 16. magplus.com Mobile is the first fundamentally new content distribution channel since desktop (web) 20 years ago. The new universe 17. magplus.com The reach, immediacy and intimacy of the mobile channel is disrupting publishing. The new universe 18. magplus.com The new universe Does your brand tweet? Have a Facebook page? A Pinterest page? A blog? YES! Congratulations, youre a publisher! No! We dont like loyal consumers. Good luck with that. 19. magplus.com Every brand is now a publisher. Gatekeepers arent dead, but theyre not required. Twenty years ago, how many brands thought about content? The new universe 20. magplus.com Every brand is now a publisher. Gatekeepers arent dead, but theyre not required. Twenty years ago, how many brands thought about content? The new universe 21. magplus.com The new universe 22. magplus.com Brands as publishers 23. magplus.com Publishing workflow is no longer linear. There are new (and many more) inputs and outputs. And there are new monetization ecosystems The new universe Writer / Editor Media Audience Audience Media Brand Social 24. magplus.com Publishing is now more multi-channel: content consumers expect content in a variety of forms, from a variety of curators and at a variety of frequencies The new universe 25. magplus.com The good news: In a world of unlimited information, curation matters. So do experts. Brands are experts. The new universe 26. magplus.com Church Content matters State 27. magplus.com Editorial Content matters Ads 28. magplus.com Good content Content matters Shitty content 29. Mobile is where people live magplus.com 91% of adults have their mobile phone within arms reach 24/7. (Nielsen) 57% of people say that the tablet is their favorite place to consume content. (Mequoda Tablet Study) Adults spend more time on mobile media than they do on newspapers and magazines combined. (Nielsen) 30. Apps are what they use magplus.com Customers are downloading more than 800 apps per second at a rate of over two billion apps per month in the App Store. (Apple) As of February 2013, there are 224 million app users in the U.S. compared to 221 million laptop and desktop users. (Flurry) In 2013 Flurry counted 1.126 trillion app sessions. 31. Apps are the language magplus.com 80% of a mobile users time is spent in Apps rather than mobile web. Flurry Analytics: April 2013 32. Apps are the language magplus.com App sessions on the tablet are four times longer than web sessions (24 minutes versus 6), and phone sessions three times as long. (Adobe) 33. magplus.com What should you do? AppsYour Brand 34. magplus.com What should you do? AppsYour Brand Your App 35. Some examples 36. magplus.com Sales apps EMC Interactive Tablet app for sales professionals and partners Demonstrates the value of EMCs business solutions and technologies to EMC customers Internally distributed through private app store and through public Apple App Store Full user analytics gives sales manager insights into reps use of app 37. magplus.com Report apps United Nations Annual Report 38. magplus.com Product apps Maserati Product Catalog 39. magplus.com Product apps VIC FIRTH Vic Firth Product Catalog Includes sample drumming patterns and lessons 40. magplus.com Product apps Volvo Trucks Used by Volvo sales force to inspire and explain technical details Shows various vehicle options and configurations Volvo allows current customers, sales representatives and potential customers access to download this enterprise app This app has been translated into 29 different languages and published globally 41. magplus.com Catalog apps Famous Footwear Seasonal catalog featuring full lines of shoes Distributed to more than 1,000 stores and to consumers Built in m-commerce allows users to purchase shoes directly from Famous Footwear 42. magplus.com Companion apps Emory Riddle Admissions App Companion to the print Admissions Brochure 43. magplus.com Companion apps University of South Carolina Transitions 101 Companion to textbook for a welcome to campus class for all freshmen Interactive sports schedules Assignment submission via app 44. magplus.com Training apps Ford training app for dealers 45. magplus.com Event apps PetSmart Employee Conference app Includes interactive note-taking component 46. magplus.com Event apps Joe Gibbs Racing Guide to 2013 NASCAR Chase 47. Take-aways 48. magplus.com Strategy = Goals + Content Inventory + Resources What do I expect to get out of this app? What will I/we consider success? What content do I have? What content could I have? What content does the audience I want to get expect from this app? What kind of money do I have? What kind of talent do I have? What kind of time do I have? Have a goal 49. magplus.com I have to seek out your web site or print product. Once the app is on my device, youre embedded. Its like having a walkie-talkie with the user. You just have to speak into it! Apps can create an intimate connection. Go from push to pull 50. magplus.com Issues/curated bundles of content Subscriptions (auto delivery) Push (real-time) In-app messages (get them when they open) Newsfeeds (up-to-date content) Web tools/apps (engagement) Use all content channels 51. Dont just think about being a publisher. Think about being a communicator. Be relevant. Be timely. Make the conversation two-way. Establish a relationship with your user and it will pay off. Parting advice